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O-Zone: Ouch

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

JT from Palm Coast

We aren't winning another game, John. We just aren't. The New York Jets will beat us at their place next Sunday also. At least the Detroit Lions and Jets are competitive. Glad we changed the coach, but let's be honest. This team needs an incredible amount of work. On both sides of the ball.

This was a common refrain in the inbox late Sunday – and with reason: A 30-16 loss to the Houston Texans Sunday at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville marked yet another low point for the Jaguars franchise, and there have been many low points not only this season but over the last few seasons. The Jaguars not only have lost six consecutive games, they have not led in any of those games – and they have trailed by 10 or more points in all those games. They haven't scored a touchdown while leading or to take the lead since a 23-20 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Week 6. That's a lot of non-competitiveness – and when you're that uncompetitive, there are needs everywhere. The Jaguars need major additions at wide receiver – and while the defense has shown strides this season, that side of the ball needs playmakers, particularly playmakers who can affect and disrupt the quarterback to force turnovers. They also face major decisions on the offensive line and … well, kind of everywhere. So, an incredible amount of work? On both sides of the ball? Yeah, absolutely.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Will there be familiar faces next season at receiver or is this a total rebuild there? I guess I would target early-ish in the draft a receiver, take another later, sign a Tier 1 free agent and maybe a depth guy and bring as many guys into camp next offseason and let camp sort it all out. Does that sound likely or am I overestimating how much turnover there will be?

Some of this will depend on the Jaguars' decision-makers and I don't know that anyone outside Jaguars Owner Shad Khan knows how that part of this story will play out. That's similar to the situation the franchise faced this time last year, but that's the current scenario. As far as receiver specifically, it would be a surprise if it wasn't at least close to a major rebuild. I would expect the Jaguars to first try to address the position with a first-tier free agent – though it's too early to know what "first-tier wide receiver" will mean in free agency. Sometimes it means a good player, though there's always the reality that free agents are free for a reason. I also expect the position to be heavily addressed in the draft – if not in Round 1, then certainly in Round 2. There's a lot of work to be done. Receiver's not the only need. But that's a big one. Really big.

William from Jacksonville

Sideline interference? What a joke.

Yeah, the sideline interference call on Jaguars defensive linemen Dawuane Smoot Sunday looked … well, I don't know that I would have called it.

Sean from Jacksonville

Just like this game, I got nothin'.


Tom from Nocatee

Did they let Urban coach special teams this week?

Not after Wednesday, certainly. But special teams hurt in a big way Sunday. Not only did defensive lineman Adam Gotsis' early hands-to-the-face penalty lead to the Texans' first touchdown, the kickoff coverage unit allowed a 98-yard return by Texans defensive back Tremon Smith for a 14-3 lead late in the first quarter. Without those two plays, the game is pretty close to even in the first quarter. With them, the Jaguars played uphill much of the first half.

Dennis from Columbus

Why does a kicker that stretches more than practices and us a poor kicker opinion really matter .. oh I know … cause this team has a loser mentality that Coach Meyer couldn't over come but got crucified for it . Welcome to the NFL today , this bunch would have died under Bear Bryant. Jacksonville will never have a winning franchise just like the Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Club … When the inmates run the asylum your gonna get nothing but crazy and that is the reality of all of this. I feel sorry for Urban …. He deserves better. I know he is glad that us in his rear view … no more babysitting.

(Laughing) OK.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

I wish we could go Barstool with the Zone sometimes. This is a perfect time to just let it out and let us read what we know: Holy #$$X John, we are an awful football team.

I don't know that expletives are necessary. It has been obvious the Jaguars have been bad for some time now. I have written it. I have said it on various broadcasts. The record says it. The details of the performance say it. How many more times or how much louder must it be said?

Matt from Union City, TN

Another one down and that much closer to this painful season being done. At least we won't get caught in the trap of hiring the interim guy. What steps should we be hoping for the rest of the season?

I don't know if realistically there is all that much to be gained from the last three games. It would be surprising if there's not major change in the offseason. And yes … that means a major reset for quarterback Trevor Lawrence. But that's the reality. Maybe this is just the aftereffect of a lot of long weeks and another long Sunday. Maybe I'll have a better answer in a day or two. Stay tuned, I guess.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL

Tavon Austin and Laquon Treadwell. That's who the front office has Trevor Lawrence throwing passes to. Trevor's "weapons" are non-existent. Is it possible for this franchise to have mismanaged Trevor's rookie season anymore than they have, John?

The Jaguars certainly missed to some degree on the receiver position. The situation would be better if wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. had been healthy. Perhaps it would have been better had running back/wide receiver Travis Etienne Jr. been healthy. I don't know that they would have made a dramatic difference, but it stands to reason that bare minimum Chark's presence would have helped.

Matt from FWTX

Is there any hope for this franchise? Like any?

Yes. A lot. It starts with Lawrence. No, he has not played well in the last seven weeks. Yes, this season overall has been a disappointment. Yes, his confidence and the offense must be rebuilt. But the raw material is there. The hope is there. He has special traits. He has elite traits. Now, the challenge for the Jaguars is finding the right people to bring those traits out.

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

Where's the evidence that Trevor is going to be great? I have yet to see one play that makes me think he'll be anything above average. It doesn't matter how bad or good the roster is, if we don't have the QB position solved then it doesn't matter.

The evidence is the ability. No, we haven't seen nearly enough of it this season. And that's too bad. Is the quarterback position "solved?" No, not until we see it. But I remain fully convinced Lawrence will be above average. It's just going to take longer to get it all right around him than originally expected.

Chris from Space City, TX

Well, so much for the team coming out to play inspired after dumping incompetent UM. This team can't compete because of very little talent. Getting embarrassed by the lowly Texans has to be one of the lowest points in team history. Many years of poor drafts will do that to you. Have you ever seen a more dysfunctional and just outright bad football team/organization in all your decades of covering the NFL? I keep hearing we have our franchise QB but the talent around him is so bad that our so-called franchise QB looks borderline mediocre at best. Yeah, things can get worse but not by much. This is a complete dumpster fire.

I was among those who thought the Jaguars would be inspired Sunday. A few thoughts on that front. One is that I thought they did play inspired early; the offense and defense were actually OK at times in the first half, but special teams lapses and penalties led to 14 points. Another thought is the Jaguars throughout most of the game seemed like a tired team and I wonder if the drama and weirdness of the season didn't play at least something of a role there. But the third thought is that you're right – that Sunday was something of a low point. I don't know where it ranks in franchise history. I just know there have been a lot of lows and it's long since time to put those in the past. I mean … at some point.

Travis from Wisco

New coach, same results! Santa is giving Jags fans a lump of coal again! Merry Krimma!!

Merry Krimma.

Matty from St. Augustine, FL

Ughh, Ouch, Doink, double doink. That is all.

Merry Krimma.