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O-Zone: Power through

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Otto from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

John, in looking at our needs it seems we would have to give up too much to get both Nick Foles and Dwayne Haskins. I think getting Foles should be a priority, then get a good offensive lineman in the first round at No. 7 or trade down if we can. Do you think Haskins is really that good or just the best of the current class? Go Jags!

I absolutely agree the Jaguars won't acquire Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles and select a quarterback in the first round. While there are people suggesting the Jaguars acquire Foles and let a young quarterback develop behind him, a team signing (or trading for) Foles will need to commit to him – financially and in fact – as its starter at least for the foreseeable future. So, you're correct that signing Foles would probably mean going a different direction in the draft. Besides, if the Jaguars sign a quarterback to start they likely will want – and need – to use their draft capital elsewhere offensively. As for Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins' potential, I do think he's a starting-level NFL quarterback. I think he has a chance to be really good, but I think there are a lot of the usual unknowns about rookie quarterbacks. That's about as much as you can say about most first-round quarterbacks before they are actually in the NFL.

Matt from Nashville, TN

Now that the Eagles have exercised Nick Foles option and he has announced he is voiding the option, it appears he will be tagged for $25 million with the intent to trade him. What happens to the Eagles' cap if the rest of the league decides that the cost to the Eagles outweighs the benefit of Foles on their team?

Teams won't make the decision based on the cost to the Eagles; they will make the decision based on whether they believe Foles is worth the draft compensation and salary necessary to acquire Foles. If no one trades for Foles and he plays for the Eagles, he will cost $25 million against the cap. The Eagles will be able to absorb that; if they could not absorb it, they wouldn't be allowed to apply the tag. The Eagles under that scenario also would be able to rescind the tag if they so chose, this allowing Foles to become a free agent.

Chuck from Jacksonville

Mr O. Please explain the Foles drama. So, the Eagles opt Foles in and Foles opts out. Those make sense. Now the Eagles are going to tag him so they can trade him. I thought the team did not have control of a player until the player signed the tag contract. What if Foles waits until late in the summer to sign? He is going to be paid a lot of money to sit on the bench if they tag him so what is the incentive for him to sign the tag until the point the Eagles cannot trade him. I think this might be a risky play for the Eagles. Your thoughts.

The Eagles can rescind the franchise tag at any point – if they apply it – and allow Foles to become a free agent.

Keith from Jacksonville and Section 436 Since 1995

From listening to Sam Kouvaris (who is on the Hall-of-Fame Committee), and other announcers that I trust, the HOF voters do take their job extremely seriously, and are very diligent at keeping the HOF sacred. That said, while I agree Kevin Mawae deserves a spot in the Hall, I've never heard about his dominance. True, he's a center while Tony Boselli, Anthony Munoz, Jonathan Ogden, Walter Jones et. al were tackles, but I've never heard of him really holding the line up on his shoulders like the others. What are the odds of Tony Bo being elected in 362 days?

Mawae was a first-team Associated Press All-Pro selection seven times. I believed Boselli should have gotten into the Hall this year, but it's not hard to see the argument for Mawae. Odds are good Boselli gets in next season. I will be surprised at this point if he doesn't.

Keith from Jacksonville and Section 436 Since 1995

O-Man, I love ya, but blowing off Logan from Wichita's comment about the Jags' chances of blowing the draft equaling the sun rising in the east tomorrow is pretty flippant – nay tone-deaf. Logan's point, which has been discussed ad nauseam on the sports-talk shows, is fans don't trust the Jags' front office to draft well – and with good reason. In the last six first-round drafts, aside from Jalen Ramsey – whom my dead grandmother could have drafted at No. 5 – three are off the team or soon will be (Luke Joeckel, Dante Fowler Jr., and Blake Bortles), one is fairly likely to be off the team (Leonard Fournette), or not living up to their potential to this point worth of the draft pick (Taven Bryan). The current regime has not earned the trust of fans to make the right calls to help our team, hence that is why there was such an outcry of teeth-gnashing anger when Owner Shad Khan retained them. As Jaguars fans, we want to be able to trust the front office to manage the team's personnel well, and they haven't done that. At least acknowledging the truth will set you free!!!!!!

I'm well aware this is a topic. I've discussed it ad nauseum. I honestly don't know what to say anymore about it. Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin, General Manager David Caldwell and Head Coach Doug Marrone are going to make the selection. And while it would be nice if fans did trust them, there's little more to discuss. It's obviously going to take time and results for many fans to trust the decision-makers. Until then, I imagine it will continue to be a topic on sports-talk radio.

Wrestlemania from the Place Where I'm at

This is a snoozer of a question, just a mere curiosity. My dad always asks me when they have a major event like Wrestlemania, I mean the Super Bowl, why don't they just put one team's logo on one side and the other team on the other side? Whichever team it lands on gets to decide.

I'm sure your conversations with your father are fascinating, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

Hulk from Las Vegas, NV

Season's over. Yay! In what almost looks imminent, the acquisition of Foles isn't so expensive all of a sudden – in terms of what's needed to give to get. The salary is still an obstacle in my opinion, but restructuring is obviously on the table. I had the idea of stepping up the deal by throwing in a player who knows him … saayyyyyyyyy, Golden Tate. At first glance, that looks EXPENSIVE, but is there a way to make deal like that happen without tossing in a player? And is it even worth exploring? I feel it would give the offense a head start and guys with experience together to help get the others on the same page.

We're at a stage in the Foles Story where many scenarios are being offered – and we're also at the stage where it's all premature speculation. Premature speculation is fun. People like it. But there's so much of it it's impossible to know what Foles will cost. Here's what I can guess: That whether or not Foles costs the Jaguars draft compensation, his salary will not be cheap. I anticipate it being somewhere between $20-$25 million a season. When $20 million is the low end, that's not cheap. As far as Tate, he's scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent, so trading a player for him wouldn't be necessary. He also might be affordable – and if he is, he might make some sense. Either way, I don't see the Jaguars spending big or drafting early for wide receiver. They may not see their situation at the position as dire as many observers see it.

Steve from Hudson, FL

Did Red from New York do any research before he asked to look in your window? We know your office has no window, just a 60-watt light bulb and a really cool trap door escape when management knocks on the door.


Eric from Columbus, IN

I know this means absolutely nothing, but it is pretty incredible (unfortunately) ... the Jaguars were No. 1 in the NFL power rankings after Week 2 this year and for 2019 26th. Wow, how the mighty fall. We are a loooong way from football but is that really justifiable?

I have no idea how to justify power rankings. I also haven't the first inclination to begin caring about or trying to justify power rankings. But if you're ranking teams right now … well, considering the team's 5-11 record last season, and considering the current uncertainty at quarterback … 26th sounds OK.

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