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Offensive Lineman Brandon Linder - August 5, 2020

(On training camp being more gradual to get into pads than usual will be beneficial) "I think the gradual way is going to be better just because it's allowing us to get our bodies conditioned and in the shape that we want to be at to play. I don't know if a lot of guys have had the opportunities to work out at a gym or access to a field just with all that's going on. I think the gradual way is going to be good and 14 days doesn't seem like much but the stuff that we're doing now is kind of preparing us, so I think in that 14 days we'll be wide open in the full swing of things."

(On if avoiding penalties is a point of emphasis this season) "Yes, we always want to limit the penalties we have. We want to have none. I definitely think the rule changes from last year [made it tougher] and the refs were definitely feeling free to call them last year, but we always want to limit the penalties and that will be an emphasis just playing with better technique and now understanding the rules of what they're looking for and how to be able to play with that."

(On why he thinks people doubt Gardner Minshew II's abilities as a QB) "I don't know. I try not to read a lot of that stuff. I stay off the social media and all of that. I don't know why they still doubt him, but that's okay because that means he's going to have a chip on his shoulder and he's going to come again to prove something and that's alright. I don't know why they doubt him. He's a heck of a kid, he's a heck of a talent, he's got us out of a lot of situations in the past being able to scramble and he's coming to camp in [great] shape. I think he's going to do a great job."

(On the moment when he was all in on Gardner Minshew II) "What happened to Nick Foles was unfortunate, a freak injury. Then, this rookie steps in and I don't know his stats that game, but it was pretty remarkable, his attempts and completions but as the weeks went on he wasn't a rookie anymore. He came to play every game. He had a look in his eye, and everyone admired that and got behind that."

(On what it's been like to train away from teammates all summer) "We've had about seven months of offseason and I think for a veteran it's been nice, it's a veteran's dream offseason. Not having the OTAs, it has been a little different because you have that time to develop that cohesion and work with the fellow guys and Gardner Minshew II and everyone. I think it's been a nice time for everyone to recharge and take some time away and everyone loves being back and everyone's pretty excited."

(On how important it is to have a majority of the same offensive line coming back again this season) "It's going to be huge. I thought we did some good things last year and having another year together and Cam Robinson's another year healthy coming off that ACL. Andrew Norwell is looking great, everyone's really looking great, A.J. Cann, Jawaan Taylor did really great things as a rookie, so it's going to be exciting this year, you'll have to wait and see but it's going to be good things."

(On how important it is to have those games last season under their belt as they enter this season with no preseason) "It is going to be interesting not playing any preseason games. Normally you get to go to joint practices and have that competing against different players because we're going against our same players and team members in camp so it will be interesting that first week. We're going to have to find a way to replicate that in camp, that competition and just competing and being ready for that first week."

(On how he's grown overall as he enters his seventh season and where he feels still needs to grow) "I think the biggest thing for me and what's been helping me elevate my game is the stuff I do off the field. Maintaining my body work, all the maintenance I do with that. The past two off season I've done a lot of Pilates, that's something that I've incorporated into my routine, that's helped me a lot. Nutrition is a big thing. Last year was the first year I was able to stay healthy and play every game so that was big for me. I think just the different body work and staying fresh mentally, it's gotten easier as the years have gone on mentally which allows me to have success. I think overall just having body control when I'm out there and staying healthy with all the body work and the therapist I do see has helped a lot."

(On where he sees Jawaan Taylor right now as far as his game) "I think it's all going up. He's an incredible athlete and an incredible talent now he's getting the knowledge under his belt and getting experience in the NFL. He played, I think every game last year and that's incredible for a rookie to come in and do that. So now, the ceiling and everything is going up for him. So, I'm excited to see him. He came in in incredible shape, as well, so he's going to be a force this year."

(On how important last year was and if he'd consider that a building block for himself) "Last year was huge. That was my big goal for the year was to stay healthy and to play every game and I had little dings here and there, but I was able to stay on top on them, I was able to maintain them. The training staff and the coaching staff really helped me with my schedule and allowed me to do that. I want to build off of last year. That's the whole goal again this year, staying healthy, playing every game and playing at a high level and that's what I intend to do."

(On how he thinks the offensive line can improve when it comes to the red zone for the 2020 season) "I think when we get down there that's a huge emphasis in putting the ball in the end zone. You only have so many opportunities and seven is better than three so I think this year is going to be a big emphasis and when we get into that red zone, we get into that goal line, we need to execute our plays, execute our technique. I think communication is a huge thing and play calling, what kind of plays and schemes down there that work and that fit us well and that we can run well, and we can execute."

(On the new rules the offensive line will have to adjust to think season) "I know there was a big emphasis on hands last year, hands in tight and a lot of time it was you could have your hands outside and your feet up and hips up but they were calling it a lot more. They were looking for it. That's what they were telling us before the game, so they just made an emphasis on it last year so now we really have to hone in our technique so they don't call it anymore."

(On the level of concern on the close contact of the players during game time and if they're going to try out the shield helmets this season) "Obviously we've been socially distancing ourselves. I've been taking it seriously. I've been talking with the equipment guys about the shield but with as hot it's been, I don't know. That's going to be tough. In the trenches, you're just right next you the other guys. You're exhaling, there's spit, it's kind of crazy. I don't know, we'll see. I'm going to take a look at it but I don't know it might be too hot in there to wear it. You're taking the risk that all the protocols in place are going to try and eliminate having COVID-19 slip through this building. They've been doing a good job this far, but I'm going to take a look at it, and we'll see. I've never worn a visor or anything like that and I've heard things about the visor being hot in there, so we'll see." 

(On if he's going to try COVID-19 helmet prevention measures) "I'm going to try it. I think I'm going to put it on for one practice and see how it feels, see how it looks and go from there."

(On his thoughts about the position battle and left tackle battle with Will Richardson and Cam Robinson) "I think having competition everywhere on the line helps out. It brings the best out of everyone. You saw it last year with Will Richardson Jr. and A.J. Cann. A.J. has turned into a hell of a player and I think those two guys and whatever happens, they're both incredible talents. Will has been able to play a lot of different positions and he's moved around a lot. So, we'll see what happens, but I know competition brings out the best out of everyone."