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O-Zone: She stays home

JACKSONVILLE – Change is Evil Week rolls on.

Let's get to it …

Terry from Chester, VA

Hey, O: I know fans are gonna fan, but instead of obsessing about tight end, Blake Bortles, young wide receivers, etc., I suggest we look at what has happened the last two years and trust the guys running the show. AFC Championship Game!! And there is a real possibility that we can win it all.

You are excited. I know this because I am good at noticing things. I notice that although you didn't use CAPITAL LETTERS, you used not one but two – two!! – exclamation points!! And while it was nice to get a (brief) respite from Website Anger Week, what I noticed most about your email is you're right. This is a good offseason to be a Jaguars fan. There's more to like than dislike (offline, anyway) and the reasons for optimism feel solid, good and true. While hope is always a good thing, Red, sometimes it feels false and forced – and there certainly have been past offseasons when hope around the Jaguars did feel that way. The hope for the Jaguars doesn't feel false this offseason, or forced – and it does feel like the team has legitimate Super Bowl hopes. We'll talk more about this in future O-Zones, but first we must take a break for our first ad of the day …

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

Wow, Zone: It seemed from your previous answer like you knew an ad was coming …

Call it a hunch.

Jags Fan 818

Zone. Wish I'd had a heads up about this knew web page. I'm going all over the place and still feel like I'm missing stuff. Go Jags!

I understand the frustration. I really do. But what would you have done with a heads up? Studied? Prepped? Looked up the spelling of "new?" Taken a seminar?

Matt from Section 133

How could you forget Luke McCown in your list of Jaguars' starting quarterbacks?? For shame!!!

I left out Jonathan Quinn, too. And Jay Fiedler. And Steve Beuerlein. I was trying to keep the list reasonable and pertinent. Any takers on Quinn Gray?

Specs from the Bestside

What happened to the Jaguars website?

I am the king of all funk.

Matthew from Fort Worth, TX

Zone. We need a backup "pound-it" running back to fill the gap between Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon/Corey Grant. This offseason was marked by a lot of good decisions, but not doing what it takes to get Aaron Colvin back and having not yet signed an Chris Ivory replacement are on the top of the bad idea list for this offseason. Can we sign A.P. or DeMarco Murray? Heck, if Terrance West is who we get, that's fine. We need somebody on the roster yesterday to fill this gap.

I also think it would be a good idea for the Jaguars to sign a backup running back to be an every-down, every-game replacement should Fournette be injured. I don't sense the Jaguars feel rushed on this, and if they thought it was a priority it would have been done already. Still, in the end I do agree with you and I believe a veteran eventually will get signed. Where I don't agree with you is the idea it needs to get done "yesterday." If there is an NFL position that's relatively easy to find in the preseason – or even during the season – in an emergency, it's backup running back. Veterans will be available if needed and it takes relatively little time for a signed player to be ready to contribute. Don't panic on this. It's not that sort of situation.

Dave from Dallas, TX

Hey, Mr. O: I'm so old I remember when the Jags app wasn't a steaming pile of horse****. Content, especially yours, is good, but your app designers and builders need a serious talking to. Preferably with a slugger to reinforce the message. Can you deliver it please?

Consider it delivered. So, shall I put you down for a one fer?

Frankie from London, UK

Whatever happened to Tony Adams, the guard we supposedly signed as an undrafted free agent?

Adams, a guard from North Carolina State and a college teammate of rookie offensive tackle Will Richardson, did not pass his physical and therefore did not sign with the Jaguars. He previously had been listed as having agreed to terms because he had not signed.

Michael from Middleburg, FL

The new site is much better. White font on black background is horrendous on the eyes. Now, if they would make the teal jerseys their home uniform and burn the white ones in the trash, everything would be right in my world.

One fer the new site and one fer something that isn't going to happen no matter how much people keep complaining and frustrating themselves over it.

Travis from High Springs, FL

When the Jaguars signed Austin Seferian-Jenkins I had assumed that they signed him to be the starter at the tight-end position, but I also felt good about having a guy like Marcedes Lewis as a backup because of his blocking ability and being an adequate receiver – especially in the red zone. I thought that we would see those guys in a lot of two tight-end sets this season. Do you believe they released Lewis just because his salary was too much for someone that was going to be considered as a "backup" player?

The Jaguars signed Seferian-Jenkins because they believed at this point in his career he was a better overall tight end – particularly as a downfield threat – than Lewis at this point in his career. They also believed that Seferian-Jenkins is more than just a receiving tight end, and that he has the bulk and blocking ability to be a factor in the running game. Would the decision have been different had Lewis made the minimum salary? Perhaps – and saving cap space for future considerations does matter. But this in the Jaguars' eyes was more an issue of ability at this stage of a career than about money or cap space.

Brandon from Asheville, NC

Word on the street is that all 32 teams got the redesign so that all team websites would be more mobile friendly. I would have to agree. The site is much easier to consume on my phone. On a side note, I also checked out some other team's websites and have to say even with the standardization our – I mean your – site is still is a cut above.

The word you heard is correct, and you're right – my website is still the best. I do a great job.

Jerry from Hero, FL

For the very vocal group that doesn't want to acknowledge Blake Bortles is improving, they need to go back and watch the last pass in the AFC Championship Game. The ball was deflected by an absolutely terrific play by Stephon Gilmore; if not, that pass is a touchdown and the Jags go to the Super Bowl. Bortles did everything right on that play: stepped up in the pocket to avoid the rush, put some air under the ball and led Dede Westbrook behind Gilmore. I think one analyst said if it wasn't for Gilmore's Go-Go Gadget arm the Jags would have won. Am I a homer? Probably, but I'm very excited for another year of Jags football.

Westbrook also could have run the route a bit deeper, but yes … Bortles improved last season, and in the postseason. The Jaguars' front office believes it. The players believe it. He doesn't particularly care who else believes it. And it really doesn't matter who else believes it.

James from Jacksonville

John, I can assure you the alternative isn't better. I take my dog that I bought for my wife that is somehow mine now. She looks like a white teddy bear that comfortably can fit in a purse and most people find her precious. Alas, I have discovered it makes it much harder to shop for tools when you are stopping to greet someone every 10 seconds. When is the dead zone over again? I miss football.

Your solution is easy. Leave the dog at home. As I mentioned recently, I have a dog. Her name is Juno. I call her rat dog because being mean to her makes me feel better about myself and because she lacks the capacity to understand that rat dog isn't an affectionate name. I sometimes go to stores and other public places. When this happens, I do not feel the need for rat dog to come along. She stays home. She is disappointed when I leave, but rat dog shows a remarkable capacity for pushing through emotional turmoil and not holding a grudge. I know this because she wags her tail and is happy to see me when I return home, which to the chagrin of my family so far I do. And this isn't the dead zone. We still have four weeks of organized team activities/minicamps until the dead zone. When that begins, we can talk about my other peeves. It may surprise you to learn that I have many. People who stop and stand without self-awareness in walkways and public spaces is one. You know who you are. Or maybe you don't. It's probably an awareness thing.

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