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O-Zone: Tough morning

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Josh from Atlanta, GA

I'm sick for Trevor and this team. Prayers up.

The Jaguars lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, 34-31, in overtime at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville Monday. It was a disappointing loss on many levels, but the overriding storyline was quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who sustained an ankle injury with 5:25 remaining in the fourth quarter. Lawrence sustained the injury when sacked by Bengals defensive end Trey Hendrickson, with left tackle Walker Little being pushed backward and stepping on Lawrence's ankle. Lawrence threw his helmet to the ground after the play and was helped from the field, putting little weight on his right ankle as he walked to the locker room. Head Coach Doug Pederson said after the game no details were immediately available, with ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting that initial tests indicated Lawrence had sprained the ankle. The Jaguars are 8-4. They still lead the AFC South by a game with tiebreaker advantages over the Houston Texans (7-5) and Indianapolis Colts (7-5). A lot went wrong Monday for the Jaguars and little went right. Much of went wrong was weird and hadn't been going wrong all season. All those storylines matter. But nothing matters as much as Lawrence's ankle. Stay tuned.

Nick from Annapolis, MD

Is there something distracting about playing at home? Why do the Jags so often have bad games at home? I don't want to believe that's a thing, but the evidence is mounting.

The Jaguars are 6-0 away from Jacksonville this season and 2-4 at EverBank Stadium. My thought is this more circumstance than anything being "distracting" or some inability to play well at home. The first three of those home losses – to the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers – were to strong teams who are playoff favorites. Monday's loss to the Bengals was perhaps a bit more inexplicable because of the absence of Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, but the Bengals are a veteran team with big-time weapons at the skill positions. None of which explains why the Jaguars are .333 at home and 1.000 everywhere else. I guess I can't explain it.

Andy from Halifax

I truly don't care that we got played by the second coming of Brock Purdy (and all kudos to him). I just NEED T-16 to be back sometime this season.

Stay tuned.

Kevin from Ponte Vedra, FL

Teams worthy of the top seed do not play like that at home.

The Jaguars could have moved into the top seed in the AFC with a victory Monday. They still lead the AFC South by a game over the Colts and Texans. Are the Jaguars "worthy of a top seed?" They weren't on Monday. It's up to the Jaguars to prove they're worthy.

Logan from Middleburg, FL

Absolutely pathetic that this defense allows a backup on his first start to have that kind of game. This team refuses to play well at home. Hope Trev is OK, otherwise this season is over.

Bengals quarterback Jake Browning competed 32 of 37 passes for 354 yards Monday. It was his second NFL start and not his first, for what it's worth.

David from Eau Claire, WI

If he is done for the year, I think the rest of the season looks grim. Can C.J. Beathard be more than manageable?

Beathard played fine in two series Monday. He completed 9 of 10 passes for 63 yards. He led a field-goal drive to force overtime. He had a 43-yard completion to wide receiver Calvin Ridley that would have put the Jaguars at the Bengals 2-yard line in overtime, but a holding penalty negated the play. Can Beathard be more than manageable for the long term? He's a seven-year veteran who is 2-10 in 12 starts – all with the San Francisco 49ers before joining the Jaguars as Lawrence's backup the past three seasons. He's not Lawrence. Manageable is probably the hope, but we'll see.

Cory from Alexandria, Virginia

What a masterful performance by Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell's defense against future Hall of Fame Bengals quarterback Jake Browning on Monday Night Football! Why isn't Mike Caldwell getting more consideration for head coaching opportunities?

The Jaguars' defense for the most part has been very consistent and very good this season. It was not consistent or good Monday.

Hugo from Portland

Guess that game proved all the fans saying this team has serious flaws right.


Eric from Jacksonville Beach

We let a guy who could barely make an NFL roster for four straight years go 32-37 against us and light us up while we fumbled away the chance to lead the AFC. All that while also losing Trevor and wide receiver Christian Kirk to what looks like injuries that are going to keep them out. Holy cow does this loss hurt.

It was a brutal night. It doesn't end the season. The Jaguars are still in first place. There's still hope. But yes. It was a brutal night. Did I mention it was a brutal night?

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

What happened to our defense?

The Jaguars couldn't stop the run, then couldn't get much pressure. The Bengals also have really good skill players, particularly at wide receiver.

Deflated Fan from Auburn

Not looking for you to publish this, but man it sucks to finally start to believe in this team. I really thought that we could potentially go 13-4 or maybe even 14-3. Such a favorable schedule down the stretch. Now, after tonight, especially if Trevor is hurt, I doubt we win another game. Our defense should be ashamed of themselves. Backup QB takes them apart. It really is hard being a fan of certain franchises, isn't it? Prayers for Trevor that his injury isn't serious.

Losing sucks. That's not exclusive to the Jaguars or their fans, but it has been harder for the last decade and a half on Jaguars fans than it has been for most teams. It hasn't been as hard lately, but I get it: Monday was a gut punch. It started with a celebratory feel and ended with an injury to the franchise quarterback. It doesn't get much crueler than that if you're a fan.

CMo from the Cats, CA

Well, this game has not convinced me that we are an elite team yet. The stats look like Joe Burrow was playing at a high level. How did this happen to our defense for four quarters?

The Jaguars have not been an elite team this season. They for the most part this season have been a very good team. You don't win eight of 12 games in the NFL if you're not a good team. Your confusion/surprise over the Jaguars' defense is understandable. I share the confusion and surprise. Throw in a little anger and vitriol and you have the emotion of many Jaguars observers over a defensive performance that yielded 34 points and 491 yards. Head Coach Doug Pederson late Monday focused on the team's season-high 156 yards allowed. That allowed the Bengals to control the line of scrimmage and therefore allowed Browning to complete pass after pass for explosive play after explosive play. The Bengals controlled this one on both lines of scrimmage. The surprising part was the Bengals' offensive line controlled the Jaguars' defensive line. I expected Jacksonville's defensive front to be the reason the Jaguars won. I was wrong on that one.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Doink-to-doink, back-to-back weeks! I believe the official terminology is the immortal "double doink!" Gotta love it!

Bengals kicker Evan McPherson missed a 57-yard field goal off the crossbar in the first quarter Monday. This indeed came a week after Houston Texans kicker Matt Ammendola missed a potential game-tying field goal off the crossbar from 58 yards in the final minute of a Jaguars victory the previous week. It indeed was a double-doink. These presumably are rare. I don't recall ever seeing it.

Tom from Leicester, England

Think of all of us on this side of the pond who made it through OT this morning - this sport is cruel in more ways than one...

It was a tough night/evening/morning/whatever for the Jaguars and their observers no matter the side of the pond.

James from Socorro, NM

This is why the Jaguars haven't gotten a Monday night game in 12 years.

The reasons the Jaguars hadn't played on Monday Night Football in 12 years was more about on-field performance during that time and market size. But that's nitpicking. The Jaguars didn't play well Monday, particularly on defense – and particularly against the run.

Garrett from Edgewater

Boselli gave me bad info. I told everyone it was the first MNF game ever. I forgot about three years ago. Looking good as of this email. Go Jags!!

Someone actually gave you horrendous information. Monday was the Jaguars' 16th appearance on Monday Night Football, their first in 12 years.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

God is punishing us because we dared have hope.

It's tough being a Jaguars fan this morning.