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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Ambuj from Jacksonville (current: Boston)

More a comment. I'd much rather have gritty wins, because those are the kind of wins we often see in the playoffs. I don't think the New England Patriots had many pretty wins in the playoffs/Super Bowl.

The Jaguars' 6-2 record and five-game winning streak indeed has been built largely on gritty, dogfight games. They have had to make clutch plays at important times. The defense has had to make pressurized stops, and the offense has had to score clutch touchdowns and convert important third downs under pressure. That's indeed what you see in the playoffs because teams are so evenly matched with so much at stake. Perhaps most importantly, the Jaguars are getting leads and maintaining those leads whereas last season they were falling behind then rallying to win in dramatic fashion. How they're playing feels more solid and sustainable than how they were playing late last season, which is why from this view this feels like a better team now than at the end of last season. It feels more playoff-ready. More than two months remain until the postseason. That's a long time in the NFL. We'll see if that feeling translates into late-season and postseason success.

Rob from the duuuuuu

Hello and Moodachay, John. I think Cam Robinson is the Jaguars' best offensive lineman. The Jags' O line weas terrible the first four games and now is physically dominating and playing with confidence. I hope that Cam remains our left tackle after this year as well. Is it possible that we keep Cam, extend him in a way that reduces his cap hit, or just pay what's necessary to keep your best offensive lineman and protect quarterback Trevor Lawrence? Isn't it OK to have a really good guard/swing tackle in Walker Little?

It's possible the Jaguars will retain Robinson after this season. I don't think that was Plan A when they signed him to a contract extension in the 2022 offseason. I think Plan A at that point was to have Robinson play two seasons, then have Walker Little play left tackle. But the Jaguars' offensive line does seem to play well overall when Robinson is playing. Keeping him won't be easy. There's a good chance on paper that they will have to release him for salary-cap reasons. But what happens on the field often makes teams change plans on paper. Stay tuned on this one.

Brian from Fanwood, NJ

Please, just stop.

You go, girl.

_Dave from Saint Marys, GA      _

Seeing how the Minnesota Vikings just played the San Francisco 49ers, will Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson and offensive coordinator Press Taylor check with Ezra for any pointers he may give them on what worked for the Vikings? Do traded players have any loyalty to their former team?

You're asking if Taylor and Pederson will consult with newly acquired guard Ezra Cleveland on the 49ers. The value of such information is minimal. All teams have all video on all 32 NFL teams. Pederson and Taylor will have a game plan based on the Jaguars' personnel versus what the 49ers do. It's a shame this sort of thing wouldn't help, though. If it did, there would be no one better than Ezra. (Tip your wait staff; I'll be here all week).

Jason from North Pole, AK

As someone who lives in Minneapolis and has watched most of left guard Ezra Cleveland's career, I was surprised when Walker Little was named the starter. Rumor was that Cleveland wanted to play left tackle and be paid as such this offseason, so he had no intention of signing a long-term deal with the Minnesota Vikings. If that's the case, I can't imagine that he is happy to be traded to a team that intends to keep him at guard and put him on the bench in a contract year. Do you get the sense that he isn't particularly thrilled to be here?

Cleveland spoke to the media Wednesday. He said he was surprised to be traded, but that overall he was pleased with the move. I didn't sense he thrilled or irate at the move. I got the sense that he understands that trades happen in the NFL. I can't speak to his intentions or what will happen in the offseason. Time will tell.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

The whole 17 touchdown question was just moronic. Who cares how many touchdowns Lawrence throws? Let's remember when Ben Roethlisberger did this he had that insane defense led by James Harrison to help out the offense. Ben didn't put up staggering numbers, but still got that ring. In the end that is all that matters. I don't care if Josh Allen sacks the quarterback five times or Trevor throws four touchdown passes with no picks. As long as that score is higher than the opponents, I'll take it.

But of course.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

How would you rate the decision not to re-sign Jawaan Taylor ?

Jawaan Taylor, the Jaguars' starting right tackle from 2019-2022, signed with the Kansas City Chiefs as an unrestricted free agent this past offseason. The deal included $60 million in guaranteed money. The Jaguars have high-priced free agents all around the roster. They have difficult decisions and/or necessary signings coming in the 2024 offseason with upwards of 10 players that will strain the salary cap. You can't re-sign all good players, which means difficult choices are necessary. The Jaguars are 6-2 and right tackle Anton Harrison, the No. 27 selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, is improving by the week. Given all the circumstances, I would rate the decision as "necessary, inevitable and handled as well as possible."

Todd from Chicago, IL

Can't complain about today but do we think a weak 23' draft (besides Harrison) is going to catch up to the Jags in the future?

It's Week 10. We don't have the foggiest notion if the Jaguars' 2023 NFL Draft is weak or strong. 

Josh from Atlanta, GA

Just like coaching, it's always money. Is it possible Josh Allen could play his way out of financial possibility in Jax? Or will we have enough flexibility to keep him no matter what IF the higher ups want him? Obviously they want him, but, you know what I mean. I think?

If the Jaguars want to keep Allen enough, they will be able to do so. They can do this by applying the franchise tag, or by reaching a long-term deal. That may come at the expense of not retaining another player, or at the expense or at the expense of the salary cap short- or long-term.

Jake from Hawthorne, NJ

Are the 2023 Texans and C.J. Stroud going to be just like the 1999 Titans and Steve McNair?

Maybe. Maybe not. It's Week 10.

Big Jags Fan from Jacksonville

When listening to the media interviews with the Jaguars' players this year, you almost always hear each player reference the strong "family" and/or "brotherhood" amongst the players. When listening to those players "mic'ed up" on the sidelines, there are constant comments from the players, and even the coaches, heard professing love for each other. Is this the norm with many other NFL teams or is this an exceptional situation? I think this bond is one factor for the way they pick each other up throughout the game to win as a team.

This is one of the closer teams I've covered. The chemistry is real. When players talk about sacrificing personal stats for the greater good, it rings true. I'm not saying other teams don't say these things. I'm not saying other teams don't have good chemistry. But it does feel real and legitimate around this team.

Tom from Ave Maria, FL

Zone, with the exception of outside linebacker Allen (sacks), running back Travis Etienne Jr. (rushing) and linebacker Foye Oluokun (tackles) and defensive plus-differential, the Jags stats are generally middle of the NFL. The latest power rankings list the team as No. 6, which likely is largely based on the current 6-2 record. What areas do you see where the Jags can likely improve over the remainder of the season if injuries do not play a major role in the outcome?

The Jaguars lead the NFL in takeaways and are third in rushing yards allowed per game. Considering those are the two major priorities for this defense, those statistics matter. The Jaguars' most significant areas of concern are red-zone offense and third-down defense. I expect those areas to improve in the second half of the season.

Don from Marshall NC

What? Jaguars coming off a bye following a five-game winning streak and they are the home dogs? Bite Me! The 49ers troubles are not going to go away playing the best team in the NFL. What they got some magic beans or little towels or something something. Go Jaguars!

When it comes to magic beans and little towels – or even a little "something something" – Don most certainly is not "all in."