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Ronnie Brown out, Ricky Williams in


Week 11 will be an interesting week for sure as Ronnie Brown is out for the rest of the year, Dwayne Bowe will be out until week 15, Larry Johnson found a new home in Cincinnati, and Oakland benches JaMarcus Russell permanently in favor of Bruce Gradkowski. Since the fantasy playoffs are at hand, let's take a look at some guys you will want to sell high on before your deadline hits.

Sell high

##### Start 'em

Kurt Warner:Going up against his old team (St. Louis) will certainly light a fire in Warner, for sure. I'm not a big fan of Steve Breaston or Tim Hightower in fantasy terms, but Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin are top-tier WRs and Chris Wells is going to be pretty good if Arizona ever commits to the run.

Carson Palmer: For those who own someone like Kyle Orton, Matt Ryan, or even Joe Flacco, you'll want to give Palmer a definite look. The new-look Bengals travel to Oakland to face the Raiders, so this is as close to a scrimmage as you will get in-season.

Jason Snelling: With Michael Turner almost a lock to sit out week 11, I am going to give Snelling a start and see if he can hit that 100 yard mark with a TD against the Giants. They are ranked 13th against the run and Matt Ryan really needs a running game for his WRs to see daylight in this one.

Ricky Williams: With Ronnie Brown out for the rest of this season, Williams becomes an elite fantasy RB in that Miami offense. Add to that the Carolina Panthers' 25th ranked run defense, and you have a recipe for success.

Steve Smith (CAR): This is one of the only weeks I will put either Smith to start because Miami is 27th against the pass and Smith is coming off a two-TD performance in which he only yielded 34 yards. If he can just get some more targets, he could turn in a 100-yard game for the first time since week 2.

Brandon Marshall: Since the Chargers are likely to stop Denver from moving the ball in this one, someone has to come out a winner and I think Marshall catches Orton's eye again this week. I mean, when you really look at it, the Broncos are Marshall and "the other guys."

Vernon Davis: Now, after last week's abysmal performance (3 catches for 16 yards), many people are going to let Davis ride the bench this week. I, personally, will give him another shot against Green Bay because Alex Smith needs to bounce back and Davis is his only real weapon.

Cincinnati Bengals defense: The Bengals defense is ranked within the top five in most standard formats, and that is a shock to people outside of Cincinnati. This week the Bengals face the Oakland Raiders and their newly-anointed starting QB. Just when you think things can't get any worse in Oakland, the Bengals come to town.

Sit 'em

##### Question of the week

Q: What is the win/loss record of teams playing games after the head coach has been fired in-season. Or, is this Dick Jauron firing a good thing or a bad thing for the Jaguars? (Bill from Hamilton)

A: Usually teams will try and rally around the adversity. I don't see how this helps or hurts the Jaguars since the Bills aren't in the same division and they are 3-6 to Jacksonville's 5-4.

I mean seriously... the Bills were 3-6 with Jauron and they have no QB, no TE, no run defense, and a new offensive coordinator after he fired his guy right after the season started. I don't think it helps nor hurts the Jaguars... apples and oranges.

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