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O-Zone: The whole list

JACKSONVILLE – One more day until Look-Ahead Wednesday.

Let's get to it …

John from Texas

You seem to give Trevor a lot more slack than you ever gave Minshew. I think it may be because Trevor was the No. 1 pick and Minshew went sixth round.

I don't recall my every exact thought regarding former Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II – but your keen insight into my inner workings notwithstanding, I do know draft status figures little into such thoughts. I generally thought during Minshew's first season with the Jaguars – 2019 – that he was a remarkable story who impressively maximized his ability. This held true early in 2020. But once Minshew got extensive games in an offensive system, the general pattern was defensive coordinators were able to zero in on his strengths and weaknesses to take away what he did well. This often happens with backup players; they can fare well over a few games, but less well over an extended period. Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence's physical strengths give him the opposite feel and therefore a higher ceiling. He is struggling right now with some decision-making in big moments and with accuracy at times. A lot of his issues seem to be young-quarterback stuff. If he can get that figured out – and Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson very much believes he will – his skill set should enable him to adjust to what defensive coordinators do against him and to succeed over the long haul. That's not guaranteed, but it's why quarterbacks with Lawrence's skill set often get longer looks and more opportunities than other quarterbacks.

Brian from Greenwood, IN

The biggest issue holding this team back is quarterback. Again. The same mistakes, the same poor red-zone decisions and the same meltdown interception with a chance to win. I don't know what changes from here on out are needed, but right now, quarterback is again holding this team back.

This was true Sunday in a 21-17 loss to the Denver Broncos. It has been true a couple of other times this season, too. Lawrence also has played well in spots and has shown progress from last season. If by "change," you mean not playing him … that's essentially giving up on him, and the Jaguars won't – and shouldn't – do that. He must learn. He must improve. He must grow. The way to do that is to play. He either will improve or he won't. I expect the Jaguars' plan to essentially be to have him grow, gain knowledge and get continuity in this offense … then to try to upgrade in a spot or two at skill players around him – likely in the draft – next offseason. That likely won't make Lawrence elite next Sunday, but that could be the Jaguars' path to getting him there. 

David from The Island

If the 'Stache was playing, would this team be 2-6 or 6-2? I'm thinking the latter.

Wow. We think differently.

Mark from Disbelief, USA

John, I think you deserve the "Baghdad Bob Excellence in Journalism Award" for your unwavering determination to convince us that Trevor Lawrence is a star in the making. It takes true talent and resolve to professionally proliferate propaganda so dishonestly each and every week. I truly commend you, Sir.

I don't know if Lawrence is a star in the making. I answer questions here when asked as informatively as I can based on my experience and knowledge of the situation. These answers often frustrate people when they don't align with their own thoughts, what they read in other forums or what they hear on television. Sometime these frustrated people snidely attack. I have persevered through this dire situation for a decade. I suppose I'll muddle through a while more.

Diego from South of Tierra del Fuego

Time to bench TL if he does not play well against Raiders Sunday. That would give them two weeks to get C.J. Beathard ready to finish and hopefully save the season. In the meantime if I was general manager, I would contact Atlanta Falcons. They need a quarterback and I would take any offer to move TL out of Jax. I would also contact Philadelphia Eagles and begin talks about bringing Gardner Minshew II back to Jax. He played well considering the poor team and coaching. Pederson did well with Nick Foles as a backup and I believe he and Minshew would work well. Time for Jags to cut their losses.

I wouldn't do any of those things and I can't imagine the Jaguars will, either.

Mike from Port Orange, FL

Why don't the coaches put the backup quarterback in the game when the team is inside the 10-yard line and have a chance to score? He would know to throw the ball away rather than trying to force the ball and getting intercepted. It is obvious that Lawrence can't seem to learn that. We would have a couple of more wins.

I thought for a second there you asked why the coaches don't put the backup quarterback in the game inside the 10-yard line.

Allen from St C

I think everyone is missing the mark. Our defense is missing a Calais Campbell or Malik Jackson in the middle who requires to be double-teaming. Without this danger the offensive line can be focused and the defensive line can be stopped in critical plays. Your thoughts?

Good eye.

Mike from Omaha, NE

While the Jags have improved a great deal from last year, have you seen any improvement from the team during the course of THIS season? Isn't it fair to expect improvement during the course of the last eight games?

Sure. It's fair to expect this. It's fair to expect whatever you like. The Jaguars through eight games have shown what they are in many respects. Young, mistake-prone at key times. Unable to disrupt enough on defense in big situations and unable to cover consistently enough to prevent long touchdown passes. Even with these things being true, they have been close to winning in every loss. Improvement comes down to a play or two here are at key times. I'm done writing that I expect you'll see it. It's possible you'll see it. Entirely possible. But they have to show it and they haven't done that yet.

Westside Mike from Bold New City of the South

Not so much a question as a comment, but boy didn't Travis look good?

Boy, did he.

Rob from Pittsburgh, PA

Zone do you still believe Trevor is elite?

I've never believed Lawrence was elite. I have believed he can be elite and nothing has happened yet to indicate he can't be elite.

Josh from Yulee, FL

I hate to say it, but it's time to start considering drafting a quarterback. The excuses have to stop for Lawrence. Sunday was awful. No more excuses. He's done. :(

Lawrence is not "done."

Malachi from Bakersfield, CA

Hey John, do you think there's a chance ETN gets a handoff on 1st and Goal next time around?

Absolutely. There's also a chance the Jaguars call a pass on first-and-goal a lot moving forward because Pederson and this staff clearly believe that there are many pass plays in the red zone that are equally effective – and in some case, more effective – than runs. This has been an effective running team this season in part because of when the Jaguars choose to run – and from what situations they choose to run. They haven't always been particularly effective turning and handing the ball to the running back in power formations and I doubt Pederson and the offensive staff start skewing that way.

4-Putt from Jax

Sorry, but losing six one-possession games is not a badge of honor.

No one said it was.

Roger from Duval

How do you value Josh Allen? I wouldn't want to lose him, but he really has little impact on the passing game. How do you put a contract on that?

It's not easy. Allen, an outside linebacker and the No. 7 overall selection in the 2019 NFL Draft, is one of the Jaguars' defense's better players. He is among the NFL leaders in pressures this season and the Jaguars' defense certainly is better with than without him. But he has yet to prove a dominant pass rusher, which indeed makes it difficult to pay him long-term elite money on a second contract. If you don't re-sign him, you're creating yet another need on a roster that has more than enough already.

James from Socorro, NM

0-6 in one score games. Can't remember anything like it. The Jaguars are really good at making two mistakes per game (interception from the one, 47-yard pass given up with the game on the line) that cost them dearly.

They are that.

Don from Marshall NC

There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it.

I don't quite know why, but I laughed at this.