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O-Zone: True believer

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Adam from St. Johns, FL

You just make them taking another game away from us such a great idea. Look: I know it's not your ticket or your team they're taking it from, but this matters to us. Rooney would say, "Does this help us win a Super Bowl?" Just doesn't seem to be the thought here. Here it's, "Is this going to make us more money?" I have been a season-ticket holder for 15 years. As soon as we lose another home game, I will no longer be one. "Hey, we're going to move all of the games to London to make Jacksonville viable." Get outta here with that BS. Move on, then. It's a shame that you're so supportive of it.

I don't know that a second Jaguars home game in London each season is a "great" idea, and I don't personally love the idea of even a single game year in London – much less two. I personally love the idea of convenience for John Oehser, and what's convenient for JohnnyO would be 16 regular-season one o'clock Sunday afternoon home games so I could drive four minutes to the stadium in the morning and be home at a reasonable hour. That would make me happy, and very few things make me happy – though one obvious such thing undoubtedly is our daily correspondence. But the idea of 16 one o'clock home games isn't realistic – and as Jaguars Owner Shad Khan and President Mark Lamping see it, keeping the Jaguars stable in Jacksonville with the current home-game equation isn't realistic, either. What you call "trying to make more money" they consider trying to maintain some level of pace financially with the rest of the league. The Jaguars' reality is they operate in one of the NFL's smallest markets and ownership/management is trying to find a way to make it work. The way to make it work for the short term may be two home games in London until Lot J is thriving or until there are other stadium improvements. Or the Jaguars may try another route. The point is they're trying to make it work in a market in which many owners would not try. There's a keen awareness by ownership/management that many people don't like all the things they try, but there's also a commitment to doing what they believe is best and necessary for the long-term good of the franchise. As for my shame … yes, it's real – just not for the reasons you imply.

Unhipcat from Casa Dora, Cabo

John. Let's get big guys.

In Cabo?

Tyler from Jacksonville

I get you think firing Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash is knee jerk, but we have been running the exact same defense for seven years in a row. The amount of preparation opposing teams do on our defense is minimal compared to other teams that actually have variation in play calling and formation. Our defense has been weighed, our defense has been measured, and our defense has been found wanting...

You're exactly right. The Jaguars' defense really was really good when it had really good players. This scheme was fine then, and it is fine for defenses around the NFL for teams with good players. Good eye. I couldn't agree more.

Sean from Jacksonville

How are you taking the news that Harry and Meghan have officially distanced themselves from royalty? Do you need some time alone to think it through?

I'm struggling. Yes.

Bobby from Summerville, SC

Hi, John: Do you know if the Jags have started a search for a new offensive coordinator and who the possible candidates might be?

The Jaguars have begun searching for an offensive coordinator. They reportedly will interview former Washington Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden and reportedly have interviewed former New York Giants Head Coach Ben McAdoo for the position, and they also reportedly will interview former Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan – though reports haven't specified Linehan's exact position.

Steve from Nashville, TN

Are you enthusiastic about visiting the new stadium in Los Angeles this year?

I can't wait.

Scott from Jacksonville

Dude-Man, I couldn't help but respond to the question about Conley. That guy surprised me more than once this season. He's really big and really fast for a wide receiver, and if he could manage to run routes just a little better and be just a little bit more sure-handed, the dude could be phenomenal. Was that a good question?

Your question actually wasn't a question, but your point about Jaguars wide receiver Chris Conley has merit. He was effective at times this past season after signing with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent from Kansas City last offseason, and he set a career-high in yards and receptions. Conley absolutely was as good as – perhaps better than – the Jaguars could have expected. He has big-time size and speed, so yes … if he ran routes better and was more sure-handed he would be phenomenal. My guess is after five seasons Conley pretty much is what he is, so I wouldn't expect him to suddenly be phenomenal. That's OK. He's a solid contributor and an asset to the Jaguars. And a really good free-agent signing.

Tom from Jacksonville

Should we draft players to get better at two positions? For example: move Linder to guard and draft a center, or move Jack to the outside and draft a true middle linebacker. Here's another: Move Robinson to guard and draft a tackle. Is this rocket science?

I expect the Jaguars will move Myles Jack outside, and I think there's a chance the Jaguars move Cam Robinson inside from left tackle. I don't get the same idea regarding moving Brandon Linder from center to guard. There's a perception that he isn't as good at center as he was at guard early in his career, and there's also a perception that he's not a good center. I don't know that either perception regarding Linder is correct.

David from Broward County

When looking at tight ends in the 2020 NFL Draft, don't overlook Florida Atlantic tight end Harrison Bryant. He is a sleeper talent the Jags could get in later rounds.

Hey, one fer Bryant.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

John, I think the Jaguars need to draft both lines, preferably defensive line first. With that being said, if safety/linebacker Isaiah Simmons for Clemson is sitting there at No. 9 do we take him? The guy was all over the field and played in multiple defensive spots. He seems like another Josh Allen in terms of if he falls, then we have to pull the trigger.

I like Simmons and agree he has dynamic ability. I don't know yet know if he's the level of being so good that you pass on defensive line or offensive line of comparable ability.

Scott from Medford, NJ

John, I think you may be going a little overboard with this "we have to draft a defensive tackle early" thing. You can find run-stuffing defensive tackles and linebackers in the mid-rounds and free agency. We need game changers regardless of position.

You're right that the Jaguars need game-changers regardless of position. I'm more right, because if the Jaguars don't improve against the run nothing else they do matters.

Jimsure from Daytona Beach Shores, FL

I understand our stadium is older than some and needs some work. Who is supposed to pay for that? If Mr. Khan is funding many things around the area and making the money from the stadium, I believe he, not taxpayers, should foot the bill. Thoughts?

Khan has spent a lot of money on the stadium and development around the stadium since purchasing the team. I imagine that will continue to be the case. I also imagine the city also will pay for improvement in and around the stadium.

Ray from Pooler

Robinson was coming off knee surgery. The saying is you're not 100 percent until Year 2. Do you give him another try at left tackle or move him to guard?

You're correct that Robinson this past season played a little more than a year removed from surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament, and you're correct that players often don't return to full strength until their second season following that injury. That said, the Jaguars must become more dominant on the offensive line. I would probably draft a left tackle if an elite player is available and move Robinson inside – not because Robinson is a bad left tackle, but because the move might improve two positions.

Josh from Pensacola, FL

I am among the Jags fans frustrated by the team's performance over the past decade or so. But I also understand that Jax is lucky to have the Jags and fans cannot be so quick to turn on the team. There are worse franchises. Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland, Dallas and that's just to name a few. The Jags' time will come.

Hey, one fer the Jags.