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O-Zone: Turnabout

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Wally from Freehold, NJ

This division race tightened up real quick. Scale of 1-to-10, how important is this week's game against Houston?

The Jaguars' game against the Texans at NRG Stadium in Houston Sunday is critical to the AFC South race, though in fact the Jaguars were never in all that firm control of the division at any time this season. While they led the division by two and a half games at one point, the Texans' Week 3 victory over the Jaguars meant Houston was very much in the race if it stayed within a few games of Jacksonville. Remember, too: There's really no such thing as a huge division lead until the second half of the season. Too many games – particularly division games – remain for leads to feel safe in October and November. In terms of importance, Sunday's game matters a lot. It matters somewhat more to the Texans because they will be two games behind with a loss whereas the Jaguars still would be tied for first with a loss. The Texans would have the tiebreaker edge if they win, but the Jaguars could still win the division in that scenario if they finish with a better record over the last six games. That's nitpicking, though. It's about as important as a game can be in November.

Brian from Round Rock, Texas

Trevor needs a TC in his life. He plays best with a chip on his shoulder and someone to prove wrong. Thoughts?

Former Jaguars Head Coach Tom Coughlin was a two-time Super Bowl winning coach. He was a tough coach. I can't say he would be a better coach for Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence than current Head Coach Doug Pederson.

Radford from Orange Park, FL

I honestly would rather get the W against Burrow on the upcoming Monday night tilt against the Bengals. But you can't argue that it's a break for the Jaguars to not have him under center for that game when you consider the four of our next seven remaining games are against Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Baltimore - all of them currently slated to make the post season if the playoffs started today.

Of course Joe Burrow not being at quarterback for the Bengals is a break for the Jaguars – and any team playing the Bengals. He's Joey Ballgame. He's great. The Bengals aren't as good without him.

Scott from Palm Coast, FL

I am pretty sure you made up King Of All Funk. Might want to pump the brakes on journalistic integrity.

I assume this is tongue in cheek. On the off chance it's not, the whole "King of All Funk" joke grew organically from give and take in this question-answer forum. No one is misled by a reader calling me the King of All Funk – a moniker so absurd and ridiculous no one with one eye and half sense would take it seriously. Charissa Thompson, by contrast, proudly admitted she made up information as a sideline reporter. Now, it's true that this is a relatively minor infraction in the overall game of life. And I in fact like Thompson in her role as a studio and postgame host. But as minor as passing along football information may seem to some, most who do the job believe it's important. Someone pays them to do it. It is done under the auspices of journalism. To knowingly make up reports is not a good thing. It's sort of not the job.

Tim from Fernandina Beach, FL

John: I know the NFL is apoplectic over the injuries to starting quarterbacks this year. I personally find it refreshing to see backups get a chance to shine and teams written off at the beginning of the season lead divisions. It was starting to get like college football with the same four teams in it every year. Now get off my lawn.

I don't feel all that refreshed watching backup quarterbacks play, and there aren't that many backups shining and leading their teams to glorious division leads. I doubt I'm alone on this front.

Stuart from Cottonwood, AZ

We talk about complimentary football. Part of that is the offense producing long sustained drives to keep the defense rested. Buffalo's K gun was arguably one of the best offenses ever, but their offensive time if possession was low and in the playoffs that solid defense got gassed too much and they couldn't finish. Go Jags!

The Bills' "K-Gun" teams made four consecutive Super Bowls, indicating they were perfectly capable of finishing in the postseason. The NFC was the dominant conference and the Bills lost to a 1990 New York Giants team that won two Super Bowls in that era, a 1991 Washington team that is considered one of the great teams of all-time and to 1992-1993 Dallas Cowboys teams that won three Super Bowls in four seasons. The Bills' failure to win Super Bowls in that era was more about other teams being better than not playing complementary football.

CaptBob from Jacksonville

Today's angst fan question. When will America's team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, get a Thanksgiving day game? We are anguishing awaiting your reply.

The Jaguars are scheduled to play a road game at the Detroit Lions in 2024. The Lions annually play host to the early Thanksgiving Day game. That's a possibility, I suppose.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

I know the Jags have more talent and experience, are undefeated on the road, and this will be the first big time game for Stroud. It seems like a Jags victory, so why am I feeling, as Capt Bob would say, angst?

Because the Texans are good and might win. They have won six of eight games, they're playing at home and they're capable of a strong showing. This is the NFL, not scripted television. If you always knew your team would win, it wouldn't be fun if they did.

Shawn from Jacksonville

I hate to beat a dead horse to death, but I still have one question regarding the hit on the Titans quarterback that resulted in a personal foul. I know you have explained this a couple of times, but I have not seen this brought up. Wasn't the quarterback out of the pocket therefore the defense could treat him like any other offensive player with the ball, therefore the fact that our defense player fell on him would have been OK. Please clear this point up for me. Thanks.

Your confusion is understandable because NFL rules do remove some of the protections for quarterbacks once they leave the pocket. No longer is the quarterback protected by the so-called "one-step rule," which means contact on a quarterback must be made within the defensive player's first step. The quarterback also loses the protection of the low-hit rule, meaning players can hit the quarterback's legs. The quarterback is still protected by the weight-of-the-body rule, so defenders can't come down with full body weight on the quarterback – even outside the pocket.

David from Ada, OK

The team's performance is inversely proportional to the O-Zone questions, so clearly this game demonstrates how this team sucks. We suck because of Trevor Lawrence, the offensive line, Calvin Ridley, Travon Walker, Mercedes Lewis, bad play calling, the offensive coordinator, London, stadium issues, the head coach before this one, the general manager -- and don't forget Shad Khan. Worst team in the NFL, in my opinion. I find other opinions threatening and a personal attack on my way of life. You dare disagree with me. Insert put down here.

Good eye.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

I tried to look back and find the last Monday Night Football game in Jacksonville and could not find it. Can you help?

The Jaguars' last Monday Night Football game was a 38-14 loss to the San Diego Chargers at home on December 11, 2011.

Don from Marshall NC

If any team is like the Jaguars of last year it's the Texans. They have really turned that program around and got a franchise quarterback. They are in position to sweep the division games, so they are pretty good. Let's see how they play against the Jaguars this week. Go Jaguars!

Don is ready for some football.

Bill from Ponte Vedra

I'm not sure the "full weight landing on the quarterback" rule makes sense. Seems to me the injuries would be caused by the force of impact with the ground not the weight that ends up on top of him.

Players can get hurt both ways. You can't prevent quarterbacks from hitting the ground. You can control at least somewhat players falling other players with full body weight. Or you can at least try.

Jeff from Orange, CA

Jags fans two years ago: This team is dumb, paying Zay Jones a bunch of money when he's never been any good.....Jags fans today: This offense is inept without Zay Jones, when is he coming back, we need him!

Fans fan. It's what they do.