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O-Zone: Party favors

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

Oh, wise and powerful Calzone. Peer into your crystal Sbarro's garlic knot and tell us: Which Jaguars will make the Pro Bowl this season?

Best guesses: Defensive end Josh Allen, wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. and linebacker Myles Jack. The first two make sense for this answer because they have been there and therefore have the name recognition that can greatly help a player make the game. Jack also has that sort of name recognition, and many football people know he played at a Pro Bowl level last season; that also can help with such honors. Those three players may not necessarily have the best seasons of any Jaguars player in 2021, but those factors could make making the Pro Bowl a bit easier for that trio than some others.

James from Destin, FL

Hi, John. On these so-called summits that players attend … if they get hurt, is this considered a football-related injury – or can the team put them on non-football related injury lists and not pay?

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL and NFL Players Association, it's a non-football injury if the injury occurs away from the team's facility or away from official team-related activities.

Cliff from Everywhere with helicopter

Your proposed plan for celebration aboard the "Kismet" during Jacksonville's prospective Super Bowl river parade is admirable, but be advised: Shad Khan lives by but one simple decree. "No shirt, no shoes ... no dice!"

I'm guessing exceptions can – and will – be made following Super Bowl victories.

Blues Man from Jacksonville

Apparently, Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer doesn't read the O-Zone. If he did, he'd be all over your tail for predicting a low win/loss record. When do you think he will call you out for your goals and expectations?

I say this about every coach I cover: While I obviously have zero problem if they are aware of what is written in the O-Zone, I also harbor no expectations that they will read it. I would assume considering a head coach's schedule and responsibility he wouldn't have time for … well, whatever this is.

Jason from North Pole, AK

Do you think there's a world where right tackle Jawaan Taylor is actually the odd man out? Could we end up signing left tackle Cam Robinson to a big contract if he plays well and starting Walker Little at right tackle in 2022?

Sure. It would be a little surprising, but it's possible.

Jason from Suffolk, VA

How did you start your journey of running three miles every day? How do you manage recovery if you don't take rest days? What are some of the challenges you have faced? I am trying to be more consistent with my running, so I am curious for some advice.

I typically ran about three or so miles a day five or so times a week for a few years after returning to Jacksonville in 2011. I then ran on the Monday morning after the Jaguars' regular-season finale in Houston in 2014 and I ran again on Tuesday morning. I did it again the next day; somewhere along the line, it became every day. Once I had done it for a few months, I decided I wanted to do it for a year. Once I hit a year, I had an idea of doing it every day until my son graduated from college. I did this and now I just don't like the idea of not doing it because it feels as if I stop for a day that one day might become two. There were a few times early – when I was still running on streets and sidewalks most days – that a knee or an ankle or a foot would bother me. I ran through it because I am 100 Percent Man. I had fewer such irritants after a while. Sometimes last August or so, I bought a NordicTrack – the old ski machine version – used for about 60 dollars. I had had a NordicTrack in the '90s and preferred it to running. I now do that 3.5 miles a day most days and run only occasionally when I'm not at home. I don't really have any advice and am not sure that the aforementioned daily routine is all that great an idea. How to do it? Just do it every day, I guess. Whether you "feel" like it or not.

Chris from Norfolk, VA

I see an ad campaign with a sportswriter and certain Pasta Chain. Wait? Can you run 3.5 after that much ziti?


Don from Marshall NC

You go 1-15 and lose your job and you still have to listen to backstabbing players who want to kick a guy when he's down. Those are the kind of players you do not need. Losers with no class at all. Not cool man! Go Jaguars!


Cliff from Orange Park, FL

Maybe I misunderstood your intent in this answer, but "I don't think most fans fully grasp the impact of this team being highly successful for half a decade, a decade or more." Some do, we have seen it. Remember: 40,000 fans greeting the teams return from Denver in 1996 and over 75,000 of us witnessing a 62-7 victory over Miami in the divisional round on Jan 15, 2000. Yes, bring that success back; we get it.

You're referencing a recent O-Zone question in which I was asked if fans understood the impact Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence could have if he indeed is a franchise quarterback. I wrote that fans probably couldn't completely grasp the impact, because he's the type of player that not only could help create sustained success – but also get the team and city national notoriety and the "respect" so many crave. I would guess Lawrence is good enough to bring that sort of success for a decade or more, but you're absolutely correct – the fans who witnessed the 1990s did get a taste of that. Lawrence perhaps could bring more than a taste – or a bigger taste – but the '90s certainly were a tantalizing taste.

Jim from Middleburg, FL

John. Will the fans get to see the most exciting play of this season? The Oklahoma Drill??!!!

Goodness gracious, let's hope not.

Steve from Sunroom Couch

Dear John. How late does the boss of the house let you sleep?

I sleep when I want to sleep. I wake when I want to wake. I am the lord of the manor. No, wait. That's not me.

Greg from Palatka, FL

Great King of all Funk, Sbarro, Taco Bell and everything else, funky or not, I've never been so excited about an upcoming football season. I hope Trevor Lawrence breaks Justin Herbert's rookie records and in so doing leads the league in every positive passing statistic. I expect the Jaguars to have a running game that is productive, reliable and capable of dominating. The strong running game doesn't serve as a way to place limits on Trevor. He's so good he's both a noun and a verb. Let Trevor trevor. Play to win. Don't play to not lose.

Jaguars 2021 Training Camp begins July 27.

Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

Shade would help the team??? One of our few advantages is that we practice all summer in the heat and get one or two home games in that heat against teams that aren't as used to it. How would adding shade to the stadium help the team win games?

It would help the fan experience in September dramatically; that was the spirit of my answer. The heat advantage does help the Jaguars on the field in September, though my experience is that being good and playing well is typically a far more important "advantage" than warm or cold weather.

Josh from Salisbury, MD

I loved Sno-Cones – that is, until I moved to Maryland. I was introduced to the "snow ball" and now I won't talk to my parents for keeping this wonder of icy deliciousness from me. A Sno-Cone that's not hard as a rock and evenly disperses the flavored syrups? You can add marshmallow fluff in the middle? Or on top? I will never enjoy my favorite childhood summer treat again. My parents suck.

Sounds like it.

Rob from Pittsburgh, PA

Hey, Zone what's up? What is your favorite football movie? Have you watched "All American" yet?

I have not watched "All-American." My favorite football movie is "Remember the Titans." "North Dallas 40" is a close second, and the book is also damned good. "Friday Night Lights" is third. Rest of the list: "Everybody's All-American," "Semi-Tough," "We Are Marshall," "Invincible," "Brian's Song," "All the Right Moves," "The Replacements," "Longest Yard" (original) and, of course, "Gus."

David from Ada, OK

I was able to scrounge up some circus peanuts and orange slice chewy candies for the big 10-year anniversary, but need to know where to send them. Or can I just leave them in the parking lot?

Parking lot is fine.