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O-Zone: Taking a shot

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

David from Broward County

O-Man, I say the Jags will keep both quarterbacks – Nick Foles and Gardner Minshew II – going into 2020, with the idea that one will start and the other will be a backup. Foles' contract is a sunk cost. It is guaranteed and will cost too much cap space to cut him – and too much precious draft capital and cash to trade him. Unless they can trade him and say, a fourth-round pick plus cash, they should keep him. Look at them both as the total quarterback position for approximately $23 million on the cap. Two quality starting quarterbacks for this combined price is not that bad. Build up the rest of the team with our draft picks and swallow this medicine for the 2020 season. After next season, move on from Foles and his contract. What say you?

This without question is a route the Jaguars may take. The way you're looking at the quarterback cap space – as $23 million not being ridiculous as the total for the position – is how many teams would view it, and how the Jaguars absolutely could view it. I do believe the Jaguars will explore options to trade Foles and get some cap relief. But your scenario could happen. Certainly.

Keith from Portsmouth

KOAF How do you feel about Nick Foles? Do you think he could have success in 2020 for the Jags?

I think he's OK. Perhaps, under the right circumstance.

Clint from Jacksonville

How can anyone justify keeping Todd Wash at defensive coordinator? His scheme and play-calling ability are weak, the defense looked out of position and overmatched week after week and only played well in four out of 16 games in my opinion. Doug can find a better coach, he has to!

It's easy to "justify" Wash returning next season. He coordinated very good defenses when there were good players on defense. He coordinated a defense that struggled against the run this past season when there were far fewer good players on defense. If you want to change coordinators for the sake of changing coordinators, then get rid of Wash. If not, then don't.

Van from St, Augustine, FL

Forget the talk about Head Coach Doug Marrone and General Manager Caldwell. What this team, the city, and the FANS need is a new owner. I am done with Shad Khan. If he wants to run this franchise into the ground and move to London, so be it. I am sure the league would help him out with whatever would be owed on the stadium lease. I was a season-ticket holder the first six years the team was here - the golden age - and that is what I always remember.

Khan doesn't want to run the franchise into the ground and move to London. If that's what he wanted, he wouldn't invest in Jacksonville – and he wouldn't be trying to build the infrastructure in and around TIAA Bank Field. I understand fans want to win. Khan also wants to win. He doesn't want out of Jacksonville. No, the Jaguars aren't winning enough. But that doesn't make him a bad owner and it doesn't make him bad for Jacksonville.

Chris from Space City, TX

Clearly, grumpy grandpa Coughlin is taking ALL of the blame for the Jaguars failures these last two seasons. I agree that Coughlin was toxic and helped contribute to what will soon be another rebuild. But is it fair for Khan, Marrone, and Caldwell to expect us to believe they had minimal parts in this dumpster fire we know as the Jaguars? Was Coughlin so much of a dictator around the facility that no one else in front office or coaching staff could do their jobs

It's inaccurate to say former Jaguars Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin was responsible for all that went wrong around the team the last two seasons. Neither Caldwell, Marrone nor Khan would tell you that. But Khan clearly believes that Caldwell and Marrone can lead a successful team without Coughlin involved in the power structure, so was Coughlin's influence such that it overrode a lot of other things? Khan apparently believed that was the case.

Steve from Nashville, TN

Do you think the Jags' plan for Foles is to wait for other teams to have a camp, preseason or early regular-season injury to their starting quarterback and shop him then?

I think the Jaguars will explore ways to trade Foles early in the offseason. If it's not doable then, I think they will reexamine the situation.

Dave from Chorley, UK

I am one of the fans who believed we needed a fresh start. As Khan is sticking with Marrone and Caldwell, does Khan expect and understand the fanbase could be quite unresponsive to any roster moves and draft picks made until we see those winning results?


GPP from Savannah, GA

Mum is the word from the O-Zone on the nearly nine percent drop in attendance, which was the worst in the league. Does Khan really think it will improve by keeping Caldwell and his record of drafting and signing free agents?

"Mum is the word." Really? I answer questions 365 days a year for more than eight years, and address every issue facing the Jaguars on a daily basis – and I still get questions implying that I'm ignoring issues? Seriously? Yes, the Jaguars dropped in attendance in 2019 compared to 2018. They went from the AFC Championship Game to 5-11, and people were discontented. That's what happens. Fans remain discontented after this past season, and they're tired of losing. So I imagine there's a chance in another drop. That's not good. But Khan believes Caldwell and Marrone are right for the job, and he has the conviction of that belief. The easy and popular short-term route would be to change the coach and general manager. Owners cannot be successful making decisions based on the temperature of fans. This upsets fans to hear this. That doesn't make it untrue.

Matt from Funkytown

What is a realistic timeline to expect a new contract for defensive end Yannick Ngakoue? In my opinion, Caldwell is eroding trust from players and fans of the organization each day that passes without a long-term deal for Yan. In his own words, Yannick is a tremendous player and an even better person. The Jags' organization needs to figure out what is needed and get it done right away. Lots of talk and empty words. Figure out how to get a deal done now and start to repay the trust that has been afforded to you (and that you have been paid handsomely to retain). Do your job, Caldwell. This is a layup and we this organization needs to make it. So fed up that this is still a story line. Pay the man. Please. For the love!

Long-term deals of this type don't get done overnight, and they don't get gone just because the player, general manager or fan base wants it done. And the Ngakoue contract situation is about as far from being a "layup" as you can possibly imagine. This is a tricky case of a popular player who does one thing – pressure the quarterback – very well. Is he extremely valuable? Yes. Should he be paid very well? Yes. Should he set the market at his position? That's a tougher question.

Luke from Plymouth Meeting, VA

With Tony Boselli being named a finalist for the Hall of Fame once again, does he really have a shot at getting a gold jacket? Is there any buzz around him positively or negatively?

Former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli indeed last week was named one of the 15 modern-era candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020. This is the fourth consecutive year Boselli has been named one of 15 finalists, and I do believe there's a strong chance he gets elected this year. I don't sense an unusual increase in "buzz" around Boselli, but I usually don't get a great feel for that until Super Bowl week; Hall voting takes place in the Super Bowl city the day before the game, that week is usually when you start getting at least some feel for how voters are thinking that year. Boselli reportedly has been one of the 10 "final finalists" each of the past three year, and experienced voters believe candidates who make the final 10 typically eventually get elected. There also aren't any rock-solid locks for this year's class, which is another factor that would seem to favor Boselli being elected. There are those who believe Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is a lock to get in; perhaps that's the case, though that's very debatable. We'll discuss this a lot in the coming month, and we at will be in Miami throughout much of Super Bowl week covering the process. Here's hoping this is Boselli's year. He deserves it.