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O-Zone: Party on

JACKSONVILLE – A quick word before we begin …

As we remain deep in the throes of the Dead Zone, I should remind avid O-Zone readers – and he knows who he is – that the reason July is known by the aforementioned moniker is that much of the NFL is on vacation. That's true of players, coaches … and yes, staff.

We at fall under "staff" category.

I mention this to address the consternation that briefly seemed poised to turn into panic early Friday afternoon when the O-Zone had not yet posted on

It was not a technical difficulty. It was not an oversight of biblical proportions. It was merely a case of we at taking time for ourselves. July is when this happens – and oh, what happenings. Some, such as myself, retreat to lonely, one-room, one-overhead-light existences. Some, such as Lageman, kill things. Others retreat to mountain tops and gaze upon stars, contemplating the millions of souls through thousands of years who have done the same. Still other staffers alternately hang with starlets and play celebrity beach volleyball at plush international resorts.

Yes, we all need our "me" time, so sometimes in July the O-Zone posts later than other days – and indeed, this was the case Friday.

So, nothing was wrong. There was no crisis. The streak was not in jeopardy.

This was merely a case of we at recharging for the season. That's it for this message. We need to work on our serves and our tans – and as for me, I have to get back to my room.

Let's get to it … Rob from Brunswick, GA:
I have seen several national media posts recently that indicate Chris Ivory is already the starter. For example, many of the articles about Shoelace's accident mention that he was to be a change-of-pace back for Ivory. Many don't even mention T.J. Yeldon as one of our running backs at all. Is this just an example of the national media assuming that as the most famous of our backs, Ivory must be the starter, or do they know something here? My assumption was Ivory was actually the change-of-pace guy for Yeldon and that D-Rob had a good shot at being cut?
John: This is mostly a case of the national media not being close enough to fully understand the situation. The best way to think of the Jaguars' running-back position entering training camp is to consider Ivory and Yeldon essentially co-starters, with the two likely to share carries much of the time. As for Robinson, I wouldn't say there's a "good shot" of him being released, but winning the kickoff return battle over Corey Grant would help his chances.
Luis from Saints Johns and Section 412:
No O-Zone and it's already 1:17 p.m. I imagine there is a technical problem since you have repeatedly stated that the end of the streak would not happen suddenly. I bet your inbox is full of messages with one question: "Is the streak over?" I hope that the problem is technical and not personal. Until I hear one way or the other, however, I will be a little worried. Thanks for the great work that you do.
John: This became a common refrain Friday afternoon, but no … when the streak ends, it won't "just end." The most likely scenario is that my security code won't work. That actually seems sort of overdue.
Paul from Jacksonville:
Any day your key card still works is a good day.
John: And the security code. Don't forget the code.
Steve from Hudson, FL and Section 106:
The first Jaguar shirt I bought in '95 had an image of a Jaguar on the front that the automaker (Jaguar) made the team stop using the next week. Some sort of trademark issue. Does this qualify me as one of "Day One Fans"?
John: The image to which you're referring indeed was the original Jaguars logo, which the automaker indeed had the team stop using very quickly. I have a Jaguars Christmas ornament with the logo, and my mother has similarly logoed Jaguars sweatshirt she still wears. Does having original-logo memorabilia qualify you as a Day One fan? I don't know that qualifications are all that necessary, but sure … why not?
Mark from Green Bay, WI:
No question John, just gotta let you know: you live in J-Ville now, "Freebird" will always the greatest rock-n-roll song to us.
John: What song is it you want to hear?
Tyler from Jacksonville:
I haven't heard any mention of the possibility of putting Poz at Lotto. It can't be an issue of mobility, since Ryan Davis is there – and it can't be a question of size, since Skuta is there. Does he lack pass-rushing skills? Seems Telvin, Jack, and Poz are the three best linebackers, so maybe this would be a way to get all three on the field while allowing Jack to take his rightful spot.
John: I've gotten quite a few questions about Paul Posluszny possibly playing the Otto position. I don't see this being very likely. First, mobility indeed is a factor at the Otto – and it's hardly a liability for Davis, by the way. And yes, Skuta and Davis are more experienced pass rushers than Posluszny – though Posluszny has had strong moments as a blitzer. But mostly, Posluszny is a middle linebacker. He has played his entire career there. One of his strengths is his ability to be the quarterback of the defense, and he has played very, very well as the middle linebacker for this team for the last five years. I think at this point it's a bit premature to say that the position is not his "rightful spot."
Erich from Magicland:
There should be a mosh pit for Jaguars fans, with you stage divin'.
John: That'd be awesome until the crowd parted and I hit my head.
Mike from St. Johns, FL:
1:47 PM … worried … everything all right?
John: Breathe, Mike … breathe.
Concerned Commenter from Disqus Internet :
It's 2:04 PM and there is no O-Zone. What has happened, John? Is it merely an IT concern? Or is it something more? Have you given up on us, Oh Johnny O? Or is it something more sinister? We will miss you, Johnny. We pray for you, as well. We love you. I leave this in the name of the Bortles, TJ Yeldon, and the Dante Fowler, Amen. #ChurchOfMoodachay
John: Goodness, gracious.
Ralph from Jacksonville:
It's 2:30 Friday and no O-Zone. I hope everything is OK.
John: Aside from a little collective panic … yes, everything was fine.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
John, how dare you. I had to go through my browser history and YouTube history to clear out that awful link that you snuck into Friday's final answer. I started off very angry at you, but then, it turned to pity as I realized that this horrible song may in fact be your all-time favorite. Spirit or no spirit, Stairway to Heaven just has to be the correct answer.
John: You're referring to the final answer of Friday's much-anticipated O-Zone that undoubtedly made the wait well worth it by asserting that Wham's 1984 breakthrough single/video "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" is the greatest song of all time. I'm not saying it's for sure the greatest. Such things are debatable. I'm just saying it must be considered – not that there's anyway of course that it's really better than this.
Ryan from Apopka, FL:
Someone brought up recently about the Allen brothers repeating their 2015 seasons -- and how doing so would have them compare to Jerry Rice. I thought I would share some numbers: Robinson would have to repeat last season's touchdown totals for 14 years to pass Rice or 19 seasons to pass him in receptions or 16 seasons to pass him in yards. Hurns would need 24 seasons to pass in receptions, 22 in yards and 20 seasons to pass in touchdowns. Jerry Rice was VERY VERY good and would be shocked even in this pass happy NFL for a receiver to ever come close to his numbers over a career.
John: Lose the "verys." The word "great" may be overused, but if it applies to anyone in NFL history it applies to Jerry Rice.
John from Jacksonville:
Blake Bortles stopped by our party on the fourth. He was super chill, respectful, fun to hang out with. As I was having conversation with him, I got struck with how much I'm looking forward to football season. Then, as I sipped my beer and watched him be one of the dudes introducing himself as "Blake" to everyone at the party, the true brutality of the game and the human element started to sink in. Here I am enjoying a beautiful fourth with this guy, but come Sundays in the fall he'll have large, fast, determined human beings trying to inflict bodily harm to him. I'll be cheering with a beer in the stands. #perspectives #bestofluckBlake
John: Or in other words, "I partied with the quarterback on 4th of July." Well-played, John … well-played.

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