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O-Zone: One more time

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Marcus from Jacksonville

If Shad Khan told you today that you were the new general manager of the Jaguars, what would be your approach to inhouse free agents and the draft?

If Jaguars Owner Shad Khan were foolish enough to make me general manager, the first order of business would be to address left tackle Cam Robinson and wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. – and perhaps guard Andrew Norwell. Those would be the priority inhouse free agents. And by "address," I mean figuring out how the players and their representation view their market value. Perhaps no one in that trio has been consistently good enough to merit top-of-the-market contracts that dominate the team's salary cap. But all three are good enough for the Jaguars to consider re-signing them if they make economic sense. I also would move quickly to see if I can agree to a contract to re-sign defensive end/linebacker Josh Allen; he is eligible for renegotiation for the first time this offseason and I want him to be a part of the future. As far as the 2022 NFL Draft, I would lean toward drafting the best defensive lineman/offensive lineman available in the first round and work on receiver in Round 2 and/or Round 3. I would do all this knowing I can improve the future of the team significantly in the coming months, but I also would do it knowing it's probably going to take an offseason or two to get this franchise where I want it to go. There's some heavy lifting ahead. Really heavy.

Maurice from Augusta, GA

I know there are multiple needs that we need to address. Is it sensible to consider trading out of the No. 1 spot for more draft picks?

The Jaguars hold the No. 1 overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft. And yes – considering the state of the roster and considering that there doesn't seem to be an overwhelming, obvious choice for the No. 1 selection – it makes sense to consider trading down. But the problem when there's no overwhelming choice is finding a team that wants to trade up. It's always fun to talk trades in the draft. But when it comes to making trades, a partner is always needed and other teams don't always care to dance.

Andy Boy from Halifax

Hello, O. I have a question. Do you think that the adversity that Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence faced this year will make him better – i.e., due to lack of separation he had to throw into tighter windows, perform more reads, exhibit better pocket presence etc.? Or would he have learned just as much dropping 4,500 yards and 35 touchdowns.

Every great NFL quarterback learns from every snap. Do they learn more from adversity? How much do they learn given a specific kind of adversity? I don't know how to quantify that. If they're mentally tough and have the right approach, they improve and learn from experience. If not …

John from Jacksonville

Hi King of Zone - I realized something very important recently. O-Zone's got jokes, too.

I'll check on this.                                       

Shawn from The mean streets of Arlington

How about Boselli in Canton?

Former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli is among the 15 modern-era finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022. This is his sixth consecutive year as a finalist. I believe he will be enshrined this year for a reason I have cited often this space – that Hall voters have talked often in recent seasons of there being four offensive-line candidates that needed to be enshrined. Those candidates were Boselli, Steve Hutchinson, Alan Faneca and Kevin Mawae. Hutchinson, Faneca and Mawae have been enshrined one at a time the past three years. All signs point to this being Boselli's season. Many voters seem to believe that. We'll see.


Just a thought on coaching candidates picking another team over the Jags. Any coach that does that is probably not a good fit.


Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

Jaguars right tackle Jawaan Taylor, although generally effective as a tackle, is the most penalized player for the Jaguars. He is the fourth most penalized player in the entire NFL. Do you think that might factor into OL decisions going into the next season?

There's going to be a new head coach and therefore new decision-making. Everything about all players will factor into the decisions.

Tim from Fernandina Beach, FL

John: Draft and develop has been the NFL mantra for year. The Rams go by the trade draft picks and ride the wave. I keep waiting for them to wipe out, but it hasn't happened yet. Your thoughts?

The Los Angeles Rams have a lot of good players. I don't know that any are better than defensive tackle Aaron Donald and wide receiver Cooper Kupp. They were both drafted by the Rams. But you're right that they have been trading a lot of early draft capital for veterans lately. We'll see if the approach is sustainable for the long haul.

Stan from Jacksonville

I am SO tired of the whining and crying about the current general and all the horrible faults that all the "experts" keep spewing about possible head coach candidates. I just want it to end. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan is a billionaire. I don't think he got rich by repeating each mistake in exactly the same way each time. I think it's safe to assume that he learned from his mistakes, and "tweaked" his processes. Don't know that he needed any help from Fat Stan from Jacksonville. I just pray the decisions are made soon so we can move on.

Prayers up.

Brian from Round Rock, TX

Here's an idea. Don't let any good players go, regardless of whatever. News flash! We don't have enough good players. If they go same old Jags and don't pay our own this off-season, I'm out. Is it not acceptable to take a chance on your own players? Or it only makes sense pay other teams cast aways. School me O!

This is easy to write and say, not as easy in practice. Yes, you want to pay your own players. Yes, the Jaguars must – must, must, must – do better in this area moving forward. But you still must make sure the players you're playing are worth what you're paying.

Sal from AUSTIN, TX

Could Khan just pick a uniform already? My vote is for the vintage look they had Sunday. Jet black helmet, (bring back the original Jaguar, not the house cat who looks like he's getting his bath they have now) the teal jersey with the white letters and trim, and the white trousers, but add just one solid black stripe down each side. Away, keep the white pants/black stripe, and add a white jersey/black trim.


Cj from Jacksonville

I listened to Josh Allen's recent press conference and he repeatedly throughout the entire interview said that he hopes Joe Cullen stays as the defensive coordinator. Considering Josh is one of the top leaders and likely the best player on the defense, that has to have some weight, right? Do you think it would immediately be a questionable decision for whoever comes in to get rid of joe Cullen?

Jaguars defensive players spoke for Cullen over the last week to a notable extent – enough so that I would think the next head coach would take that into consideration. That's likely only true if the next head coach is an offensive-oriented head coach. A defensive-oriented head coach very possibly – even probably – would bring his own scheme and his a coordinator of his choosing.

Nick from Annapolis, MD

A very vocal portion of Jaguars fans want General Manager Trent Baalke fired; a history of draft picks being a big reason why. There seems to be a lot of assumptions there. Everyone knew Jaguars Head coach Urban Meyer was the man in charge last year. Isn't it possible that Khan enjoyed Baalke willingness to be supportive in that role? Isn't it possible Khan likes the idea of hiring a head coach to be the final say on personnel decisions, with the genera providing opinions but ultimately being in a support role?

I don't know the identity of the Jaguars' next head coach, and I don't know who will be making the team's final football decisions moving forward. I don't know this because Khan has not announced it, and it's quite possible that Khan doesn't know it yet. Khan might like the idea of a head coach with final say, or he might like the idea of a general manager with final say. He might like the idea of an executive vice-president of football operations overseeing it all with final say. I expect determining how the Jaguars will operate – and who will do the operating – is what Khan is currently doing.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

This is the most important offseason in Jaguars history.

Right you are. Again.