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O-Zone: Powerful man

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Alex from Dallas, TX

All this non-stop, brash talk Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is doing is embarrassing and makes me angry as a Jaguars fan. It's so disrespectful to all the other NFL players. People are just letting it slide, because "that's how he is" and he's a good player. I like a respectable player like Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell, who represents us well. Why can't anyone tell Ramsey to just shut up already and at least show a little respect? Just popping at the mouth non-stop is getting old. He's low class.

First, Ramsey isn't popping at the mouth "non-stop." He talked candidly when interviewed for a couple of national websites/publication during the offseason. Those sites have published the stories in the last couple of weeks. The high-profile nature of those stories – and them appearing released close to one another – has made it seem like he's talking non-stop. But even if he were talking non-stop, why does it matter? Who is he hurting? Is he committing a crime? He's talking about other players who play a kid's game for an enormous amount of money. What's the worst thing that happens if he says another player is bad? That player proves him wrong and the Jaguars lose a game? I think we can all cope with that in the grand scheme of what ails us in life. The NFL is entertainment. A game. A show. It's not life and death, or religion, or any other subject of grave consequence. It's fun. Ramsey is having fun. Maybe more people should.

Nedzad from Jacksonville

When does advertising go a little too far? We have well over 50 percent of our scoreboards full of ads non-stop ... and now during the red zone even the middle portion turns red?

When does advertising go too far? It doesn't. This is professional football, not charity. Or Fantasyland.

Curt from Wilkes-Barre, PA

"Make Tanner Lee the starting quarterback," is what some will say, I'm sure.

I don't think anyone will say that.

John Q from JaxtoAtl

The Jaguars' quickness and speed at wide receiver and running back mean any given play can be a screen or short pass with major yards after the catch. As opposing teams adjust, we catch them off guard with a pass to our tight end or fullback, a run up the middle, or even a designed quarterback run. Most encouraging has been our offensive line blocking at the second level for running and screen plays. There are so many possibilities with this personnel. What I have yet to see this preseason is our young receivers make an impact. Donte Moncrief appears to be doing his job. DJ Chark Jr., Dede Westbrook, and Keelan Cole have been missing in action. Why is that? And how should we expect to see them used in this scheme outside of the glorious screen plays?

I fear you have fallen victim to the common mistake of overemphasizing preseason as a guide to how a team/player will perform or game plan in the regular season. This is particularly common when analyzing individual offensive players because most don't get enough preseason repetitions to get an accurate gauge for how they will be used. Remember: the Jaguars' first-team offense essentially has played one game (a series versus the New Orleans Saints, a half against the Minnesota Vikings and a half against the Atlanta Falcons) in the preseason. Here are the Jaguars' wide receivers' statistics for the 2018 preseason: Moncrief (eight receptions, 106 yards), Westbrook (xix, 49), Chark (three, 25) and Cole (one, six). If you split Marqise Lee's four receptions for 44 yards between Cole and Chark you would have a game for the foursome that would concern no one.

Gregg from Jacksonville

Hola, Señor Zona. With Marqise Lee on injured reserve, how does that affect the Jags' salary cap? Does that give his money back to the pool to sign somebody else?


Marcus from Jacksonville

I know it is doubtful that the Jags will acquire former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. But hypothetically, if they signed him today, would he be the No. 1 receiver for the first game of the season?

If the Jaguars thought Bryant would be the No. 1 receiver for the first game of the season they would have signed Bryant. Even if Bryant theoretically were the most talented wide receiver on the Jaguars' roster, it is doubtful he would be the No. 1 receiver after spending less than two weeks in the offense.

Robert from Orange Park, FL

Home jerseys during the regular season?

The Jaguars will have them. I can almost guarantee it.

Brodie from Pensacola, FL

O, earlier in the offseason the thought was that the team would be able to get another running back to add to the room after roster cuts are made across the league. Is that still the thought, or has Tim Cook or Brandon Wilds done enough to earn that fourth spot? I wonder about a guy like Ameer Abdullah, who looks like he may not make the Lions.

I never bought into the idea that the Jaguars needed to pursue a fourth running back outside the roster. I thought early in training camp that Cook would be the fourth running back. Though preseason playing time indicates that Wilds may be the fourth guy, I don't know that there's a mammoth difference between the two. Nor would I be surprised if neither made the roster and the Jaguars opted to carry just three running backs. It's a position you can typically find as free agents during the season if necessary, and I don't know that Cook or Wilds has shown enough to make you worry about a major drop-off between them and a player who might be available if needed.

Steve from Hudson, FL

In a world of checks and balances, where would we be without Jerrell? We would still have Logan, but is that enough to overcome our self-confidence?

We need Jerell. Let's just leave it at that.

Bradley from Carson City, NV

My knowledge of football Xs and Os is limited compared to the people who do it professionally, but it seems these days there are a lot running backs that will line up in the slot and run receiver routes – and do it quite successfully. I'm thinking Kamara, McCaffrey, etc. I don't recall the Jags doing this much. Does it not fit our scheme or is it the personnel?

Personnel. The Jaguars' running backs have a lot of strengths, and all are capable receivers, but none really fit the "scat-back" skill set of a slot receiver.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

I guess Jaydon Mickens made the team. Good for him. One of the best stories in football continues.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Nick from Phoenix, AZ

I think that Kyle may be onto something with the triple option wishbone thing. I had to look up what made it a "wishbone" (I don't watch college ball). It's still on quarterback Blake Bortles to decide what to do – but Bortles, running back Leonard Fournette, running back T.J. Yeldon and running back Corey Grant out there might be a smart trick play – especially with Bortles' running ability. Four options coming at ya. The Wildcat worked for a while. The main drawback from it seems to be that it is one-dimensional. We've seen our Jags choose when to dominate and become one-dimensional (PIT). Why wouldn't it work, in your opinion?

The wishbone might work as a surprise play if used very occasionally. The main reasons it's not used in the NFL involve the fact that the speed of NFL defenses make it difficult for quarterbacks to get outside on designed runs – and because the wishbone often exposes quarterbacks to hits from linebackers and defensive ends. Offenses that routinely expose their quarterbacks to hits tend to run their course very quickly because getting your quarterbacks hit a lot is a bad thing.

Bo from Jax (sojourning in N. Charleston, SC)

Corey Grant reminds me of MJD a bit in size (couple inches different) and how he looks running the ball upfield with his burst of speed. I know MJD was impossible to tackle without a couple guys riding his back like a rodeo and CG is not quite the same there I know. Do you see these or other similarities between them?

Not really. Maurice Jones-Drew was a true, every-down running back with power and speed – as well as being a very good blocker on third downs. Grant is more of a straight-ahead speed player and of a package running back. Grant is very dangerous, but he's a different player than Jones-Drew.

Jason from Salem

So, John: Did you know that I made a perfect 16-0 Malik Jackson Jacksonville Jaguar Cornhole Boards to let my Seahawks, Steelers, and Cowboys fans friends know that a new sheriff has arrived? Yee Haw! (Make football great again). Keep up the good work.

I did know that. Actually, I didn't know it, but I sensed it. I have special powers.

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