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O-Zone: Stunning result

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

I've lost all respect for Aaron Rodgers (not even concerned if that "d" is in his last name or not.) To treat Green Bay's fans and organization, who have made him incredibly wealthy, like that is just petty and disrespectful. Not to mention his fellow teammates, which I would imagine at least a few are there because of him and want to compete for a ring. No class at all, a grown man acting like a spoiled toddler. I hope the Texans and Green Bay hold the line. I'd hate to see the NFL become like the NBA.

All fair. You're referencing the ongoing saga of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and whether or not he will play for the team in 2021. I understand your point and agree that Rodgers should play for the contact he signed with the team. Players – particularly franchise-level players such as Rodgers – should get every dollar they can to play. Careers are comparatively short, and this is a high-demand, high-skill occupation. But once those players – particularly franchise quarterbacks whose contracts dominate a team's salary cap – sign, they should honor the contract. I know this will spark a chorus of people saying, "What about teams releasing players during their contract?" The NFL's guaranteed money is in the signing bonuses; players, particularly high-profile quarterbacks, understand that up front. I, too, hope the Packers – and other teams in this situation – stay strong and tell the players they will either play for their current franchise or they won't play. I doubt this will happen, but that's the hope. (Also, there indeed is a "d" in the last name – and just one "r" in the first name. So, not a bad day considering your disdain for the man.)

Dave from Jacksonville

Wizard, I am looking at the boat parade in Tampa and have been a part of several of the parades when John Elway was in Denver. You have seen Indianapolis grow after Peyton Manning. Do you think Jags fans can grasp the full potential of what will happen to this city if Trevor is that generational player?

I think Jaguars fans are excited about rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence. I think some can imagine growth and energy coming with consistent success and excitement around the franchise. But no … I don't think most fans fully grasp the impact of this team being successful at a high level for a half-decade, decade or more. There's no guarantee of this happening, but the potential is thrilling.

Bernabe from Monterrey, Mexico

Hey, KOAGF. I hope you can help me with this question. I was looking over de Mitch and Ness throwback jerseys, and was wondering why there is no Jimmy Smith jersey. Do you happen to know?

I haven't the foggiest.

Tom from Jax

To Ty from Fleming Island: the reason more people don't watch hockey is because it's difficult to follow the puck on TV. I guess you could say the game is too fast. I only know someone scored when the hockey stick is raised.

I suppose you're right – and there's no question the game is better live. Most people I know who have seen a National Hockey League game in person love it, and many became passionate or diehard fans. I enjoy the game on television. Then again, I like burlap underwear. I'm not the best measure of things.

Nicholas from Fort Hood, Texas

New nickname for you: KOAR (King of All Running). When you stated that you have run three miles or 3.5 miles (if running on a treadmill) every day since December of 2014, I immediately gained a new level of respect for you. I am ashamed to admit that I laughed when former place kicker Josh Scobee published the infamous video of you running and calling you a "sad sight to see." You put in the hard work and now I hope you get to reap the rewards of that hard work. I used your message as motivation to start running myself and am now on Day 2 of the streak. I think it's time to reach out to Josh and let him know what you have accomplished. Keep up the great work, KOAR.

Longtime O-Zone readers – and he knows who he is – know my disdain for Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee. He is of evil heart and malicious intent. But in this case, he was – and remains – correct. Just because I do it every day doesn't mean it's not a sad sight to see.

John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF. Have you drafted your response yet for the upcoming "panic in the streets" O-Zone question after Trevor throws his first interception in training camp? If so, what is your response? Grab a slice of Sbarro's and chill?

No written response necessary.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

Watching NFL network on their site, a poll came up. Of all the teams who have never won a Super Bowl, which fan base deserves it most? Jacksonville didn't even really get a mention. Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, Tennessee, Buffalo all got mentions and heavy conversation. We as a fanbase have endured a losing streak that almost rivals the Lions and Browns, yet we STILL support this team. I get the whole ratings and demographics thing where they will obviously talk about the larger market teams. Doesn't make it sting any less. Us Jag fans deserve a Super Bowl win also, man. Can't a fan get some love here?

I saw this poll. I saw a lot of the discussion surrounding it. I, too, thought it absurd that Jaguars fans weren't included. But look: If you're going to worry about what NFL Network and ESPN and other national types say about the Jaguars, you're going to worry a lot. And have a lot of unnecessary heartbreak. When the Jaguars win, it will be glorious for fans. Maybe the team will get discussed as much as fans want. Maybe it won't. But the winning will be cool enough it won't matter.

Zach from Wisco

You mentioned the Greatest Show On Turf recently. What do you think the Jags' odds of beating that team would have been had they actually been able to beat the Titans that year?

Decent. That Rams team was functioning at a high, high level – and beat the Tennessee Titans 23-16 in the Super Bowl. While the Rams' offense was high-powered, good defenses such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Titans slowed them in the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl. I don't know that the 1999 Jaguars defense was quite at the level of the Buccaneers and Titans – but the unit was very capable. The Jaguars' offense was more high-octane than either Tampa Bay or Tennessee – and could have kept pace in a slightly more high-scoring game. I've always believed the Rams would have won a close game against the Jaguars that year – mainly because the Rams won a close Super Bowl against the team that beat the Jaguars three times. But it could have gone either way, honestly. It would have been a great matchup.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

What would be more of a surprise to you at any point of the season: Walker Little is starting at either left tackle/right tackle or safety Andre Cisco is starting Week 1?

Cisco starting Week 1. I answer this way because I'd be a little surprised if Cisco is starting Week 1 because he missed time last season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament – and starting within a year of such an injury, while very possible, is still an accomplishment. I expect Little to be pushing for a starting position quickly and it wouldn't be surprising in the least if he shows he is good enough for such a role by season's end. I would be very surprised if Cisco and Little aren't starting by Week 1 of 2022.

Scott from Palatka, FL

With the dead zone in full swing, what was the last album you listened to start to finish?

"Slow Train Coming" by Bob Dylan.

Charles from Riverside

Hello, John. You said "… Taylor's 90-yard touchdown run against the Dolphins in an AFC Divisional Playoff game following the 1999 season. It was the highlight play in one of the biggest games in franchise history." Which reminds me of Natrone Means and his clutch rushing yards against Denver, also one of the biggest games in franchise history. Which reminds me of our other playoff runs with Maurice Jones-Drew and Leonard Fournette. Primal memory tells me that the Jags have always needed a highly functioning backfield of running backs to make the playoffs (jury still out on Fournette). I am excited once again on our rushing game with what I see as a loaded backfield; each back has super potential with what they bring to the game, running and/or receiving. It seems like Travis Etienne Jr., Carlos Hyde, Dare Ogunbowale, Devine Ozigbo, and James Robinson will most likely be competing for playing tim – unless we see multiple back schemes? What a great dilemma for us fans! With Trevor, a decent stable of journeyman receivers, and an upgraded defense, it seems as if we really could be at 8 and 8 for the season per the Times Unions recent forecast? Thanks.

I would be stunned if the Jaguars finish 8-8 in 2021.