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O-Zone: Pie time

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Michael from Jax

I'm sure Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence has missed a couple throws this season, but he's one of the few people out there with a positive attitude, a strong arm and he is kicking his butt to get plays done. People need to get around him and not just running back James Robinson, who is also a bad a**. If you're a true fan you're going to stick by this team and by the players.

You mention something that hasn't been discussed too, too much but that is definitely a positive – and that's Lawrence's attitude/approach. It indeed has been exemplary and encouraging, and everything you hear around TIAA Bank Field is that it's real. He's a tireless worker who has his priorities in right, and he will do everything he can to be great and to be what this team expects. Those are important things to hear about a young quarterback because those traits sometimes take a while to develop – if, indeed, they ever develop fully. As far as being a true fan, I never know what that means. Fans want their teams to win and get frustrated when they don't. Do they criticize them sometimes? Sure. But that's kind of part of the whole thing.

CD from Fleming Island, FL

Hey, John. I think the passing game has been the biggest disappointment for a lot of fans. I don't disagree that the receivers need to win more, but I've also seen many times where receivers are open, and Trevor sees it a bit late. When it was announced that we had a "passing-game coordinator" it had me interested, as I don't recall seeing this position anywhere previously. Do you think the role of a passing game coordinator and/or Schottenheimer in general has improved what could be an even worse situation? Is it fair to wonder if the coaching staff is overengineered – i.e., a "too many cooks" situation? (This isn't intended to be a loaded question, but am genuinely interested in your opinion.) Thanks!

Brian Schottenheimer essentially is the Jaguars' quarterbacks coach and assists with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell when installing the offense. This is not an overly unusual setup, and a lot of teams have situations in which a quarterbacks coach with passing expertise has input into the offense – so there's no reason to think there are "too many cooks." I think Schottenheimer is a capable coach and I do think he's good for Lawrence.

Dan from Charlotte, NC

I just don't understand the constant crying about coaching, officiating or play calls. The Jaguars have a talent problem. They don't have enough of it, especially at wide receiver. I can't think of ANYTHING these guys can do that is going to overcome being overmatched. Isn't the most important thing at this point just to have Trevor get reps and see different defenses every week?


Rosy from 10,000 feet and OP

Are we really that far off? "If" is a big word and so is "but." But if this team made just a few more plays, Cinci, Indy and Atlanta could have been wins. How different would the conversation be at 5-6?

The conversation would be much different if the Jaguars were 5-6. But remember, too: the Jaguars are also a play or two from 0-11. You win games you win, and you lose games you lose.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

Would you rather have an elite head coach and average assistants or the opposite?

I'd rather have great players.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

I think we all knew deep down this year was going to be rough (though we already won twice as many games as last year!) That said, I know I was hoping to see the team improve as the year went on. It feels like the offense has definitely regressed. Maybe it's silly but I'd rather be 2-9 while putting up 30+ points a game. How many pieces do we need to have a lethal offense next year?

The Jaguars' offense never has been good this season. It has yet to score more than 23 points in a game, and never has had the explosive element needed to win in an offensive-centric NFL. But within that context, it was making strides early in the season and it was forming at least something of an identity in late September and October leading to the bye. That identity faded fast with the heel injury to running back James Robinson on Halloween. The offense had been averaging about 19 points a game before that and is averaging about 11 since. An already struggling receiver corps has lost wide receivers DJ Chark Jr. and Jamal Agnew and tight end Dan Arnold. Again, that's not to say this offense had enough weapons or that it was good before the losses of those players. But those are some legitimate reasons the unit is regressing from its peak and certainly not improving. As far as how the Jaguars go about being lethal on offense next season … add dynamic receivers. That should make them at least a bit … lethaler.

Jake from Cary, NC

For the first time in a long time, I did not watch the Jaguars game last weekend. I do not regret my decision.


Ryan from Reality

Everyone's talking about needing to get a great wide receiver in free agency next year and I'd love if that were possible but ... I don't trust this team to identify top end WR talent! Over the past two decades, we have never signed a free-agent receiver that posted even a single 1,000-yard season for this team. Idk zone, who do you think is the best receiver this team has acquired in FA since 2000?

The problem with acquiring a top-end wide receiver in free agency often isn't as much identifying the player but the reality that top-end wide receivers often aren't on the free-agent market. Teams don't typically allow top-end receivers – or top-end players, period – to leave. As far as best receivers acquired as free agents by the Jaguars … wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. is in the conversation. And so is Chris Conley. So, yeah …

Andrew from 228

There was this saying going around that franchise quarterbacks made the players around them better. Has Trevor gotten the most he could out of this group or is it safe to say he hasn't turned the corner yet?

He's a rookie.

Clay from AB

If Lawrence had been named the starter at the beginning of training camp - as we all knew would eventually happen - and get to take all snaps with first team, would we have "figured it out" sooner? In the meantime, we all enjoyed the exhibition games.

Would the wide receivers on the field at the beginning of the season been better? Would they have created separation from defensive backs more consistently? Would they have stayed healthy?

Cliff from Las Vegas, NV

Maybe time to talk about how Jaguars center Brandon Linder is the best player on the field? Difficult to get credit on the offensive line, but that guy is special.


Jason from Da 'Hass

Hi John, In regards to your answer to Ken from Arlington, I don't think it takes decades of winning to establish an identity. Jack Del Rio's teams were known for hard-nose, hit-you-in-the-face style of play and I don't think he had more than one or two winning seasons. That was the team's identity under him. The team's current identity under Urban Meyer is one of discombobulation, and buddy that is a recipe for disaster.

I never wrote or said a head coach couldn't establish an identity in less than decades. I was asked about an organization establishing an identity to the point that it can dictate that identity to an incoming head coach. That takes decades of success because without decades of success why would a coach want to follow the identity of that franchise?

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, this looks to be one of our most difficult weeks. Is there anything you can think of that gives us hope for even a small chance of a win?

It's the NFL. There's always hope and a small chance to win.

Adam from Allentown PA

It really seems like this coaching staff has an issue with James Robinson. Tommy Mac agrees. WTH?

I don't sense an issue. The Jaguars probably didn't get Robinson enough carries in the first two weeks of the season, but he was the primary runner for four games after that. That changed when he sustained a heel injury against the Seattle Seahawks on Halloween. Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer has said repeatedly in recent weeks that Robinson still isn't 100 percent from the heel injury. I have heard nothing to indicate there's anything with issue beyond that in the last three games.

_Andrew from MATTOON, IL       _

What if a football season was pie?

It's not?