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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Josh from Lakewood

For as long as he has been with the team, I feel I've heard Walker Little is a much more natural fit at left tackle than right. You think the Jaguars regret signing Cam Robinson to his deal? I know I would rather have Little at left tackle and Taylor at right tackle than Robinson at left tackle and Little at right tackle.

I don't get the idea the Jaguars regret signing left tackle Cam Robinson to an extension last offseason. Because they re-signed him, they were in the enviable situation this past season of having three tackles capable of playing at a high level in the NFL – and they absolutely needed all three in 2022. I don't know that they would have won the AFC South with less depth there. It does put them in an interesting situation now, with right tackle Jawaan Taylor scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent at the March 15 start of the 2023 NFL League Year. But in this case "interesting" doesn't mean "bad." The Jaguars would very much like to re-sign Taylor. If they do, I expect he will play right tackle opposite Robinson next season with Little playing left guard and also being the swing tackle. If Taylor doesn't re-sign, I expect Little to play right tackle opposite Robinson. Time will tell if Little can play as well at right tackle as he has played at left tackle. I don't know that he has played enough right tackle for us to know if he's more natural there or not.

Sean from Jacksonville

Wow. I did not know that the current facilities were in a bit of disarray and had a rat problem, too? I know you can't promote this link, but …

You linked to an ESPN story on the NFL Players Association player survey released this week. I didn't link to it because there have been myriad stories on the internet the last few days – and because the NFLPA's official story on the survey can be found here. The survey reported multiple issues facing the Jaguars' facilities. I don't mind linking to and discussing the survey because no one around the Jaguars is hiding from it. The current facilities are antiquated by NFL standards. They have been in need of an upgrade for a while. Such upgrades don't happen overnight, so most NFL teams eventually have a period where their facilities aren't as state-of-the-art as the rest of the league. The Jaguars have addressed this. The Miller Electric Center is expected to be complete by the start of 2023 Training Camp, at which time I imagine the Jaguars will fare far better in such surveys.

Don from Marshall, NC

Do you still have rats? It will be a while before this one goes away. My goodness sake … be careful taking a nap at your desk. You might wake up with no feet.

It actually won't be a while at all, and it's neither news nor a disaster that their facilities need upgrading. They are keenly aware of this, which is why they're building the Miller Electric Center and why a new/renovated stadium is needed.

Ray from Jax

John: Rats in the locker room? I thought there was a coaching change.

We've talked a lot in these parts lately about the importance of being nice. Perhaps we're not being clear enough. Or emphasizing it enough. Because this was not "nice."

Darwin from Cebu, Philippines

When Adam Schein wrote "Jacksonville took [former Jaguars cornerback Jalen] Ramsey with the No. 5 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Seven years later, it's time for the Jaguars to boldly go after their man once again," I laughed. It was a glad reminder of why articles on the Jags written by national media must be taken with a grain of salt. it also reminded me of why I love the O-Zone. You truly are the king of all funk!

I am the king of all funk.

John from Cape May Court House

Is a player considered under contract if the team applies the franchise tag to said player? That is all. As you were.

The NFL's franchise tag might be best described as a different kind of contract. When a team places the franchise tag on a player, that player then must decide whether to sign a one-year contract with the team. Once the player does sign that contract, he is under contract. It's a more standard/generic contract than a long-term contract, but it's a contract.

Armand from Atlantic Beach, FL

When will we find out which players are restructuring their contracts?

We already have learned about multiple players restructuring contracts. That list includes wide receivers Zay Jones and Christian Kirk, right guard Brandon Scherff and linebacker Foye Oluokun. I would guess we'll learn about other players restructuring contracts when they restructure their contracts.

Jason from North Pole, AK

There are some teams out there such as the Chicago Bears with a ton of cap space and a bad offensive line. It would seem Jawaan Taylor could make a lot more money in free agency. My wondering is whether or not he has seen enough dysfunction and losing his first three years here that leaving to a bad team for more of the same doesn't sound appealing. Here's to hoping the Jaguars turning the corner will help keep him around for what appears to be a fun ride.

I have no doubt that Taylor would love to be in Jacksonville. I have no doubt he would love to be with an organization that seemingly has a bright future. I have no doubt he would like to stay close to his hometown of Cocoa. I also have no doubt money will be a very powerful factor in his decision – as should be the case. Remember: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Taylor for generational wealth. That's more important to players than a fun ride, and it would be more important to most people as well.

Stadium Rat from You know

I know the Jags want to revamp the current dated stadium, but long-term wouldn't it make sense to go the way the Chicago Bears are going and getting land outside of downtown? Sooner or later, the location downtown will be more of a hassle than it is worth trying to make the rundown stadium into an elite stadium.

Everyone's entitled to an opinion, and you seem to dislike downtown. I don't share your thoughts, and don't find downtown a "hassle." Far more pertinent to this discussion: Jaguars Owner Shad Khan absolutely doesn't consider downtown a hassle. He considers it something of a blank canvas, and believes a state-of-the-art stadium can be a key component of a thriving downtown. I think that's pretty cool – certainly cooler than building a stadium in an outlying area. It would also be damned inconvenient for me, which is my primary – read: only – concern.

Mark from Archer

Zone, I hope the Jags do not try to give Jawaan Taylor top-tier money for position. He has had one really good season and even this season the run blocking part of his game seemed to be lacking somewhat. To me if you're going to give some top money for their position, they need to have shown consistently for years they are one of the best and they should not have any real flaws to their game. But I know that is not the nature of the game.

I've heard the criticisms of Taylor's run-blocking – and I knew there are websites that grade such things that graded Taylor poorly in that area this past season. But Taylor may have been the Jaguars' best offensive lineman last season, and the Jaguars very much believed the version of Taylor that played under Head Coach Doug Pederson and offensive line coach Phil Rauscher is what will be going forward. They actually believe he has the potential to improved on last season moving forward. As for when to give top money to a player … the reality is you have to pay premium money to keep front-line players. That can't always mean the player has been consistently at a high level every season of his career. You sometimes have to pay based on what you think the player will be moving forward and you have to consider circumstances.

Justin from Jax

Zone, really? A complaint about us re-signing Beathard as our backup quarterback? Please explain.

The Jaguars re-signed backup quarterback C.J. Beathard last week. I can't explain complaints about Beathard, and I didn't receive many emails complaining last week – although I do get a few emails critical of Beathard at times. They're usually from people who fails to realize that Beathard is precisely what you want in a backup quarterback – a reliable, experienced veteran who can perform when needed and who can support the starter otherwise.

Paul from Lake City, FL

I find that the "Football Gods" tend to favor teams with talented quarterbacks. Good thing we have one.

Good eye.