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Offensive Lineman Jawaan Taylor: September 28, 2020

(On the biggest difference between his rookie year and his second year in the league) "[In] year two, I feel like [I'm] just trying to be more consistent with my play, especially like [with] penalties [and] different things like that I was going through early on last season. That's just things that I want to sharpen up on, being more professional, so that's mainly my thing right now. [I'm] just trying to play more consistent and help my team win games."

(On his clean-cut beard and if this is his new look) "Pretty much. I didn't have the beard now for about three years. I have a pretty good barber now in town, so I've been just looking forward to trying to keep it, keep it looking good."

(On if he always wanted to sport a beard) "[It was] kind of experimental because I didn't think it would grow this long. I just started liking the look and I stuck with it."

(On RB James Robinson) "[He's a] great overall guy, a great locker room guy. He's been doing a lot of great things for us in this offense with [Offensive Coordinator] Coach Gruden, so we're excited to have him around. He's been doing great and adjusting to the game plans and knowing what to do and how to do it. [He's] just trusting the offensive line and what Coach Gruden calls and he just goes with it. He's a great guy."

(On when he knew RB James Robinson was going to make an impact) "I noticed it in camp just seeing how explosive he was in camp and how dialed in he was to everything we're wanting to do. I noticed it from very early on and I knew he would be a special player."

(On if he tries not to overreact to wins or losses this early in the season and if he sees the next two weeks as must-win games) "I just try to keep my poise throughout the whole game and never get too high [or] too low, just stay at a nice plane and just keep going. [I] just keep pushing no matter the scoreboard. We always look at it as 0-0 mentality and just keep pushing forward, so that's mainly what we like to do and how we go about our business here. [We're] definitely trying to win these next two games, like you said, that's the main focus right now. Cincinnati's on the clock, so we're just going to go out there and try to have a good week of practice and get prepared and go out there and get a win."

(On what the offensive line has to do better moving forward in terms of pass protection) "Just being more consistent with our play, giving Gardner [Minshew II] more time. We have a good quarterback behind us, so we have to just give him more confidence in the pocket and keep the pocket more solid, the depth and the width of the pocket. So, that's mainly our focus going into this game week is getting better with that and getting more consistent."

(On how he feels individually on his progression in terms of pass protection) "I feel like I'm progressing well from last year onto now. I look forward to getting better. I'm nowhere near where I want to be yet, so just looking forward to getting better every week."

(On playing games on the road during COVID-19) "No, not weird and bizarre because at the end of the day we're all just trying to stay safe and healthy. We just got in the bubble pretty much and you have to wear masks on the buses, on the planes, and different things like that. It's a little different, but it's the way of life now. It's how the world is so we have to adjust and that's just what we do now."

(On what they could do in the hotel the Saturday before the game at Tennessee) "We had meetings before we left so we were in the bubble, not allowed to leave the room. If you want food or different things, you want to order out. The only thing you can do is go down to the downstairs area where the food is at. I forgot the name of the room but that's mainly where they keep the food at for the players, that's about it. Other than that, you can't go to the lobby. [There are] different things you can't do. You have to stay in the room. For me personally, I was just sitting there watching film and treating myself, treating my body, so that's about it. [I] watched a little football, the college games were on, different things like that, but I didn't get bored. It was just a regular night."

(On if it's been helpful having a second year with Offensive Line Coach George Warhop) "Most definitely. Coach Warhop plays a great part in the offensive line's play and everything that we do. He's an amazing coach. I learned a lot from him since the first day I came on this team, so I look forward to the things we're going to do leading up to the rest of the season. We're definitely dialing into what he's coaching us and everything he wants us to do because he knows what he's doing. He's been a coach in this league for over 20 years now, so he's coached some of the best players that played these games. We look forward to seeing what we can do the rest of the year."

(On the advantage for the offense to not have to do a silent count on the road due to the lack of fans/crowd noise) "It's amazing, especially for us, the tackles on the outside, me and Cam [Robinson]. Usually we have to dial into the different silent counts with the centers and the quarterback on how we want to go about our business, but definitely it's a little bit better. You don't have to worry about the noise and the silent count, so it's easier for us."

(On if it's easier for quarterbacks to get defensive linemen to jump offsides without the silent count) "Sometimes. It just depends how they are, how disciplined they are with the snap counts and stuff like that, but it definitely helps."

(On the one thing the offensive line needs to do better) "I feel like our run game is going pretty well, so I feel like we should definitely get better in the pass pro protecting our quarterback. That's the main focus of the offensive line right now."