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O-Zone: Special relationship

LONDON – One more day to Look-Ahead Wednesday, chap.

Let's get to it …

Bradley from Sparks, NV

I loved the Ridley trade since it was announced but thought the media over-hyped him like he was an elite receiver, which he never was or ever will be. He is just one of four very solid pass catchers, right or wrong?

You may be underrating Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley a bit, and it wasn't just the media praising Ridley this past offseason following his trade last November from the Atlanta Falcons. Personnel people around the league projected him as a No. 1 receiver –and possibly elite. His performance in four seasons with the Falcons from 2018-2021 supported that, and that's certainly true of his last full season when he caught 90 passes for 1,374 yards and nine touchdowns in 2021. He has elite traits, and he absolutely commands the attention of defenses. He can break games open, which we saw happen on multiple occasions in the Jaguars' 23-7 victory over the Falcons at Wembley Stadium Sunday. His 30-yard touchdown gave the Jaguars a 7-0 lead when they needed a fast start and confidence. And the 40-yard interference penalty he drew in the fourth quarter produced a key first down on an important drive as the Jaguars maintained control of the game. Is Ridley absolute, high-end elite in the sense of being one of the best four or five receivers in the NFL? Not yet. But he's much better than "solid" and my guess is he will trend toward elite as the season moves forward.

Rob from San Antonio, TX

Good to get a win. Felt like the offense was on the cusp of clicking into elite mode but couldn't quite get there Sunday. Even so, we won. Is this the turning of the offense living up to their potential?

The offense feels like it's getting closer. There were drives and moments that were really positive Sunday. There also wasn't enough production in key moments and in the red zone. Players and coaches would be the first to tell you that. But good teams – and teams that are going to be good – find a way to grind their way to victories until they start reaching their peak and playing better. That's what Sunday felt like. Stay tuned.

Tom from Nocatee

The Culligan Girl > Taylor Swift

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ross from Orange Park, FL

Josh Allen has six sacks in four games. Makes him on pace for 25.5 for the year, right? A fan's gotta fan!

That's indeed Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen's pace for sacks for the 2023 season. It would be a good season.

Stephen from 113 Jacksonville via Pennsauken NJ

_John, Is Gary from St Augustine really your wife using an alias? Thanks. _

She swears this isn't the case. I'm not ready to rule it out.

John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF. The Jags' run game isn't fooling anyone. Running backs combined for 11 rushes of two yards or less and 10 rushes of three or four yards Sunday. Only three rushes went above four yards. I understand patience in the running game but there is a deeper issue. The Jags are one-dimensional and it's becoming a big problem as we move forward.

The NFL usually is a week-to-week league and the Jaguars' running game currently has a week-to-week feel. The Jaguars ran well for the most part in a 37-17 loss to the Houston Texans in Week 3 and could have had a very big game in that area had the Texans not led by double digits in the second half. It was far less effective against a good Atlanta front on Sunday. The Jaguars were one-dimensional Sunday, but they managed to squeeze out some big drives and maintain productivity enough to win. This is an area to watch, though. The Jaguars must be more consistent. It will be a focus.

Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Oh Mighty 'O'/King of all Funk, so Victory Monday - huzzah! Followed by Day-Off Tuesday - where is the King of all Funk off to?


Josh from Fernandina Beach (via Ft. Lauderdale)

Needed that win, Zone. Offense seems to still be a work in progress, but I personally feel they are yet to hit their stride. That said, overall effort of all three phases seems much improved. Enjoy the week and Go Jags!!

Sunday's victory over the Atlanta Falcons was a good NFL victory. It wasn't perfect. It was the sort of game you need to win early in the season to contend later in the season.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Looks like the AFC South may be better than many people thought.

You don't really know a NFL team's identity until four or five weeks into a season. This is why projections of "down" divisions often are a myth, just like many preseason projections. The AFC West was supposed to be best division of all-time in 2022. It wasn't the best division of all time.

Bill from Downtown

John, I am so grateful for the win, but I am still concerned with the offense. If you take away the Pick 6 and the botched coverage on the pass to Ridley, that leaves nine points on three field goals. We are still struggling in the red zone.

The Jaguars' offense showed good signs Sunday. It's not functioning at a high enough level yet. The offensive line is still struggling. The offense as a whole isn't making big plays at key times, which is why the red-zone and third-down issues are still a thing. It's Week 4. The signs Sunday were positive. Stay tuned.

Mike from Port Orange, FL

Great win however I am tired of lining the pockets of the filthy reach owners in including Khan had pay to get a streaming entrance code to watch the game it has been asked why do we see so many opposing colors in our home games answer because the fans sell a game or two of their tickets to cover the costs the owners gouge out to watch a European game or an out of market away game

Good question I would be glad to answer it when I figure exactly what you are talking Ill do my best and then I will invest in a comma or period and I maybe can better then maybe it is a matter of not getting much sleep and I try again after a nap

Princefigs from Jax

Nice win for the Jags. But this O-line is just bad. Really bad. What can we do to fix this?

Get better. Get more continuity. Get a little healthier. Get left tackle Cam Robinson back. A little of all the above.

Bo from Winter Springs, FL

My biggest complaint about play-calling is we don't call the victory formation play enough. I want to see that a lot more. Can you pass that along to the team and Doug if you get a chance?

It's always play-calling in the NFL, even in Victory Formation.

Matthew from Charles city

Any thoughts on if they will be active before trade deadline eventually comes?

I think there's a good chance. Four weeks remain before then. What takes place in the coming weeks will go a long way to determining the answer.

Paul from Lake City

It was good to get the win. Do you think left tackle Cam Robinson coming back will make a difference in the OL play?

It can't hurt.

Dan from Munich, Germany

Hi Zone, you can defend Travon Walker selection as much as you like but he definitely needs to pick up his game.

I have no incentive to defend anything. I also have no issue answering questions about the Jaguars when asked by fans.

Andrew from Little Elm, TX

This offense is so predictable. Run up the middle for three yards. Run up the middle for two yards. Slant route for three yards. It's almost expected and that's why the Atlanta defense was all over it every play. Jags can't win scoring 10 pts per game on offense. Something needs to change quick.

The Jaguars scored 23 points Sunday. It's always play-calling in the NFL.

Brian from Round Rock, TX

Let me make this simple for you, O. The offense is struggling because they expect it to be easy. If they expect it to be hard, they will succeed. Why? Because they will exhibit mental toughness and resiliency instead of turning into a collective mental basket case the first moment something goes wrong, which it always will. Get it?

This is a special moment for me. I always enjoy it when things are made simple for me. This will help in many ways, some of which I am too dim to understand. I'm sure of it.

Ken from Jacksonville

Watching the Jaguar win on Disney+ was very cool. Hopefully that happens again.

Word was Andy's room was cool. I wonder if Andy's room has a "Brian from Round Rock, TX?"