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O-Zone: Very interesting

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mike from Cartersville (AKA Trevortown), GA

Are the Cardiac Cats back in business? Late-game magic against the Ravens and Cowboys. If they can get into the tournament, they're my dark horse.

If these Jaguars don't currently qualify as "Cardiac Cats," I'm not sure what would merit the nickname. They have won four of their six games – and they have rallied from deficits of at least seven points in all four victories. They trailed the Las Vegas Raiders by 17 points in a 27-20 victory, the Baltimore Ravens by nine points in a 28-27 victory, the Tennessee Titans by seven points in a 36-22 victory and the Dallas Cowboys Sunday by 17 points in a 40-34 overtime victory. We're at the point where this is not a fluke. But even beyond the excitement of the moment, the come-from-behind trend points to something significant about the 2022 Jaguars. This team spent the first two months of the season learning how to win, and lost six one-score games during the process. That was frustrating, but they're winning close one-score games now. That's because quarterback Trevor Lawrence is maturing and developing – and it's because the entire team is doing the same thing. The Jaguars have played their way into playoff contention and it's not a fluke. They're a gritty, gutty team that's forming an identity as such. And yeah … the Cardiac Cats are indeed back in business.

Al from Orange Park, FL

Good teams find a way to win. Are the Jags suddenly a good team?

The Jaguars have won four of six games. Three of those games are against teams with winning records. They beat a Dallas Cowboys team Sunday that many consider a Top 5 team and a Super Bowl contender. Yes, right now, the Jaguars are good.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Rayshawn Jenkins deserves a game ball for his defensive effort. Eighteen tackles, two picks and the game-winning touchdown deserve AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors. Cheers to Rayshawn!!!

Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins indeed registered 18 tackles with two interceptions Sunday, including one that he returned 52 yards for the game-winning touchdown in overtime. If he's not AFC Defensive Player of the Week, I can't wait to watch the game of the guy who wins it. It must have been one hell of a performance.

Charles from Port St. Lucie, FL

This is fun.

Winning is cool. Fans like it.

Michael from Orange Park, FL

Could this team really make the playoffs?

Absolutely. To review: The Jaguars at 6-8 are a game behind the AFC South-leading Tennessee Titans (7-7). Because the Jaguars beat the Titans in Nashville last week, they would win the division if the teams finish tied and the Jaguars win the regular-season finale in Jacksonville. The Jaguars play at the New York Jets (7-7) and Houston Texans (1-12-1) before playing Tennessee. The Titans play host to Dallas (10-4) and the Texans before playing Jacksonville. If the teams are within a game of each other and the Jaguars win the finale, they will win the division. They control their destiny. Yes, it's real.

Ben from Saint Johns

Titans at home at night for the division? Can you feel it?

We shall see.

Adam from Saint Johns, FL

The one promise that the Jags should post on the stadium is, "We will suck if the city gets excited to totally kill any vibe going.

This was of many, many, many emails sent early Sunday that didn't hold up that well. Why did I choose Alan's? Because we're the two best friends that anyone can be.

Adam from Saint Johns

Ok I'm an idiot! Go Jags and Thank God for Trevor!


Brett from St. Augustine, FL

As much as we as fans like bash General Manager Trent Baalke. He deserves an enormous amount of credit for finding Zay Jones.

And wide receiver Christian Kirk. And linebacker Foye Oluokun. And tight end Evan Engram.

John from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

After the London game I totally doubted the kid. I was oh so wrong. I am now a full believer never to doubt again!

It was easy to doubt Lawrence after London. He threw two awful interceptions in a loss to the Denver Broncos, the Jaguars had lost five consecutive games and his red-zone turnovers had cost the Jaguars at least three games. And while Lawrence said this week he remembered everything written and said about him for the last 18 months, it wasn't ridiculous after London for observers and fans to doubt him. He had had multiple plays that made even the astute observers wonder if he was progressing. But if you looked closely, you saw improvement. And he never lost confidence. And Lawrence absolutely has proven in the last six weeks that is a franchise quarterback and a foundation piece. We no longer need to wait. Or wonder. Or speculate. The kid is special. The Jaguars can feel secured building around him. That doesn't mean he won't have bad games. That won't mean he will be perfect. But you don't fluke your way to what he has done the last six weeks. You just don't.

Nick from T.I., North Carolina

What. Just. Happened! Being in North Carolina, you don't get to see much Jags games, but Sunday was worth it. This team is finding itself and they are believing. We could be in for a nice run here for a while with this team and especially the QB1.


Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Oh Mighty 'O' / King of all Funk, Wow. Just, wow. There is just no quit in this team. Incredible.

I made this point in O-Zone Late Night Sunday, but it's worth making again. Lawrence is the No. 1 storyline for this team because he makes them relevant for the short- and long-term. But the defining characteristic for the 2022 Jaguars is the team's grit and fight. The Jaguars have gone from a team that lost close games in frustrating fashion to a team that has won four of six games, coming from behind in all four games to do so. That's grit and that's a team that won't quit. It's an impressive turnaround.

Vince from Farmington, NM

Mighty O. This is the first game in years that I felt we were never out of contention. This finally feels different. I know we are focused on next week and then the week after, but I'm really feeling good about next season!

The Jaguars are still very much in the 2022 playoff conversation. They have played there way there and control their own destiny for the postseason. But Lawrence's development gives the improvement a sturdy feel that makes the short- and long-term future as bright as it has been in at least a decade, maybe two decades. Maybe a bit more.

Tank from Mechanicsville, MD

Wait a minute, KOAF. Am I remembering this correctly? You spoke of six wins for this season as your "prediction?" You nailed it, except we have three games left.?.? DUUUUUUVVVVAAALL!!!!

I indeed figured before the season this was a six-to-seven-victory team. I have held to that prediction pretty consistently. I think now there's a chance I may have missed low.

James from Fernandina Beach, FL

Do the rules allow the quarterback to go in motion?


KC from Orlando, FL

KOAF do you see this as the most impressive win of the season so far? I think this win was the most impressive given we lost the turnover margin and came back from a deep deficit to still win.

The 2022 Jaguars have had some impressive victories, beating the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans when those teams were leading the division. The Ravens victory came when Baltimore had won four consecutive games. But the Cowboys also had won four consecutive games entering Sunday and are a balanced offense with a very talented defense. To rally from 17 behind against that team? Yes, I would consider it the Jaguars' most-impressive victory of the season. So far.

Rob from St Augustine, FL

Tennessee, Baltimore, Dallas? This is the "difficult part of the schedule"

The Jaguars are beating good teams late in the season. This is fun. It's exciting. It also is not a fluke. Not remotely.

TJ from Orlando, FL

Man, talk about getting hot at the right time. O, I think we're going to the playoffs.

It's very possible.

Mark from Des Moines, IA

Can we get a couple for Christian Kirk and THE Zay Jones?!?! Everyone said we overpaid but I don't see the offense running without them. Also can Riley Patterson get one? He has been solid all season.

One fer Kirk and one fer Zay Jones – and you're right they are critical to the offense. And yeah … one fer Patterson. That 48-yard field goal at the end of the fourth quarter … it doesn't get much more clutch than that.

Dan from Jax


Yep. This 2022 Jaguars season is getting interesting. Maybe very interesting.