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O-Zone: Quite a list

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Dave from Jacksonville

Oz, I just read former University of Florida wide receiver Kadarius Toney is off to a rough start for the New York Giants. Did the Jags get the best here? Toney is missing camps. Press is pushing buyer's remorse already, dang.

Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer indeed said immediately following the 2021 NFL Draft that the team was disappointed to not get a chance to select Toney No. 25 overall; Meyer wanted explosiveness and big-play ability with that selection, and Toney certainly possesses those attributes. As for Toney's situation after being selected by the New York Giants … he reportedly had a few attendance issues during the Giants' offseason program, but that's all I know about Toney – and I don't know nearly enough about him or his situation with the Giants to have the first clue if it's good that the Jaguars didn't select him. I do know there's nothing to indicate that the Jaguars aren't happy with the player they selected at No. 25: running back Travis Etienne Jr. He's an explosive player who appears very capable of filling the role Meyer and the Jaguars envision – and he appears to have very much wanted to be in Jacksonville for the offseason program. So … so far, so good.

Jerry from Riverview

Why is the 53-man roster such a fixture in the NFL? With all the injuries in the game, seems like it would benefit both the owners and the NFLPA to increase rosters to, say, 60 players. I know there is a practice squad, but these are young, green players being protected – somewhat.

The 53-man roster is the NFL limit because you have to stop somewhere when it comes to roster sizes. It's in the owners' collective interest to limit roster size because bigger rosters mean bigger expenses. It's in the players' collective interest to increase roster size because bigger rosters mean more jobs. And while coaches likely would lobby for a 60-man roster, I've never gotten a huge sense that quality of play is dramatically hurt by smaller roster sizes. Teams with a slew of injuries often have difficulty with the logistics of signing and preparing new players, but injuries bring challenges whatever the roster size. I don't expect major movement here anytime soon.

Jesse from Texas

Is it theoretically possible that rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence does so poorly in training camp that he doesn't make the Jags final roster?


Bob from Ponte Vedra, FL

What is the status of Dylan Moses's knee? Will he be able to go live when they go to pads?

Dylan Moses, a linebacker from Alabama who signed with the Jaguars as a collegiate free agent following the 2021 NFL Draft, participated in the offseason program in May and early June. While he reportedly was hampered during the 2020 season by the aftereffects of a serious knee injury sustained in 2019, he indeed played the 2020 season. He reportedly wasn't quite the same player following the injury as before, but perhaps time can change that. That's the Jaguars' hope, certainly. Either way … I've heard nothing to indicate Moses won't participate in 2021 Training Camp.


You wrote an article about the versatility of Etienne and wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. I agree. However, D-Roc thinks Laviska is better off playing in the slot or outside, and letting Etienne be the Do It All. Why not both with a little with you know who taking goal line snaps or being a distraction? I feel like a 12-year old who played Madden 12 times could have been a better play caller last year. It was pathetic. Could we finally see a dynamic, progressive, inventive play calling team? I surely hope so. I expect this staff to win but just not sure yet how they will go about doing it. I assume it's going to be strong up the middle and creating big plays on both sides. You know, the Urban way. Read the book.

I expect the Jaguars to be a dynamic, inventive offense, though I don't know that the offense last season under offensive coordinator Jay Gruden was all that unimaginative. Sometimes personnel can limit a playcaller's options, and Gruden was pretty creative early in the season. Defenses seemed to catch up with the Jaguars' approach and personnel after that. One question, though. What's a "D-Roc?"

Andy from Hali

Saying "Just stick to football, we don't care or bother you about your personal life" is transparently incorrect to anyone that has participated in sports and sports culture on any level. There is no "just stick to football" and – while that also applies to Cole Beasley – it is a good thing.

Beasley, now a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, posted some well-publicized thoughts recently about his choice to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. As an NFL player, he is within his rights to receive or not receive the vaccination and he's within his rights to speak about it.

Jared from O-Town

Hey, John-O! Not sure why the small uprising over using the sponsor name. It's not like you are saying "Brought to you by Carl's Jr." at the end of every reply. Besides, if there's a reason for a small uprising it should be your disdain of the Oxford comma.

I have nothing inherently against the Oxford comma. And I have no problem seeing it in literature or other situations. When writing for this site, every effort is made to incorporate corporate Associate Press Style. The Oxford Comma is not used in AP style. That's it. That's the reason.

Abel from Westside

Yo KOAF, pick one: Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite or Natural Light.

How do you pick just one?

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

If the Jaguars are still entertaining the idea of trading Gardner Minshew II, it seems the trade window is closing. I see only a small number of teams where Gardner might compete for a starting job (Miami, Denver, and maybe New Orleans) – and a few that could look to upgrade their backup quarterback position. And at this point in the year, I cannot see any team offering more than a fifth- or sixth-rounder. It is starting to look like Meyer and General Manager Trent Baalke planned all along to keep Gardner unless they got a trade offer that was just too good to refuse. Or is this just a case of Meyer/Baalke keeping their options open for as long as possible?

Neither Baalke nor Meyer ever expressed sentiment that Minshew would be traded, which meant Minshew fell into the category of many players – i.e., perhaps available for trade, but only at a value that makes a trade make sense. A trade involving Minshew at this point would be something of a surprise. My guess is you'll see Minshew in camp along with Lawrence, CJ Beathard and Jake Luton. If Minshew clearly outperforms Beathard and Luton, I imagine you'll see him as the backup if/when Lawrence is named the starter. The reality is a trade for Minshew was always tricky because a team probably isn't going to trade much for a backup quarterback in the offseason, which means the most likely scenario for a trade involving Minshew would be in the event of an injury to a starter. That probably wouldn't happen until the preseason or regular season.

Scott from Longwood, FL

What's the going rate for the trade value of a kicker? One of them – Aldrick Rosas or Josh Lambo – can't make the roster and both appear to be well above replacement value at the position.

There's typically not much trade value for a kicker – perhaps a late-round selection.

Blaine from Prescott, AZ

Dear Mr. O. When I draft a quarterback No. 1 overall and I know that my left and right tackles are better run blockers than pass blockers, I am highly concerned. I don't want to see what happened to Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow last season happen to Lawrence this season. Prediction: changes at both left and right tackle will be made no later than next year. Thoughts?

I don't know that I would describe the Jaguars' thoughts on left tackle Cam Robinson and Jawaan Taylor as "highly concerned." If the team were "highly concerned," it wouldn't have gone forward this season with the two players as the starters. I do believe Walker Little will push for a starting position at some point this season and that he will start at a tackle position entering 2021. Could that mean Robinson or Taylor moving inside, or Robinson not being with the Jaguars in 2022? Perhaps. There's a season to play out to learn the answers.

Chris from Mandarin

If there was a Hall of Fame of NFL mullets, which quarterbacks would be on your Mount Rushmore? Dan Marino has to be high on that list too. Minshew is late in the game, but I guess he deserves an attaboy at least.