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O-Zone: Slow change

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Michael from Orange Park, FL

What's your gut? Will Trevor play?

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence sustained a knee injury late in a 37-20 victory over the Indianapolis Colts at EverBank Stadium Sunday. Head Coach Doug Pederson on Monday afternoon said Lawrence is day-to-day. He also said he expected to know Lawrence's status around 7:20 p.m. Central Time Thursday, the scheduled kickoff time for the Jaguars' game this week against the New Orleans Saints. I don't have a real gut feeling on this one. It feels as if it's truly "day to day" and not just something for Pederson to say publicly. Lawrence is scheduled to speak to the media Tuesday afternoon. Stay tuned.

Clayton from Shawnee, OK

It appears the Houston game was an anomaly.

The Jaguars' Week 3 loss to the Houston Texans indeed perhaps was a bit of an anomaly. What it was as much as anything was an example of the NFL being a week-to-week league. The Texans are improved. They are very capable of beating good teams. The Jaguars didn't play well enough in that game and it bit them. They have played better since. The NFL is a 17-game season. Good teams lose games. Good teams win a lot more than they lose. One team went undefeated once. It was 51 years ago.

DenMiz from Sacksonville

Dawuane Smoot is back and it was clear his presence improved an already strong defensive line; the pressure was much more consistent. Left tackle Cam Robinson is back and it was clear his presence improved an already strong offensive line; the holes created were much more consistent. Offensive coordinator Press Taylor doesn't suck at play-calling. Outside linebacker Josh Allen isn't a bust. The Jags found their groove and it's clear they are more on the same page.

Could be.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

Let me begin by saying I am thrilled by us leading the division and being 4-2. That said, it is concerning that Taylor doesn't get these wide receiver/tight ends a high success rate. Also: A fullback can't be undervalued in a team that runs the ball. I miss Greg Jones. It would be cool to see either running back Tank Bigsby or tight end Brenton Strange used as a fullback to open the lane for running back Travis Etienne Jr. And when that works, use it was play action to get some deep opportunities. On that note, why does it seem Lawrence is not going after wide receiver Calvin Ridley deep on more plays? Ridley is supposedly one of the fastest wide receivers in the league. Have him run a GO route every three or four plays and see if single man coverage takes the bait. The conservative approach we seem to use won't help us if we need to face Kansas City or Miami in the playoffs. Need to start looking at taking the top off defenses.

The Jaguars are 4-2, in first place in the AFC South and haven't trailed in the second half in the last three games. You play, plan and call plays to win the game you're playing. 

_JB from Atlanta via Duval        _

The major doubt going into this season was the defense. So much clamoring about bringing in a nickel and a pass-rush specialist, all the while overlooking all the young players and coaching continuity that was expected to bring improvement ... and it has! In my view, our defense is interesting. Drive to drive it looks more solid than elite, but their knack for takeaways and pass rush penetration at opportune times gives this group a chance to climb into elite territory. Again, this has been without one of their best players – defensive tackle DaVon Hamilton – and while working in potential difference-making role players like Smoot and safety Antonio Johnson. So, I'm optimistic. Word on the street is the offense might be OK, too.

This defense is good. Is it more solid than elite? Maybe, but it is consistently good against the run and consistently produces turnovers. You can get into position to win a lot of games in the NFL with that combination.

Joe from Jacksonville

Yeah. Yeah, "The Jaguars won by 17 points." "The Jaguars scored 37 points." Or some other sort of sarcasm. The Jaguars are lucky the Colts are awful. That second half was an abomination to football.

The Colts entered Sunday having won three of four games and were tied for first place in the AFC South. The Jaguars won the second half Sunday, 16-14. This is the NFL. If you want 50-point wins every week, watch college football.

Mark from Des Moines, IA

Yay winning! People can nitpick all they want but a win is a win. Can we talk about the kicking game and get one fer kicker Brandon McManus? I thought we did Riley Patterson dirty after what happened in the playoffs. However, after six games I totally get it. McManus has been great and you can tell the coaching staff knows they can trust him to get points when they need him to. That's an important factor when things don't go right in games and it's close. Let's show some love to the guy!

One fer McManus.

RAF from PVB

Center Luke Fortner has been taking a bit of a beating from some fans and analysts, maybe with good cause. That being said, I'd just like to acknowledge his sensational downfield block (about 15 yards down field), AFTER he made his block at the line, that helped ETN score his second touchdown. That was effort, hustle and great awareness. No question, just one fer Fortner.

One fer Fortner.

Jason from Jacksonville

John, This win was championship-inspiring. We saw what this team can be at optimal level for the first time, in my opinion. Many, myself included, think this defense needs more, but in reality the superior athleticism of the defense becomes more evident each week. The Jags appear to have found their groove and it's exciting.

Sunday was inspiring. From this view, it was perhaps most inspirational seen through the lens of the current three-game winning streak. The defense is playing well, the offense has taken advantage of opportunities and the team is getting leads then securing the game without giving up those leads. The Jaguars haven't trailed in the second half in the last three games. They also have not given up a lead during that span. Considering those three games were against teams that had winning records and remain .500 or better, the ability to control those games is encouraging. It's a step forward from last season when the Jaguars' playoff push was built on the ability to come from behind and win in dramatic fashion. What the Jaguars are doing now feels like stuff that can get you through November and December, then into January. Stay tuned.

Joel from Wausau, WI

O, Other than the first possession by the Colts (which doesn't count as a "lead" in my book since the Jags hadn't had a possession or chance to answer yet), the Jags once again had a dominating game on all three phases in which they never trailed throughout the entire game. That makes three games in a row against great teams, including a Super Bowl contender. The Jags are most certainly playing like a great team on the rise should. What are people complaining about??? GO JAGS! DUUUVALL!

Fans fan. It's what they do.

Leon from Austin, TX

JO: Have to give props to Strange on his monster blocking last few weeks. First, caught my attention taking on Calais Campbell and still going strong.

Strange, a second-round selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, has blocked really well all season. He had his best day receiving on Sunday against the Colts, catching two passes for 37 yards and a 10-yard touchdown in the third quarter. He's a good player. He has played well so far. Watch for him moving forward.

Bo from Linwood, NC

I have a shirt of Cousin Eddie eating green Jello saying "Are you serious Clark?" I wear it every Christmas.

Well, now we know.

John from Jacksonville

When I saw running back Travis Etienne Jr. line up behind center I immediately thought "In what universe do you not have a healthy Trevor on the field?" Then Travis scored a touchdown. Was Trevor one of the eleven on offense?

Lawrence was lined up wide left when Etienne took a direct snap and scored the Jaguars' second touchdown Sunday.

Clyde from Jacksonville

How do you feel C.J. Beathard did in relief of Trevor Lawrence this past Sunday against the Colts?

Beathard knelt three times and lost two yards in one series after Lawrence's injury Sunday.         

Daniel from Geneva, Switzerland

O-man, that was fun. Given how fun it was, is it look-ahead Tuesday this week?

The Jaguars play at New Orleans Thursday. It's a short week. Still, we'll start looking ahead on Wednesday. I'm old. Change comes slowly to these old bones.