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O-Zone: Picture perfect

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it…

Clayton from Gambier, OH

John, let's assume (again) that Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is the Jaguars' first pick in late April. Wouldn't it make more long-term sense to try and keep Lawrence upright and healthy with an offensive lineman selection with the other first-round pick? I know that mindset is need-based and not best-available-player focused, but given this franchise's lack of success under center, to me, protection for a centerpiece-type player trumps everything else.

I understand the need to overcomplicate things as the draft approaches, but I expect the Jaguars to approach the offensive line this offseason pretty much as follows: If the team sees a need and a way to improve the area, it will take the steps needed to do so. And there's little question that protecting a rookie quarterback will be – and should be – a priority. But this question continues a theme I hear often – that the offensive line was a major area of weakness for the team last season. No matter how many people say or believe this, it's simply not the case. It wasn't good enough in spots and it struggled in protection at some key times. But the Jaguars also trailed a lot last season, and it's extraordinarily difficult to be a really good pass-protecting offensive line when you're trailing and the other team knows you must pass. Maybe the Jaguars' new decision-makers will see this differently. Maybe they see the line as a weakness. That could be the case. But the team reportedly is retaining offensive line coach George Warhop, so it stands to reason the new decision-makers liked the line more than observers did. Stay tuned on this one. It promises to be a major offseason storyline.

Matt from Houston, TX

I can't wrap my head around why the Jags didn't wait to waive running back Leonard Fournette. Super Bowl performance aside, it doesn't make logical sense why they didn't keep him on the team and force a team to trade for him? Releasing him before Game 1 didn't sound like a good business decision for a young top-five first-round draft pick. Even if no team wanted to trade right away. What harm would it be to keep him on the roster as a second-string back or third-down back? Was there something going on behind the scenes that fans are unaware of? If so, that would make more sense because with the info we have, I can't understand it.

The Jaguars tried to trade Fournette. The trade market is limited in the NFL for running backs, particularly ones who show little miss-ability. That wouldn't have changed had the Jaguars not released him, and I imagine there would have been quite a bit of discontent had Fournette suddenly been a second-string back or a backup in Jacksonville. The Jaguars have made more than a few personnel mistakes through the last several seasons. Releasing Fournette is not foremost among them.

Fred from Jax

Most of the comments about "why don't we try to bring them back?" have involved A-Rob, but with a new regime, how about Fournette? I absolutely love our undrafted free agent surprise, but having both of those guys would be incredible. Fournette was a beast in the Super Bowl, and his vision has clearly gotten better.

I wouldn't expect this. We'll see.

Dan from Varna

Wow Zone, the Super Bowl was on Sunday and your first O-Zone after that is talking about Boselli being snubbed again and your response to a question about Leonard, Leftwich and Gabbert earning SB ring sounded like you are sour grapes about that. I don't believe that all of Jags misfortunes are your fault so you can take it easy a bit and enjoy football, don't need to be so defensive all the time.

This forum is for Jaguars fans and followers. Many Jaguars fans and followers were upset about former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli not making the Hall of Fame and some were wrapped up in the story of five former Jaguars players – quarterback Blaine Gabbert, offensive tackle Josh Wells, wide receiver Jaydon Mickens, running back Leonard Fournette and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich – winning Super Bowl rings Sunday. Those were most timely questions late Sunday, so I answered a lot of those questions. People ask questions. I answer. That's it. That's the game.

_ Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL_

"Leonard Fournette, Blaine Gabbert, Byron Leftwich have Super Bowl rings." Good for them. Gabbert joins many other backup quarterbacks who happened to be on a team that went all the way. Leftwich was a tough but flawed quarterback who found his true calling in the coaching ranks. And Fournette apparently found the right atmosphere – and more maturity – in Tampa Bay. I wish them well.

Me, too.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

I originally thought the notion that Tony would get in this year or next was just kicking the can down the road because it's tiresome and no matter how many times you answer it, facts remain the same. Everyone knows Tony belongs, but longevity will always be the question mark. But after further review, it seems as if Nick Mangold is the only newcomer on the ballot that holds weight for an argument between the two. I am praying Tony gets the nod, as he should, because this argument at this time every year is just boring.

If I didn't think Boselli was going to get into the Hall of Fame, I would say I didn't think he was going to get into the Hall of Fame. I have said for the past four or five years he eventually will get in, and I have said all four of the offensive linemen who formed a backlog in 2018 eventually would get in. Those linemen were Boselli, Kevin Mawae, Steve Hutchinson and Alan Faneca. Mawae, Hutchinson and Faneca have gone in the past three seasons and I expect Boselli to go in next season. Boselli's chances also will be enhanced next year by there not being any overly strong first-year candidates. The circumstances have aligned for next year to quite likely be Boselli's year. He should get in. If he does, then he will be one more player who has had to wait unfortunately long to receive the honor he deserves. If he doesn't, then I will agree with many O-Zone readers that the voters are missing the spirit of the Hall and being disingenuous. Check back in a year.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

O, Tom Brady is definitely the GOAT, but I believe the line play illustrates the importance of both lines. KC missed having their offensive tackles. Seems the old adage that the team with the best lines wins. Agree?

It doesn't hurt.

KC from Orlando, FL

KOAF- with a new coaching regime and various areas of need along with some promising free agents, do you think we will be bigger shoppers, or do you think we will have a bounty of compensatory picks next year?

The Jaguars won't likely have a bounty of compensatory selections next year because they won't likely lose enough unrestricted free agents to have a "bounty." If left tackle Cam Robinson signs elsewhere as this offseason, he likely will figure heavily into the compensatory formula. But if the Jaguars sign a free agent that's on a comparable level, that would cancel Robinson out in the formula. The compensatory system requires that you lose more than you gain to get draft selections the following year. With the Jaguars having as much cap space as they currently possess this offseason, compensatory selections are still probably a few offseasons in the future.

Tom from Jacksonville

After watching the Bucs D stifle Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes, would you now consider trading the Lawrence pick for two draft classes? Think of the defense you could build.

No. No. No. No. A franchise quarterback gives you the chance to build an organization that has a chance to contend for the postseason over the long term. If you contend for the postseason on an annual basis, some years the right combination of health and matchups will get you to the Super Bowl – and if things go your way, you can win it. Building a defense with a couple of draft classes might get you a few years of contention, but it's a shorter-lived formula.

Tudor from Saint Augustine FL

Ronde Barber is in, but Boselli isn't? That's so whack!

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber is not in the Hall – but it's still sort of whack that Boselli's not, either. I suspect Boselli will get in next year. If he doesn't, that's whack.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

You are a machine and the commitment to posting answer to these questions, no matter how inane and moronic they are, is to be commended. OK, just between us, have you even got your picture taken with an NFL player for fan purposes? If so who and why?

No. I can't imagine a scenario in which that would happen.