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O-Zone: So excellent

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Ronnie from Saint Pete, FL

Alrighty O-Man, plenty of questions lay ahead for our Jags this season if they want to succeed. Number 1, did they do enough to possibly win more games this season? Number 2, are they going to do whatever it takes to assure our players can stay healthy this time around compared to how it was in the final stretch last season? And Number 3, regardless of how brutal that schedule is for the first four games to kick us off, does this team as it stands right now has what it takes to truly contend this year? I'm worried we didn't address much on corner or maybe one more player on offense to protect quarterback Trevor Lawrence, but I'll trust the process on here. I just hope we don't have another repeat yet again this year or worse. But nonetheless, Duval til' I die!

Number 1, the Jaguars spent bigger than anyone could have anticipated in free agency this offseason and seemingly improved the offensive line (center Mitch Morse) and defensive line (Arik Armstead). If those areas are improved, the team is improved. Number 2, I'm not sure how to "assure" player health in a violent game; injuries are often about circumstances and fortune. Number 3, I think the Jaguars improved from 2023 to 2024 in terms of the starting lineup. My only concern is that much of the improvement came through free agency, with some of those free agents 10-year veterans such as Armstead, Morse and cornerback Ronald Darby. If those players are available for most of the season, I think this team will be improved. Stay tuned.

Tim from St. Johns, FL

Was sad to learn of the passing of the great David Lamm. His influence on local sports reporting through multiple outlets is second to none. Was wondering if you have any memorable moments or stories of "Uncle Dave" that you could share?

Longtime Jacksonville sports media icon David Lamm indeed died Friday. This was a sad day for me and many of my local sports media colleagues. Lamm began his Jacksonville career as the sports editor/columnist at the Florida Times-Union in 1977 and spent much of the next four decades as an overarching presence on local sports talk radio. This description omits Lamm's presence in the community. He was an enormous, larger-than-life figure – who cared about this town, its sports and its people. I first met Lamm when I was in high school. A close friend of mine, Darren Walker, was friends with Lamm's two sons – Alex and Tom. We were all playing football in old Riverbend Apartments in Arlington one fall Saturday morning when David – then at the Times-Union – barreled out of the Lamms' apartment laughingly greeting the lot of us. As a young sports fan, it was seeing a celebrity on a scale I rarely saw – and a damned cool, memorable experience. When I began my sportswriting career in Jacksonville a decade or so later, Lamm was no longer with the T-U and had moved to local radio – and he was perhaps the biggest sports journalism presence in town. What I remember most about Lamm was he never acted with arrogance toward me, treating me with respect long before respect was earned. He was opinionated, confident and approached his job with a unique matter-of-fact style. This answer isn't doing a great job getting to my feelings about Lamm. I guess those feelings are this. I liked the guy. He treated me well when I was young and I always looked forward to seeing him as we grew older. I'll always think of him fondly and I'm glad to have called him my friend.

DMiz from Jax

David Lamm is a Jacksonville icon. RIP!


Richard from St Augustine

O great king of funk. It looks like the Jax city council and Jags will come to agreement soon on stadium upgrade. However, even though it doesn't matter in city and Jags discussions, I don't understand why Jags (and other cities) don't also bring up the fact of many positives having NFL team located in their city. I know they do generally, but not specifically. For instance, the latest data shows Green Bay Packers had about $450 million in revenue in 2022. While I know not all of that goes directly into the community on a yearly basis, many millions do – probably on the level of $50-to-100 million. Things like players, coaches, staff and Jaguars employees' salaries going to living expenditures in the community. The Jags continuously buying goods and using local vendors throughout the year and on game day. All this money then circulates through the local economy multiple times. Also: local charities are given millions of dollars yearly plus – and then there's what players do personally in the community. All of this would be lost if Jags were not here. My point there are significant other funds that would be lost if the city were to not spend money for stadium and Jags were to leave. Please explain why Jags and other cities never mention this aspect of what an NFL team contributes to local economy every year that helps offset the most city is investing in stadium. DTWD. Go Jags.

The Jaguars, like many professional sports teams, support local communities in significant ways. People mention this all the time. People are aware of this. Why does this not resonate more as a positive with some people when discussing stadium financing and renovation? Because stadium financing is a public, high-profile issue. There are legitimate cases to be made by many people who disagree on the issue. When that is the case, people who passionately believe one thing aren't always going to acknowledge the other thing. This is life and part of the deal in these issues. It doesn't make either side "wrong" or make them bad people. It's just how it is.

Chris from Sec 437

Have you ever thought of having an O-Zone event? Some of us would love to meet Don, Jerrel, Gary, Pedal Bin, etc... and of course those guys from the comment section!

I thought of this once. Then I thought better of it.

Steve from Nashville, TN

Do you think for the 2027 home schedule a second home game in London could be an option or even for 2026 with reduced capacity home games to allow stadium renovations?

We're three years out from 2027 and two years from 2026. I point this out not to avoid the question, but to make the point that NFL teams don't know the specifics of their schedules until the offseason before a particular season. I don't get the sense that this is the plan two and three years out. I don't yet know what the dynamics will be in 2026 and 2027.

P Funk from Murray Hill

In regards to the international taxes you referenced in an answer to a question recently, do Lawrence and his agent need to get a definitive answer on whether we will be playing two games in London moving forward before a contract is agreed to?

I'm sure Lawrence and his representatives would like the information. I'm sure the Jaguars wouldn't mind having it, either. I don't know that getting the information is realistic.

Nick from Milton, Canada

Why do you think teams haven't tried to just blast the ball at the receiving team during an onside kick with the hope of the ball bouncing off the receiving teams hands, helmets or bodies? Seems like a better option than trying to unnaturally kick the ball into the ground hoping for a miracle bounce?

I've seen teams do this on occasion, but with little-to-no-success. Why not do it? Mainly because "blasting the ball" on an onside kick means kicking it at a high speed away from the kicking team. Even if it hits someone on the receiving team, it usually continues away from the kicking team and enables the receiving team to easily recover.

Thomas from section 125 from Jacksonville aka DUUUVAL

Hey Ozone, the Jags are at an auction and the bid is too high right now and I'm not sold yet! This is a make-or-break year! Every team has late season injuries and it just sounds like a bunch of excuses for the last six games collapse. They had a better road record than at home last year and that is ridiculous!


Don from Marshall NC

If your offense can pick up third and short and your defense can stop third and short, then you have the opportunity to do other things. You have to be in it to win it. Control the line of scrimmage. To do that consistently is what every team is trying to do. Go Jaguars!

When it comes to reeling himself back in after being out there for a few days and drilling to the core of what will be important for the Jaguars in 2024, Don remains "all in."

Bill from Bostwick

Excellent detailed answer. Much appreciative for taking the question.

I am the king of all funk.