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O-Zone: Still the same

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Dave from Jacksonville

Now do you think Travon Walker's speed will offset the rookie quarterback from the Colts? Seems like this is the perfect test for the Jags drafting him No. 1 overall.  Is Travon going to have a good game? Does this game depend on it?

Defending a player such as Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson isn't a one-person task. It's a team thing because one mistake on the edge, or one missed sack – can result in a broken-play "accident" touchdown or long game. I expect Jaguars second-year outside linebacker Travon Walker to play well Sunday in the 2023 regular-season opener in Indianapolis because he is a good player who improved late last season and who should continue to play well. I don't particularly think Sunday's game is a test more than any other game for whether he should have been selected No. 1 overall in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Brian from ROUND ROCK, TX

How often do games go as the coach or the consensus of observers think it will go? I think it rarely happens. It's what makes football great. The bs is about to stop and it gets real. Buckle up. Can't wait!

Sometimes NFL games go as predicted. Sometimes they don't. I've found that the "consensus" often is wrong, though I also have found I am almost always right. The rare times when I am not right are usually because something untoward happened that made me not right and that I otherwise would have – and should have – been right. I am the king of all funk.

Big Jags Fan from Jacksonville

Hey, Commissioner KOAF - before you take into consideration the recommendation to move the Colts out of our division and replace them with the Baltimore Ravens, can we wait a few years and enjoy the Indy rebuild years?

I expect we'll wait a lot longer than that. I get no sense that such a massive realignment is imminent, and owners typically need some sort of major reason change to even lean that direction.

Michael Earl Rhoden from MIDDLEBURG, FL



David from St Augustine, FL

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. It was great to see the NFL pick up the game script writer concept and reproduce it in a commercial was a great nod of appreciation to the Jaguar creative team. Kudos guys!

One fer Asher Grodman and a hit tip to Jaguars Media. No doubt.

Dave from Jacksonville

Zone, what more can a fan do to get ready? I've read every article, I've watched every YouTube. Scouted every preseason game. I've asked the most pertinent of questions to the zone. I think I'm ready. The Jags appear ready. What am I missing? How much more prepared can I be? I thought about running into a brick wall, but that would be stupid. What does a fan have left to prepare for in this short amount of time? Are we fans ready?

I think you should run through the brick wall. I also think you should have someone video it and post the video on prominent social and digital channels.

Brad from Avenues

Wow. So, Wacky Week One claims its first victim right off the bat. I'm confident that Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Trevor Lawrenc and company won't let that happen to us on Sunday but come Week 2 the Chiefs are going to be for blood. Win or lose, I'm betting it'll be a close and intense game.

I expect the Jaguars to win Sunday, but I anticipate weirdness and wackiness because it's Week 1 – and because Richardson is capable of turning off-schedule plays into momentum-changing plays. I expect Jaguars-Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 at EverBank Stadium to be close and intense. That has nothing to do with the Chiefs losing to the Detroit Lions Thursday in the regular-season opener, and everything to do with the Chiefs and Jaguars both being good.

Mikayl from TamB3 and Yulee

Judging by the fact we got pummeled by the Detroit Lions last season and their win over the Chiefs, we could be facing the Lions in the Super Bowl! I know it's too early to project.

Yes it is!

Nicholas from Fort Cavazos

KOAF: Do you think the Jaguars petition the league officials to be stricter on right tackle Jawaan Taylor lining up two yards in the backfield and moving before the snap? Would be a shame if we allow a former Jaguar player to cheat against us.

I think current Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor's ability to time the snap remains as impressive as it was when he played for the Jaguars from 2019-2022. I don't expect the Jaguars to specifically petition the league regarding the matter. I do expect them to be more agitated if it's not called a penalty than when he played for the Jaguars. I also expect this to irritate Jaguars fans more than it did the past four seasons.

Hilarious from Funnytown

The Chiefs are terrible and Kansas City Head Coach Andy Reid is a fraud. We're winning four Super Bowls this year.

You go, girl.

John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF - I like to check out the opponent's site before and after the Jags play them. The Colts site is making their new quarterback seem like their next savior. Either extreme wishful thinking or he's the best kept secret in the NFL.

The Colts selected Richardson No. 4 in the 2023 NFL Draft. He's also a dynamic player with a lot of potential and the Colts are hoping he's a franchise-defining player. Why in the world wouldn't Colts media speak positively about him at this stage?

Boxcutter Bill from Mass

Former Jaguars defensive end Austen Lane is fighting on the UFC card this weekend, against a formidable opponent, too – not just some guy. What a specimen Lane is. Just goes to show you how truly special NFL athletes, or all professional athletes are. Who stands out to you on the Jaguars roster as being superhuman?

Brian Sexton.

Richard from St. Augustine, FL

I noticed a number of teams restructured players contracts this week to make additional cap room. Generally speaking is that to make room to add a player or to have extra room that can be pushed into 2024 cap space or both? We are almost there! Moodachay! Go Duuvaal!

When teams restructure contracts during the first week of the regular season, those are typically bookkeeping moves to have cap space for 2023 IF they need to add a player. Those teams ideally usually would like to save that room and roll the space into the following season.

Pradeep from Bangalore, India

Hi, John. I am getting a heart attack while seeing record-breaking contract extensions happening across the league. I am not a fan of such deals where money is bet on only few players in the team. I hope Lawrence and Jaguars take Tom Brady's approach than targeting individual milestone with contracts.

I expect the Jaguars to sign Lawrence to sign a contract extension sometime after the 2023 season and before the 2024 season. I expect it will be heart-attack-inducing for those who get all wound up over such things, and I expect it might set a milestone for the NFL's highest-paid player. If this happens, it won't be because Lawrence is targeting this is a goal. It will be because that's how elite quarterback salaries in the NFL work.

Mike from Azores

Hey, John. My prediction for the game Sunday will provide further proof of your many comments about the significance and misleading of statistics. The Jags will have at least four sacks on Sunday, but it won't be the result of a great pass rush as it will be the result of an indecisive rookie QB!


JZ from Jville —> Huntsville

Hey Zone! Does the team practice poor weather conditions at all? For example, slicking the ball and practicing handoffs, passes, etc. I believe Trevor is the kinda guy who fixes issues like that and doesn't let something happen twice, just curious.

The Jaguars will at times practice in poor conditions. It's not something that they're going to overdo. Practice time also isn't unlimited in the NFL, so most teams don't want to emphasize conditions over installing system and planning correctly, but they will create situations to get players used to conditions.

Eric from Jacksonville Beach

Just curious. I know you've had to shoo a lot of kids off your lawn over the years. Can you think of any changes that bugged you in the game over the years that you've actually grown to like?

No. Change is evil.