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O-Zone: Stay at home

JACKSONVILLE – Look-ahead Wednesday.

Let's get to it …

Bryan from Jacksonville

Where's all the love for Fred Taylor making the Hall of Fame?

Former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor on Tuesday morning was named one of 25 modern-era semifinalists for the 2024 Pro Football Hall of Fame class. It's the fifth consecutive year he has been among the Hall semifinalists. The Hall Selection committee will vote to narrow the list to 15, with the '24 Hall class then announced the week of the Super Bowl in February. As for your question, I'm never sure how to answer questions about why players – or people in general – don't receive "love" for certain things in various situations. I do believe it's long since past time for Taylor to move past the semifinalist round and be among the 15 finalists. He is 17th on the NFL's all-time rushing list behind 14 Hall of Famers and two players – Frank Gore and Adrian Peterson – who are essentially Hall locks. Taylor's 4.6 yards per carry for his career is behind only Jim Brown and Barry Sanders on that list. But Taylor is about more than those oft-cited statistics. He was a dynamic player who turned in some of the most spectacular runs of his era. He was constantly productive and reliable. I expect Taylor will eventually be a Hall finalist, at which time I think voters will reappreciate his career. I expect after that "reappreciation" happens, Taylor will have a good chance to make the Hall. Here's hoping he makes the finalist stage this time around. It's overdue.

Stephen from 113

Jacksonville via Pennsauken, NJ

John, I was glad to see Fred Taylor back in the Top 25 for the HOF. Who are the voters that trim the top 25 to the top 15? Are the semifinalist voters the same as the final-round voters? Is Sam K still our final round voter? Thanks.

The Hall Selection Committee votes on all three rounds of the Hall selection process – trimming the original list of nominees to 25 modern-era semifinalists, trimming that group to 15 finalists and selecting enshrinees from the finalists. The 50-person Selection Committee is made up of media members covering the 32 teams, 17 at-large selectors and a selector from the Pro Football Writers of America. Yes, Sam Kouvaris is still Jacksonville's representative on the committee.

Tom from Charlottesville, VA

There are three other running backs in the list of 25: Barber, George and Watters. Could you please post their stats or at least their career yards?

Tiki Barber rushed for 10,449 yards and 55 career touchdowns. Eddie George rushed for 10,441 yards and 68 touchdowns. Ricky Watters rushed for 10,643 yards and 78 touchdowns.

KC from Orlando, FL

Given their current record so far, how do this year's Jags measure up to your expectations entering the season?

I thought the 2023 Jaguars would win about 11 or 12 games(ish). They're on pace to win 12 games.

Brian from Round Rock, Texas

The past two games showed the vertical offense that we've been missing all year. Of course, we were forced into it, because defenses realized that we had a spineless dink-and-dunk horizonal offense going. So, why did we go horizontal most of the year? I feel like professional coaches should know better than to buy into that approach. We Jags fans have seen it fail time and again over the years. The difference for this team was we have a quarterback who can actually throw now. Has Press finally developed, or will he go spineless again?

I expect offensive coordinator Press Taylor will keep doing his for the first-place Jaguars, which is scheming the best possible offense based on personnel and calling the best plays he can based on the personnel and scheme of the opposing defense.

Ross from Edinburgh, Scotland

O, I'm confused! Why do we have the tiebreaker advantage over the Houston Texans when we won one game and they won one? If it came down to points difference in those games, they'd be massively ahead so it can't be that.

The first tiebreaker is head-to-head competition. The second is division record. The Jaguars currently have a better record in the AFC South than the Texans.

Benjamin from Jacksonville, by way of Taylors, SC

When will they stop trying to run with one yard to gain? It doesn't work. It hasn't worked. Until we add some power to the offensive line it isn't going to work.

I doubt they will completely stop trying, but you're correct. This area has been a struggle. Big-time.

Dylan from Tulsa, OK

O, should we be concerned about re-signing the good Josh Allen? He continues to prove he is a top-tier pass rusher and there are other guys that need to be re-signed, too.

I expect the Jaguars to re-sign outside linebacker Josh Allen. He's indeed a top-tier pass rusher and that takes priority over pretty much all issues outside top-tier quarterback.

Al from Orange Park, FL

For a couple of weeks now, a couple of times a day, I go to, look at the division standings and smile. Then I look at the conference standings and smile. Is that just a fan fanning? Or, should I seek professional help?

This seems completely normal to me. Then again, when I was in college and a fan of what is now the football team in Washington, I would write out that team's record and game-by-game schedule for the season on notebook pages when I should have been taking notes. There's probably a school of thought that I'm not the best example to follow here. Fans fan. It's what they do.

Brian from Jax Bch, FL

Zone, I would argue that our 2023 second-and third round picks being third-string, and both looking like they might very well be third-string again next year, is not a good thing.

I would be very surprised if second-round tight end Brenton Strange and third-round running back Tank Bigsby aren't significant contributors in 2024. Regarding Strange specifically, he's a really good blocker. Very good. To say he's not playing well is incorrect.

Jim from Middleburg, FL

John, so many new faces around the O-Line. Will the team get No. 69 back on the line? Health first but one can wish. No. 16 was not sacked Sunday. He had a good day. The weekend before it was different. Changing positions like old folks at musical chairs. This line has done a remarkable job. Give them a chance healthy.

The Jaguars' offensive line following an injury to left tackle Cam Robinson Sunday was Walker Little at left tackle, Ezra Cleveland at left guard, Luke Fortner at center, Brandon Scherff at right guard and rookie Anton Harrison at right tackle. I expect that to be the starting line until Robinson returns or some other player is injured.

RJ from Jacksonville

Growing up, Sports Illustrated was always revered as the true national sports publication. What is your opinion on the AI news, the AI headshots and writers, to even news and articles?

Sports Illustrated indeed was once the industry standard. This has not been the case for some time.

Jesse from CA

Can we get one for Brown? Tyson Campbell has had to deal with a lingering hamstring issue and Brown has played admirably in his absence to the point where I have not noticed him much on defense, which means he is holding his own out there at corner. His play has allowed Tre Herndon to stay inside where he plays well and allows Campbell not to rush back.

One fer Montaric Brown.

Joel from Watertown, MA

Hey O-Zone. The offensive line has shown some good improvement in the last couple of games. Will this translate to better short-yardage conversion? It seems like an improvement in this area could yield immediate results in terms of pushing out leads, something that will be critical when playing games in January.

The offensive line absolutely has played well in the last two games. This is a good, functional offensive line – and it is playing particularly well in pass protection. It has blocked well in the run game at times, with its weakest area so far short-yardage and other obvious running situations. While there have been exceptions, the group appears to have struggled with interior push. I don't know if the recent improvement will translate to being a better drive-blocking team. It's an area to watch.

Eric from Jax, FL

Why does Doug hold his day after press conference virtually?

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson sometimes holds his Monday press conference virtually and he sometimes does it in person. It depends on various circumstances, including whether players are off that day and timing of travel the day/night before. When players are off or there was late travel, virtual availabilities are often easier for all involved – media included.

Karl from Away

I know it's never been done, but I gave know ... if the Jaguars win homefield advantage, can they defer (since we're undefeated on the road)?

No, they cannot do this. Nor would this be a good idea.