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O-Zone: The great prognosticator

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Roy from Ridgewood, Orange Park, FL

John, why is everyone giving Trevor a pass in his first year under Urban Meyer? What did Meyer do as a coach that limited Trevor's progress as a quarterback for the Jags? Didn't Trevor have an offensive coordinator and a quarterback coach?

I fear I already have wearied on this topic because while analyzing Jaguars quarterback Lawrence understandably is sure to be O-Zone Topic No. 1 all offseason, the analyzing –and reanalyzing – frankly already feels like overanalyzing. I also don't know what "pass" means in this conversation and don't know why Lawrence having a "pass" or not three years ago matters. I do know the Jaguars under Head Coach Urban Meyer in 2021 were a mess to the point that it was hard to judge anything – including Lawrence. Either way, what matters when it comes to Lawrence is this: He is entering his fourth NFL season. He's going to be the Jaguars' quarterback in 2024. He has shown elite traits at times in three seasons with stretches of success. One such stretch was the second half of the 2022 season when he led the Jaguars to the AFC South title – and the first three months of the 2023 season when he led the Jaguars to an 8-3 record and first place in the AFC South. The Jaguars were 14-4 during the stretch, with Lawrence throwing 29 touchdowns and nine interceptions. That's impressive. That stretch ended when Lawrence sustained a high-ankle sprain in a Week 13 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals this past season. Lawrence including that game left three of the Jaguars' final six games with injuries. He played in five of those games and threw seven touchdowns with seven interceptions. It seems reasonable that the extreme dropoff was at least in part caused by playing through injuries with very little practice. I don't know what else to "blame" for Lawrence's bad stretches. I don't know how to give "passes." I know Lawrence was good the last time I saw him playing healthy and that he struggled when I saw him playing hurt for the last six weeks of the 2023 season. He should get a chance to start the 2024 season healthy. I suppose we'll learn more about which Lawrence is the real Lawrence then.

Rob from St Augustine, FL

There should be no coaching interviews whatsoever until after the Super Bowl.

You are not alone in this assessment. One problem with this approach would be that the league continues to expand the regular and postseason calendar, so much so that the Super Bowl this year won't be played until February 11. If the league expands to 18 games, we would be into the second half of February. Offseason planning begins full throttle for teams in February. If you make teams wait until after the Super Bowl to interview head coaches, you're talking about a very limited turnaround time for teams with new head coaches – with the very real possibility of head coaches not being in place until March. I'm not saying this hurdle can't be cleared. I'm saying it's often a reason teams don't want to wait until after the Super Bowl to hire head coaches.

Marty from Jacksonville

John, I read an article that said that in the 2023 season the Jaguars had 120 running plays that went for no gain or a loss. That's seven plays per game where we ran for no gain or a loss. Would you not agree that if we want to fix whatever perceived problems we have with Trevor Lawrence, we would be well served if we did not put him in second-and-12 so damn often?

I would agree.

Paul from Lake City

I saw a report today about Anton having shoulder surgery for an injury he sustained in the preseason. I had forgotten that he was playing hurt all season. That makes his rookie campaign all the more impressive! One fer Anton! Now, find us three other dudes that can play interior line like that!

Jaguars right tackle Anton Harrison started all 17 games as a rookie in 2023 after sustaining a preseason shoulder injury. You didn't notice him much. That's good. He looks like he will be a very good player at right or left tackle for the Jaguars for a long time.

Brian from Carlisle, PA

O, the real problem was that the offensive line ranked 29th in the league at pass protection. My thought here is that was one of the big reasons 16 had so many turnovers. I could be wrong but when the quarterback is rushed to throw balls, turnovers happen.

You're not wrong.

Colin from Sanford

Hey, John. Where do you think the current regime falls on the spectrum between drafting the best available player and a position of need?

Pretty much every NFL team operates somewhere in the "realistic" range of this spectrum. Teams ideally draft best-available player. They realistically mix needs with that ideal.

Chris from Columbus, OH

To everyone who blames officiating for losses: Yes, the officiating this year has seemed particularly bad. BUT good teams overcome bad calls. Case in point – Saturday night's Detroit Lions/Los Angeles Rams game. Lions got a horrible and 100 percent wrong horse-collar tackle called against them. They still won the game.

Good eye.

Drew from Pensacola, FL

Clearly the interior of both lines needs to be addressed this offseason, but what about secondary? Tre Herndon continues to see time while every opposing team puts a bullseye on his back. Will we finally get a new nickel cornerback?

Herdon seemed from this view fairly low on the list of the Jaguars' issues the second half of the season. He was solid, if not spectacular. Stay tuned on this one.

Fred from Naples, Florida

I enjoyed reading the first mock draft tracker on the website. However, I don't pay much attention to it until Pete Prisco weighs in.


Jason from North Pole, AK

I'm sorry, but a recent O-Zone answer incited some panic in me. I live in Minneapolis, and my brother-in-law and I make the trip to Jacksonville every eight years to see the Minnesota Vikings play my Jaguars there. The Minnesota Vikings website says, "The week and opponent have not been determined, but the game will come from one of the nine scheduled regular-season home games for the Vikings." My fear is that the Jaguars versus  Vikings game is in London this year and ruins our plans. The way I understood it was that because the Vikings are playing a "home" game there, it can't be against the Jaguars because the Vikings are a "home" opponent for the Jags this year. Is that correct? We both have young kids so just changing that trip to London would be a "no-go" with the spouses.

Unless the Vikings are going to play two games in London – one at home and one on the road – the Jaguars-Vikings game in 2024 will be in Jacksonville. I don't know if the Vikings will play two games in London in '24.

Keith from Chesapeake, VA

John, I believe offensive coordinator Press Taylor was never an issue in 2023. I believe he may be a head coach in this league, maybe even the Jaguars' head coach at some point. I think he has already proven that he can dial up plays, especially in the games where the Jags performed good on the offensive side. Do you think the think the Jaguars might bring in a another quarterback to compete with Trevor to at least put some pressure on him to step up his play?


Alex from Iowa

Who or what position would you draft with our pick? I would franchise tag outside linebacker Josh Allen, try to sign wide receiver Calvin Ridley even if it's just one year, keep left tackle Cam Robinson, let offensive lineman Walker Little go (he was good in passing situations but was OK at best in the run) and we can draft backup lineman later in draft. I think we need a corner or a good three technique defensive lineman and at least I think we should try to get Ron Rivera to be defensive coordinator (I think he would be an excellent fit for our defense).

I'll focus on your question while thanking you for your many, many thoughts. As for your question … the Jaguars have seven selections in the 2024 NFL Draft and likely will have more once compensatory selections are awarded. I assume by "our pick" you mean the No. 17 overall selection in Round 1. I theoretically would lean offensive line here. I say "theoretically" because you don't want to reach for a position if there is a significantly better player available in Round 1.

John from Jacksonville

Many people also believed this time last offseason the Jaguars would dominate the AFC South in 2023. I picked them to not make the playoffs and lose to Tennessee.

Well, goody for you.