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One from the Chamber

Let's get to it . . . Tom from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and Section 106:
What is meant by the receivers "getting in and out of breaks?" I've seen or heard the phrase a lot lately. Is it about the depth of the cut, the geometry of the route, footwork, something else?
John: Specifically, it means the receiver running routes as crisply as necessary. When a receiver can't get out of a cut or a break quickly, a defender is able to cover him more effectively. It often is a catch-all phrase for receivers not running routes well, but for an older receiver it means the athleticism and quickness that once made playing receiver easy and natural is gone.
Jamie from Jacksonville Beach and Section 133:
I read in the local paper that Coach Mularkey donates $250 to the Ronald McDonald House each time a player hands the ball to an official after a touchdown. Not only that, but the Jaguars Foundation matches the donation. That's classy! Do you know of anything similar to this happening in the NFL?
John: I don't, but I do know we wrote the same story on on Sunday. C'mon, you're killing me, Jamie. You're killing me!
Ron from Orlando, FL:
Bradfield at right tackle? I don't understand this at all. Britton could use the reps if he's our starting right tackle. Why would Britton be playing at guard at all, unless they were planning to move him to guard?
John: We've covered this a few times, but the Jaguars are working Bradfield at right tackle because they have seen something in him that makes them believe he might be very good there for the long-term. And by very good, capable of starting for most NFL teams. In turn, that means they can move Britton to left guard and make that a very good competition when Will Rackley returns. Will Bradfield prove to be what the Jaguars believe he can be? We'll see, but they've been impressed with what they have seen since the pads came on in camp and want to see if they're right.
Martin from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Is there any part of you that longs to be covering the rookie season of Andrew Luck instead of the rebirth of the Jaguars this year?
John: No.
Rhett from Old Bridge, NJ:
Alualu's injury concerns me. He's constantly hurt, and can't play at a high level due to it. I think he should start the season on the PUP list. And let Mosley start. I think Mosley at 100 percent is better than Alualu at 80 percent. When he's fully healthy, he can come back into the starting lineup. Mosley is a good player, and I wouldn't mind if they just put Alualu on injured reserve, so he will come back at 100 percent health next season. We have the defensive tackle depth to do so.
John: While I agree Alualu's knee remains an issue to watch, you're off a bit on a few things. First, while the knee has bothered Alualu, he has played at a high level his first two seasons. Second, because he already has practiced in training camp, he can't begin the season on PUP. Also, C.J. Mosley is already starting. He's ahead of Terrance Knighton on the depth chart, and the positions are really Knighton and Mosley at one tackle and Alualu and D'Anthony Smith at the other. It's too early to place Alualu on injured reserve, and if there was concern about him missing the season, I don't think he would be practicing in full pads every day. I'm not sure he's playing 100 percent yet, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. He had surgery in January and he's closer to 100 percent now than he was in OTAs. But as far as the Jaguars' depth at the position, you're right. They're strong there and pretty deep on the depth chart.
Tyler from Jacksonville:
Why do the Jaguars never even try to get some receivers like Burress or even T.O.? I understand the character concerns, but I don't see the harm of a one-year, low-pay contract. Look at New England with Chad Johnson last year: they gave him a shot, he did not work, so they cut him. No harm, no foul. I don't understand why the Jaguars don't have that mentality.
John: I'm sorry . . . what?
Jason from Kedena AB, Okinawa:
After watching the first preseason game it occurred to me this is the first time over the past four-to-five years the starting offense actually looked impressive and scored before the third preseason game. Just one more step in the right direction for the offense! It's going to be fun to watch these guys grow and I can't wait to see where they are at going into December.
John: I'm on record as saying I don't get excited about preseason results, but I do believe you want your first units to have positive results. We not only saw that Friday, we saw the reserves play pretty well in some pretty significant positions. I continue to believe the offense will be a lot better late in the season than early, but there have been some signs that the early going might not be as rough as some might have thought.
Bryan from Tampa, FL:
How fully recovered does Rashean Mathis look from his knee surgery? Is he still in the rehab process or is he as recovered as he is going to get?
John: I'd say he's very late in the rehab process. He is healed enough to play at a high level, and from what I've seen in practice, he's moving well and driving off of the knee well. At the same time, I expect he still has a ways to go before he considers himself 100 percent. That might be the end of this season or the beginning of next. That's often the timeframe for a player coming off a torn anterior cruciate ligament.
Mickey from Section 217:
With the Rams backing out of their London commitment, do you expect the Jaguars to offer to play there, as Khan has stated he would like to in the past? As much as I would miss the home game on the schedule, I understand the desire to expand the Jaguar brand and I would back it 100 percent.
John: Considering Shad Khan's statements on this matter, I would expect the Jaguars to offer to play there. That being said, there are always many logistical and behind-the-scenes hurdles on something like this, so nothing's guaranteed. We'll certainly keep an eye on the issue, and it's one worth following.
April from Savannah, GA and Section 243:
Why try to alienate MJD with the repeated "he wants more money" answers in your column? The man carried this team on his back last season and he wants what he views as 'respect and reward for it' by being one of the two or three highest paid backs in the league. Making him seem exceptionally greedy in your column (and I'm sure he reads it) only hurts the situation. He's a good guy with a lot of pride just trying to do the best for his family. Just my opinion.
John: I have no interest in alienating Maurice Jones-Drew. The "I think Maurice Jones-Drew wants more money" line originated to answer a variety of questions from people phrased in a million different ways trying to understand his motivation. After weeks of people trying to add nuances and "what ifs" to the situation I finally answered, "I think Maurice Jones-Drew wants more money." This does not make him a bad guy, or greedy. I also want more money. Many people do. But if asked what his motivation is in this, I think it's sort of silly to think that's not it. People seem to have thought the line is sort of funny, and it has an element of gallows humor – i.e., if fans didn't laugh at it, they might cry.
Joe from Jacksonville, NC:
O-man, I got this one for you.....No we are not going to pick up Chad Johnson!!!
John: Thanks for that, Joe. MOVING ON!
Sean from San Bernardino, CA:
The final week of training camp already? What does this mean? After training camp and during the preseason what does the team do? Is it just practice? Is there any type of game planning? What does the end of training camp REALLY mean?
John: Teams wrap training camp this week because the third week of the preseason typically is when they do a trial "game week" – i.e., game-planning, meeting as they would in the regular season, etc. This means the end of the training camp schedule of a padded morning practice and afternoon walkthrough.
Kyle from Orange Park, FL:
It seems as though Thomas, Elliot, and Robiskie are battling for the last two wide receiver positions. Who are the favorites after the first preseason game?
John: I see the receivers shaping up like this: Laurent Robinson, Justin Blackmon, Mike Thomas and Cecil Shorts as the top four, with Brian Robiskie and Kevin Elliott in the final two spots. I'm not sure the team doesn't keep all six.
Adam from Section 148:
Adam in Section 148 wants more money.
John: I can't top that . . .
MoJo from My Hyperbaric Chamber:
Do people think these things are cheap? Of course it's about the money.
John: . . . or that.

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