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O-Zone: Skewed view

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brian from Atlanta, GA

Can we please stop going completely conservative with play-calling as soon as we get even a small lead?

Sometimes, yes. Other times, no. There will be situations when this coaching staff believes it makes sense to stay aggressive offensively with a lead – and that doing so will give the Jaguars the best chance to win. There will be other situations when the coaching staff believes it makes sense to avoid mistakes and put the game in the hands of the defense with a lead – and that doing so will give the Jaguars the best chance to win. Sometimes field position will factor into the decision. Sometimes the opposition will factor into the decision. Sometimes personnel available to the Jaguars will factor into the decision. Sometimes those things and other things will factor into the decision. Many times, the coaches will be right. Sometimes, they will be wrong. Sometimes, the Jaguars will win. Sometimes, they will lose. Occasionally, there may be a tie.

Richard from Lincoln, RI

Hey, John: I'm flying down for Sunday's game with my two sons (Pats fans). My question for you is: How am I going to get their spirits up for the trip home?

Who cares about your kids' feelings? If the Jaguars win, make them own it.

Steve from Jacksonville

Yes. OK. It's "just" Week 2. But if you're competitive, every week is as important as every other week in this league. Expectations being what they are, if this game were scheduled in Week 14 or Week 15 it could very likely hold all sorts of playoff/bye week implications and have a playoff-game "feel." I trust the coaches and players understand how important this Week 2 regular-season "lotta football left to go … blah … blah …" game could turn out to be in Week 16. After following football for almost 50 years, I can't recall being as amped up as I am for such an early contest. Is my logic sound or am I over-fanning?

I admit I wasn't anticipating a lot of "I'm-worried-about-the-Jaguars-not-knowing-this-game-against-the-defending-AFC-Champions-who-beat-them-in-the-Myles-Jack-Wasn't-Down-game-is-important" emails this week. Life continues to surprise, as it often does.

Jordan from Orlando, FL

I am among a select few fans who sees the glass half full, apparently. Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette's injury is obviously a big blow to the offense, but -- if my memory serves –quarterback Blake Bortles and the guys performed very well in those two games without Leonard in 2017. New year, I know, but perhaps our offense (with the right game plan) is talented enough to overcome a few games without Lenny?

Without question.

Rob from Pace, FL

Our only star on offense is Fournette. He draws a lot of attention and it allows our other players – T.J. Yeldon and Corey Grant – to excel as well. If we brought in Dez Bryant, he might draw attention away from our other young players and allow them to excel. He could take the place of Marqise Lee and his "presence" on the field would draw attention away from our young guys and let them make plays while he makes some of his own. Blake can get them the ball and he could use the red-zone help. I know you will not agree, but it's crazy to only have one star on offense. We saw what happens when that one star gets hurt. Basically, thank goodness we have the best defense in the league.

Stars and elite players absolutely draw attention of opponents and help other players. There's no question the Jaguars could use more such players on offense. Here's the thing, though: teams and coaches figure out pretty quickly if a player's presence is still worth defending to the degree that he will draw attention from other players. Bryant absolutely was such a player for much his career. Whether he is still such a player is another question.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL

John, Aaron Rodgers' performance Sunday night reminded me of something. The next time a franchise quarterback s given an extension, why is it likely he'll be paid more than Rodgers? When quarterbacks are paid based on being "next in line" (Jimmy Garoppolo) instead of paid for their true value (Bortles), that's what inflates franchise quarterback costs and forces teams to rework quarterback contracts before they should be touched. I know I for one can't wait until Jameis Winston is the top paid quarterbacks. Teams and agents need to get this fixed. Thanks! Go Jags!

Why in the world would agents want to get this fixed?

Nick from Haymarket, VA

O-Man, if running the ball is the actual identity of this team, would it not be beneficial for them to consider finding a way to carry four running backs on the roster? If it is going to blow any game plan out of the water, losing a guy like Fournette, one would think it might not hurt to have a contingency plan in place besides trying to stick with a vanilla offense.

I have thought it would be beneficial to carry four running backs on the game-day roster, too. This is not a route the Jaguars have felt it necessary to take from late last season forward.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

When thinking about all-time great albums, my mind always goes to London Calling. The quality throughout the entire album is just better than pretty much anything else I can think of.

There are albums that I consider to be in the same class as London Calling. I've never heard one better. What has always amazed me is that so many of the songs feel like ones you have heard before, that seem to draw from the very essence of what is great about music – as if they are rock-and-roll standards. Then, you learn they are originals. The variety of the songs is also striking. Every cheap hood strikes a bargain with the world …

Tyler from Jacksonville

Not to say the Jaguars "overlooked" the Giants, but isn't it an obvious yes that the Jaguars coaches spent some time slipping in some Patriots tape in preparation for Week 2?

Not even close.

Matt from North Jacksonville

Every year there seems to be a defining game for that season. Last year for me the defining game was against the Ravens in London, where the Jags' defense really showed what they could do. This year, with a much tougher schedule, I'm thinking that this Sunday's game against the Pats will be the defining moment for our offense. The Pats' defense isn't that great, and now is the time for BB5 to shine! What do you think?

I think the Jaguars' offense will perform better than people expect Sunday, and I think people who think the Jaguars will approach Sunday's game against the Patriots the same way they approached last week's game against the Giants haven't paid close attention to this team.

John from Lake Asbury

John, the Jags paid big money for left guard Andrew Norwell this past offseason, looking to open up their running game. It doesn't look like it has improved greatly with Fournette, and not at all with our other backs. With the kind of money the Jags threw at him, wouldn't you expect the running game to be much better, regardless of who is actually running?

I don't expect the Jaguars to be able to run for five yards every carry no matter who is playing offensive line. I also expect the line to be better moving forward than it was Sunday. I do expect the running game to be better this season. Am I surprised it wasn't better immediately? Not particularly. Offseason additions often take time to show their end-game benefit. I expect Norwell will show his in time.

Dave from St. Augustine, FL

Respect! The elusive holy grail in Jacksonville. This quest for respect on the national stage has warped the expectations of our fan base. Everyone wants the perfect game played by perfect player, so they can hold up the irrefutable proof and demand praise from the national press. Wins are more important than mentions. Division titles are more valuable than viral videos and respect is not given out by sports media hosts; it's demanded by the team holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end.

There's this rather reasoned, well-thought-out view …

Logan from Wichita, KS

The Jaguars are 1-0 and on top of the AFC South, awesome! I'm very pro that. But pardon me for being just a little concerned that one win out of a 16-game year means very little when it looked that bad. Had we been 3-0 and won like that, probably would be less worried. But 1-0 looking bad and about to face a powerful team in Week 2 ... yeah, sorry the fear of 1-1 due to poor play calling, bad receivers and bad penalties doesn't give me the warm fuzzies...

… and then there's this other kind of view.

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