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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tim from Mandarin

With the Jaguars having such a ridiculous failure rate when going for it on fourth down, isn't it a bit foolish of Pederson to continue going for it at or on his side of midfield?

The Jaguars converted 14 of 27 fourth downs in 2022. They also converted fourth and one in the AFC Wild Card Playoff victory over the Los Angeles Chargers, a 25-yard run by running back Travis Etienne Jr. that might be described as a "pretty important play" in franchise history. Head Coach Doug Pederson's not going to stop being aggressive on fourth down and he's not going to stop just because the Jaguars have converted one of five through a small sample size of two games this season. He's also not going to stop going for it in what many believe unconventional situations. This is who he is as a head coach. It was who he was as a head coach when it worked last season and it was who he was as a head coach when it didn't work. It will keep being who he is as a head coach. I suppose we can keep discussing it, though. And I suppose we will.

Nate from Atlanta

Sup, John. I may be the minority but I still feel confident in this team and this offense. It's two games, you had a very bad afternoon on offense and still took the champs to the wire! Timing will improve, offense will evolve, I think the key is the offensive line having more playing time together. It's still a young group, Hopefully getting Cam back soon will help! What say you?

I say it's Week 3. The Jaguars need to improve in a few areas. Nothing has happened that should cause panic and there is every reason to think a talented offense with an experienced head coach will work through its issues. The Jaguars are 1-1 with a loss to the defending Super Bowl champions. This is a completely normal start. What matters for this season is what happens moving forward.

Cliff from St Augustine, FL

Bruh? Is it OK that I fast forward through the questions to see your answers?

I'd recommend it.

Chris from Southside

You dodged the Tank Bigsby question earlier this week? What's the real story you are hiding about his lack of carries last game? Is he in the doghouse?

People ask questions and I answer. Jaguars rookie running back Tank Bigsby had 21 snaps in Week 1 and 19 in Week 2. He had two carries in Week 1 and none in Week 2. The Jaguars have a lot of good skill players. Not every player is going to get "fed" every week. Not every player is going to get a reception, target or even a carry each week. Game circumstance, formation and defensive look play into these things.

Andy from Canmore, Alberta

Hey John, Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones is a monster. He played to his usual All-Pro standards last week really exposing Anton. You've said repeatedly that you believe Walker will slide to left guard when Cam returns. Seeing as the Jags are seemingly taking a big chance by playing Anton on the right side where he has little to no experience from his college days at left tackle, would it not make sense to have Walker play right tackle when Cam returns and have Anton practice as a swing tackle like Walker did for his rookie season? I hope Anon's confidence doesn't slip playing a position he's rarely played before. I think he has immense talent and promise so here's hoping he sees last week's struggles as a means to improve. Your thoughts?

Jaguars rookie right tackle Harrison struggled in his second NFL game last Sunday, particularly when playing against an All-Pro defensive lineman in Jones. The Jaguars aren't worried about Harrison's confidence. He's a mentally tough player who will work through this. I do expect the Jaguars in the short-term to help Harrison in situations where he's playing against high-level pass rushers. They didn't do this enough Sunday and it cost them in big situations. I don't believe the Jaguars will move Walker Little to right tackle. I believe they will move him to guard and play Cam Robinson at left tackle when Robinson returns from his four-game season-opening suspension. That thought could change in the coming weeks. But that's my thought now.

Don from Marshall NC

You have been to a lot of live NFL games do you keep track of how many? Do you recall them or do they all run together? Is there someone out there who holds the record for most games attended? That person's got to be old. We should know who that person is. Go Jaguars!

If my quick math is correct, I have covered 568 NFL games in person – 107 preseason games, 426 regular season games, 28 postseason games and seven Super Bowls. Some stand out. Many run together. As you would expect. I don't know that this among of games is something of which to be proud, regretful or embarrassed; perhaps an odd combination of the three. This is not close to the record. I do not know who holds the record. That person is either old or its poor alternative.

Scooter St. A

First and goal at the 1. How about a Full House Backfield: ETN, Tank, D'Ernest and two tight ends? Trevor calls the Back and the Hole under center?

Probably not.

Ed from Middleburg

What do you expect the logistics to be to get Cam Robinson on the field in England Week 5? Will the league allow him to fly out with the team before the Week 4 game, or will he have to fly over solo before the Week 5 game?

Robinson now is with the team – although he can't practice or play. He will be able to travel with the team to London for the Week 4 game against the Atlanta Falcons. He can begin practicing and playing following that game.

David from Chuluota, FL

Zone. It's disturbing that our offense continues to start slow. With so much attention given to the scripted first drive, it feels like a blow to the game plan if you don't score. If it's not too much work, could you tell us what the Jaguars' record is, in the Doug Pederson era, when they score on the opening drive?

The Jaguars are 2-2 under Head Coach Doug Pederson when scoring on their opening drive. That statistic doesn't tell us the Jaguars need to score on their opening drive to win. It does tell us they need to be far better and more productive on their opening drives overall.

Bren from Jax Beach

I always watch Doug's Friday press conference. At the end he always has the media turn cameras off but continues to talk. What goes on there? An ice cream party?

They talk.

Crash from Glen Saint Mary

OZ! My hope is that Owner Shad Khan buys the land from the city and builds the stadium himself. JAX is the place to be! The future's so bright his whole family will have to wear shades!

This is not going to happen. The NFL doesn't want small-market teams financing megastadium deals without city assistance because small-market teams can't do so and expect to make the money back on the investment. The economic makeup of the cities don't allow it. It would set a bad precedent for other owners if this were to happen, so owners likely would not approve such a deal if it was set before them. Khan knows Jacksonville is the place to be. That's why he's putting $1 billion of his own money into the $2 billion total deal. It's a staggering amount that shows how Khan feels about the city's future.

Mike from Cartersville (AKA TREVORTOWN), GA

Is it me or has the overall level of the play of the safeties taken a jump? I liked them both last year as playmakers, with Rayshawn Jenkins showing up big at times and Andre Cisco flashing. But there seemed some inconsistency. They seem really solid back there so far and passed the test against one of the best offenses last week. Did they 'jell' or did this happen during the last five games of last season? They're probably one of the best safety tandems in the league, no?

The entire Jaguars defense has improved this season. They are playing faster with more cohesion, and my sense is that it has to do with all 11 starters returning and playing in a second season in defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell's scheme. That sort of familiarity allows players to play more instinctively and react more quickly. That applies to safeties, too.

Al from Fruit Cove (no, not Orange Park - that's a different Al)

Any chance we can paint the end zone back line a few inches further back this week?

I sort of laughed at this. Not a guffaw or anything. More of an acknowledging chuckle.