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O-Zone: Still going

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Let's get to it …

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

I want Boselli to get in, Zone. I guess I've just been disappointed too many times. I can't get my hopes up. They'll never let him in.

First, there is no mysterious "they" conspiring to keep former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Hall voters have an incredibly difficult job, with any finalist typically worthy of election. More importantly, my vibe continues to be that there's a very good chance he will be announced as one of five modern-era electees for the 2022 class. That announcement will be made Thursday night – and while I understand Jaguars fans are reluctant to raise their hopes after Boselli's five previous consecutive disappointments as a finalist, there are tangible reasons to believe this will be his year. The main reasons are that the backlog of offensive lineman that previously hurt his chances no longer exists – and that there are no "absolute" locks for this year's class. I know many Hall voters, and many have told me often they believe Boselli eventually will be enshrined. Many also have said they believe this will be his year. Voters know the process and typically have a feel for such things. I sense there will be good news Thursday evening. Here's hoping.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

An OC from the Andy Reid tree. So, this is going to be some variation of the West Coast offense? Does Pederson enjoy running screens as much as Reid? Also, won't they need better route runners, at least one for the split end spot opposite where DJ Chark Jr. would be? Does Chark fit that system? Wouldn't he be required to play more in short and intermediate routes?

I don't know if wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. will be with the Jaguars next season. He's scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent, so we will know his future when we know it. I expect the Jaguars' offense under Head Coach Doug Pederson to have "West-Coast" offense traits and I also expect it to have run-pass-option elements to take advantage of quarterback Trevor Lawrence's skill set – though the reality is the best NFL offenses adapt/evolve year to year based on personnel and evolving defenses. Yes, the Jaguars' receivers will need to be good route runners. That's a premium in a West-Coast scheme – and it damned sure doesn't hurt in any scheme.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, is Thursday the day we find out that Jaguars legend Tony Boselli is finally given what is due to him and his fans?

Here's hoping.

_Steve from Nashville, TN              _

The rules about teams poaching another team's assistant coaches are confusing. Coach Pederson could go hire another team's offensive line coach to be his offensive coordinator and the coach's current team would have no say in the matter?

No. Teams can block any NFL assistant coach from taking another NFL assistant-coach position – including coordinator. All such moves are considered "lateral" and therefore blockable. Teams usually allow position coaches to accept coordinator roles because coaches consider it a promotion, but teams don't have to allow that move. Teams must allow assistants to interview for and accept head-coaching positions within the NFL if requested/offered.

Steve from Wallingford, CT

Ok, so I dabbled in some entertainment reading to pass the time and stumbled across NFL Honors predictions. Out of 29 people guessing, 23 of them chose Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow for the "Comeback Player of the Year." Where exactly did this second-year player come back from that so many people think he's a shoe-in?

He missed six games last season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. That's significant enough to qualify for comeback player of the year.

Chris from Jax

Just saw where the Jags announced they are hosting a home game in London in 2022. By my count, that means next season the Jags will have seven games in Jax, nine road games and one game in London - seems like a tough slate for a team coming off a three-win season. Has any thought been given to only having home games in London during the years the Jags have nine home games? Also, any idea on the London opponent - really hoping it's not the Cowboys since they haven't played in Jax since 2006.

Your breakdown is correct – and while it's not easy, there's no such thing as an easy NFL schedule. That's particularly true for a team that went 3-14 the previous season. As for giving thought to only having home games in London in "odd seasons" – i.e., the seasons when the Jaguars have nine home games – this topic has been given thought from pretty much every angle. The franchise has considered pretty much every option imaginable. The current approach is that they play a home game in London to ensure a presence in the international market and to help the franchise's financial stability in Jacksonville. I would be surprised if the Jaguars' game against the Dallas Cowboys next season is in London. Very surprised.

Jason from Green Cove Springs, FL

Hey O! One part from the sticks out to me from Doug's press conference was he said he would challenge the fans and asked for patience, saying there would be no overnight fix for this. I understand this to a degree, but it still rubbed me the wrong way. This fan base has been more than challenged and we've been very patient. How much more does he want to challenge us?

People hear what they want to hear and interpret how they see fit, I suppose. Pederson during his introductory press conference made a point to speak to fans; his message was that he understands they have been through a lot – and that he will work tirelessly to bring a winner to the Jaguars. He also said that realistically winning at a high level won't be a quick fix. That shows commitment and a grasp of the situation.

Swamp Dude formerly from S. Georgia now from Atlanta from Waycross, Georgia

I know fans are going to fan, but goodness gracious … please: 33 days to hire a head coach is fantastic turnaround time for an open position. In the corporate world it could take 60 days (or more) to find a qualified candidate. I'm more than happy with the Pederson hire and the retaining of Baalke. I love how the fans know what's going on within the closed doors of TIAA Bank Field … NOT! I've been a fan since Jax got the team and I haven't felt this optimistic since we got the franchise! We have the Quarterback Whisperer!!!! Your thoughts??

My thoughts are Swamp Dude is "all in."

Red from O-Zone Comments Section

Is Darrell Bevell still on the coaching staff of the Jaguars?

All past Jaguars coaches are permitted to seek other positions, and I expect Pederson's staff to be largely – if not entirely – new.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

What else can he do at this point, John? Honestly, he can just not say that at all. Never say that again until it's actually rung true. I understand humor, but this is not that. Save the humor quote for winning. We always win the offseason. It's time to win games before blanket statements are funny again.

You're referencing Jaguars Owner Shad Khan joking on Saturday about his comment that he had gotten it right with Head Coach Urban Meyer last January. Is that so wrong? Really? This is sports. It's entertainment. If an owner wants to poke fun at himself – in clearly self-deprecating fashion – for a mistake made as a way of clearly acknowledging that mistakes … I don't know … that just seems OK to me.

Jonathan from Jax

Are you aware there is info out there suggesting the NFL told the Jags they needed to hire an EVP, due to its ineptitude? No, I'm not joking, unfortunately.

I've heard this. Suffice to say I'm skeptical.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL

The new executive vice president wants to trade down from the first overall, Baalke wants a defensive end, and Doug Pederson wants a left tackle. What's the decision? Who wins out, John? Someone has to have "final say." I don't understand why Shad Khan won't just tell us who will.

I'm assuming EVP, but perhaps we won't know for sure until we learn the identity of the EVP. I get the anger toward Khan, but he always has provided the details of the team's football management structure once those details were finalized. I expect that will be the case with the structure moving forward.

Stephen from Hangin' on in University Park

Wow. References to both Randy Newman's "I Love L.A.," one of the best music videos from the Golden Age of MTV, AND Van The Man's "Cleaning Windows," one of the best musical nods to the working man (and woman). Please tell me you haven't gone into Offseason Mode just yet. We've still got the Super Bowl and Draft to get through. Free-agent signings. Rookie camp. OTAs. Training camp. Wait! The season never ends, does it?

Apparently not.