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O-Zone: Wakeup call

JACKSONVILLE – One more day until Look-Ahead Wednesday.

Let's get to it …

Mickey from Jacksonville

Etienne has become the X Factor on this team. He never goes down on the first contact and turns nothing into something repeatedly; even mundane two-yard gains would be two-yard losses for other backs. He makes game-changing plays, but remains semi-unheralded (at least nationally). Please herald him, Dr O.!!

Running back Travis Etienne Jr. indeed hasn't been heralded as much this season as is merited, and I confess I haven't discussed Etienne enough when discussing the Jaguars' really good players. And make no mistake: Etienne not only is really good, he may be playing as well any Jaguars player right now. He rushed for 136 yards on 26 carries and caught four more passes for 48 yards in a 25-20 victory over the Buffalo Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Sunday – and he was every bit as good as those statistics suggest. Head Coach Doug Pederson correctly called it Etienne's best game of the season, but the truth is Etienne has played well all season. He was on his way to a very good game in Week 3 against Houston, but the Texans holding a significant lead throughout limited his attempts. He also helped secure the Jaguars' Week 1 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Etienne is a terrific success story for the Jaguars. He not only has lived up to his status as the No. 25 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, he has gotten progressively better and put his rookie season list with a Lisfranc injury well behind him. X factor? Maybe. Right now, he is moving toward being the offensive Most Valuable Player.

Jeremy from Jacksonville by way of Miami, FL

Mr. O. With 479ish yards of offense, over 500 if you don't count the sacks Sunday, do you think the sputters and spurts in offense might be a tick or so away from finding a cruising speed? It seems like the defense is stepping up, somewhat surprisingly. But if the offense takes off, and the defense plays at its current level, I have a hard time seeing us losing many more games.

The Jaguars' offense never has been as "broken" this season as observers have believed. The unit has moved effectively in most games, and hasn't been plagued by long series of consecutive three-and-outs or turnover deluges. What has plagued the offense has been red-zone inefficiency and mistakes at critical moments, which can result in frustrating losses and the appearances of being broken. The Jaguars had over 400 yards in a Week 3 loss to Houston, moved efficiently in the second half on key drives during a Week 4 victory over Atlanta and had 474 yards Sunday against the Bills. And yes, the defense continues to play at a winning level. The offense playing more consistently won't guarantee anything. The NFL is hard. But it will give the Jaguars a chance in a lot of games.

Nick from Palm Coast, FL

Why is it that the offense never breaks the huddle before there are only under 12 seconds left? We need to get to the line earlier so quarterback Trevor Lawrence can look over the defense. Why are we the only ones always hurrying to snap the ball?

The Jaguars had 474 yards of offense Sunday.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ

Zone, if you were a betting man, what do you think the injury report will say this week regarding Cam Robinson and Walker Little? What do you think the odds are of Blake Hance starting at left tackle on Sunday?

Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson returned Sunday after leaving in the fourth quarter with an elbow injury. I expect him to start against Indianapolis Sunday. Left guard Walker Little did not return after a first-quarter knee injury. I wouldn't expect Little to play Sunday, but that's only a guess.

Corey from Madison, WI

I'd like to honor Josh Allen with a posthumous sack. That is all.

Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen to my knowledge is still among us. I'm practically certain of it. He should have been awarded a sack on Sunday, though. Instead, his fourth-quarter "sack" of Bills quarterback Josh Allen was negated when the Jaguars' Allen was called for unnecessary roughness. It was a penalty by the letter of the rule, with the Jaguars' Allen contacting the Bills' Allen's helmet. How the contact could have been avoided in that situation, I have no idea.

Lane from Winter Garden

O man, Is the lack of pass rush against the Bills a result of trying to keep Josh Allen in the pocket and prevent long scrambles?


Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

I think you misunderstood my point. The Jags have played ten years straight in London. They have spent considerable resources to build the fan base internationally. Where were all the London Jaguar fans for this game? Did they decide only to attend Wembley? It just seems odd to show up for one game and not the other.

I understood your point. The Jaguars had a good crowd at their home victory over the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium. There were a large number of Jaguars fans and the crowd noise reflected it much of the game. It had the feel of a Jaguars home game. The Jaguars' crowd wasn't as big for the Tottenham game Sunday because the Bills' fans flooded the game. The Bills have a larger following than the Jaguars. They are an older franchise with a more widespread base. Was it surprising they had more fans than the Jaguars? I wasn't surprised. Maybe some people weren't.

Andy from St. Augustine, Fl

Can you elaborate on how being designated as the "home" team in a game in another country (basically a neutral site) equates to having more fans in attendance? Does the "home" team get more tickets to sell? Do they arrange travel for their fans? What prevents the visiting team from buying more tickets?

The Bills historically travel well. They traveled well for Sunday's game. They bought a lot of tickets collectively and had impressive numbers. Nothing to my knowledge would have prevents Jaguars fans from buying more tickets. The Bills bought a lot and were better represented. I'm not sure how to elaborate more than that.

Jeremy from Jacksonville by way of Riverview, FL

Mr. Zone, with 180 plus yards from scrimmage and a couple TDs, Etienne Jr. for AFC Offensive Player of the Week?

I suppose. Sure, I guess.

Dave from Waunakee

I couldn't help but think the NFL Script had us winning two games in London to further promote a permanent move there.

There's no reason to think that. The Jaguars' football operations just moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in downtown Jacksonville and the team is negotiating with the City of Jacksonville on a brand-new, equally state of the art Stadium of the Future. These are not the actions of a team planning to move to London or anywhere else.

David from Ada, OK

I'm not one of those guys concerned about Lawrence's fumbles. During Sunday's game I was happy his arm wasn't broken and he wasn't decapitated. But my question is when does QB ball security become a problem?

Fumbles are always a problem.

Ryan from Alpharetta, GA

The NFL often goes back and revises sack totals for players after the game. Is there any chance that they will credit Josh Allen for his sack that was taken away on the field by a bad roughing the passer call?

No. The play was ruled no play because of the unnecessary roughness penalty. The league won't reverse that to give Allen a sack.

Jason from North Pole, AK

Trevor erased whatever little doubt I had left about him with that big time throw to Calvin Ridley at the end of the game. For him to make that throw, knowing he was gonna get hit, after getting knocked around all game was incredible. He was clearly banged up and rose to the occasion. Tough kid and most impressive win I've seen from him.

Good eye.

Johnny from Jax

So I guess Press Taylor learned how to call plays in London, did he go to Ye Old Bookstore?

How much smarter winning football coaches are compared to losing football coaches is one of life's amazing stories.

Steve from Nashville, TN

The Jaguars on Sunday had 29 first downs and controlled the clock by 16 minutes more than the Bills. Does this not contribute significantly to helping the defense stay fresh and off the field?

It does.

Rickey from Atlantic Beach, FL

Fabulous win for the Jaguars. Can Mr. Khan with the NFL convince another opponent to give up a home game to face Jags in London in 2024?

We'll see. I would expect the Jaguars to be open to playing a home and away game in London in-back-to-back weeks in the future. Whether the schedules work out for that to happen, we don't yet know.

Nosh from Atlanta

Any Jetlag John?