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O-Zone: Rare Air

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Steve from Nashville, TN

What area of his game does Gardner Minshew II need to improve upon in Year 2 to keep Mike Glennon on the bench?

Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II must improve in pretty much every area next season because he is a young quarterback with a lot of polish needed to take that so-called "next step." He must improve in the red zone and on third downs. He also must improve his pocket presence and accuracy on certain intermediate throws. Those are some details, and they're not uncommon areas for young quarterbacks to need to improve. But I don't know that the goal for Minshew is "keeping Glennon on the bench" as much as showing he's a long-term starting NFL quarterback moving forward. For him to do that, he mainly must eliminate the long stretches of ineffectiveness he had at times last season. Those were somewhat forgotten by many observers because Minshew had an impressive 6-6 record as a starter and because the Jaguars won two of their last three games. The record and solid finish were positives for Minshew, but the long stretches of struggling were the other side of that. He must reduce those in a big way.

Zac from austin, tejas

Fun fact(?): Out of our 17 scheduled games, we only have a series record of .500 against six opponents. That probably doesn't mean anything.

It means the Jaguars have been bad more than good during their history, so they have lost more games than they have won against a lot of teams. In terms of next season … no, it doesn't mean anything.

Crash from Westside

What's wrong with my fellow Jaguar fans? They won six games last year. They got better in free agency and the draft. All the home games are at The 'Bank. I see an 8-8 or 9-7 season. They might get that seventh playoff spot.

Here we go, Crash!

Bill from Jupiter, FL

If you want to know if a player is being moved or is on the trading block, just go to the Jags shop and look at the price of the jersey. Running back Leonard Fournette's jersey is on sale for $60 off and he's still on the team. Just a random, useless observation. Thought it was more than a coincidence, though.

I have no idea if it's coincidence. I do know there are probably easier ways to see if a player is still on the team – or if there are rumors and reports about a player being traded.

David from Maplewood, NJ

John, yes the Jags were 6-10 last year and yes … some very talented – albeit older – players have left. if I'm not mistaken, almost all said players played defense. How did the defense do last year? I think they set an all-time, all-galaxy record for rushing yards allowed. I'm not saying it was their fault, but it's hard to imagine regardless of who has left that they will break last year's records for defensive ineptitude. Guess I just don't see how the floor for this team is six-to-seven wins, but then again I am a fan and ...

The Jaguars weren't historically bad against the run all last season – but they were more than bad enough for five or six games that it defined the season. Still, your point – that the Jaguars could be improved against the run – is correct. I don't see them being great in the area, but they needn't be great to be better – and being better will give them a much better chance of winning.

Justin from Jacksonville

Seeing we have four quarterbacks we like on the roster or have invested in (Minshew/Jaguar King, Mike Glennon/signed last week, Josh Dobbs/through a fifth-round pick trade last season and Jake Luton/a recent sixth-round pick). there will have to be one that is on the practice squad or off the team by the season's beginning. That being said, what is the best-and-worst case scenario in regards to having these four quarterbacks?

The best-case scenario is that Minshew is really good and stays healthy all season. The worst-case scenario is that he's not really good or gets injured and that whoever wins the backup job – Glennon or Dobbs, presumably – is incompetent. I expect Minshew to start next season with Glennon as the backup and Luton on the practice squad; we'll see if the team has a place for Dobbs in that scenario.

Tommy from Fernandina Beach, FL

We fans know a bad product on the field no matter who the manager is. Jags have not been good in seven out of eight years for Owner Shad Khan...why should we believe he knows what he's doing as an owner? I have given up as a loyal season-ticket holder after 25 years and will never get them again. I'm sure he won't miss me but it's how I am choosing to voice my displeasure with his choices in leadership.

Not buying season tickets absolutely is your right, and Khan understands that. He also understands it's his job as owner to put a winning product on the field and he will continue trying to do so. If he's right about his choices of leadership, then the Jaguars will win – and if that happens, it's fair to assume that many people who have made the same decision as you again will buy season tickets and be loyal fans. If he's not right, then the Jaguars will lose – and if that happens, it's safe to assume many fans will not buy season tickets. That's the owner-fan contract and the Khans understand it. But don't think the Jaguars don't miss departed season-ticket holders. They do. That doesn't mean ownership can always do exactly what every individual season-ticket holder wants, but they're highly valued – and those who aren't there are missed.

Ray from Jacksonville

John: Considering how long General Manager David Caldwell has been here and the team's performance during that time, isn't it fair that the only thing that will change many fans' opinion of him is the on-field performance?

Of course. Have I said anything different? Like … ever?

Julio from Southern California

O please explain the shared stadium concept the NFL is considering with the COVID-19 issue.

The NFL's official stance is it plans to play 16 games in front of full stadiums in 2020. Among the reported contingencies are some number of teams sharing stadiums, with the idea being to have games where games are allowed – and to have them in comparatively controlled environments. Many reports involving this sort of contingency has focused on the California teams – the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers – playing in Arizona or Las Vegas because California governor Gavin Newsome made a comment recently about not anticipating games held with fans this season in the state. I have no idea how likely or widespread such a plan might be. It's among the multitude of unknowns currently facing sports and our nation.

David from Broward County, FL

O-Man, just watched a 2019 season highlight reel for Minshew, game by game. I know it was only the good and none of the bad. And the bad was really bad, especially the fumbles. But why can't we be really excited about him for this season? If the offensive line plays better and these wide receivers and tight ends develop, this could be a potent offense. Now, about that defense?

Minshew has potential to be good, and there's nothing wrong with being excited how that will turn out. That guarantees nothing, but who says everything has to be guaranteed? I do believe the offense will be better in his second season because the offensive line figures to be at least marginally better, as does a receiving corps that will feature an ascending DJ Chark Jr. and healthy Dede Westbrook and a tight end corps that will feature newly-acquired Tyler Eifert. As for the defense … it's hard to see the unit not being at minimum somewhat improved against the run. I don't know what that will mean in terms of record. Youth will be a factor. But I don't see this team being worse than last season with Minshew in his second season, and it could be a game or two better. We'll see.

Dan from Las Vegas, NV

Hi Zone, I hope you're watching "The Last Dance" on ESPN these days without live sports. Watching Sunday night, Michael Jordan referring to fan: "If you spend two-to-three hours of your day watching me play, it's my obligation to play to the highest level I can." Do you think the kids playing these days are built like that?

I'm not watching Last Dance, though I'm sure I will at some point. As far as "kids today" being built like Jordan, sure … a handful. Rare ones. Remember: "kids" in Jordan's era weren't built like that. Just Jordan and a handful of others. Rare ones.