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Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin: Sunday, November 22, 2020

(Opening Statement) "Man, it's great to go on the road and win, particularly in the AFC. We don't take it for granted. I appreciate the efforts of all the parties involved - players and coaches and support people. We did the job today. We checked the boxes. It wasn't perfect, but nothing is perfect about us except our record and we talked opening about that last night. We just want to wear it the proper way. We wanted to step into stadiums and be prepared to fight and compete every week and understand we are going to get people's best shot. I like the general attitude of the group today. We were able to get the job done and we will get ready for our short week. Man, we are back into the AFC North in the hot kitchen on Thursday night and we are honored to do that and entertain on that special day and be a part of that. We don't take that for granted as well. We have to travel. We have to assess the injuries and put together a plan to get ready in a very short week. We have some work ahead of us."

(On injuries) "On the injury front, Zach Gentry had a significant knee injury in game. I will have an update on that for sure for you tomorrow. All of the others were minor bumps and bruises associated with play, even Joe Haden. He was able to go back into the game after he sustained an injury. But with bumps and bruises on a short week, we are not taking anything for granted so we will assess those and update you guys appropriately and put together a plan that is focused on the healthy guys. I think that is the appropriate thing to do on a short week."

(On how much Terrell Edmunds progressed yearly and in what ways) "This guy has logged a bunch of snaps. I think his best ability is availability when you really look at his career. As a young guy he has logged a bunch of snaps of the course time. He has gained a quality experience because of it. He has taken that experience and has continually made himself a better player, really in all areas and in pass recognition. I can't say enough about his run-game fits in the way he is playing in that element of the game here in 2020. But largely, his game has always been on the upswing because he is a young guy and is diligent and a young guy who is very available. When you are very available and diligent, it's a reasonable thing to expect your play to improve and his has."

(On if he was satisfied with his run game today) "You know, I don't know man. I will let you guys keep talking about that. It was better today, and we will keep assessing it. We are not going to crack that nut with the first swing. It will take continual work and effort on our part to continue to work on our warts and that is not our only wart. It's just the one that you guys choose to recognize."

(On if they are a week-to-week team in terms of how they scheme it up) "First and foremost, we have quality players with different skill sets and we are committed to utilizing them based on the matchups of the week. That allows us to be different, first and foremost. But secondly, we have experienced some attrition and we have missed some guys. Some guys had an opportunity to ascend and really it has challenged us from a coaching perspective at times to be unique in our approach in an effort to get the best people on the field. We don't apologize for that. We are going to do what is required for us to win each and every single game and put our best foot forward on a week-to-week basis. Sometimes that is a little bit different and if that causes issues with those who we compete against (then) great."

(On what allowed Diontae Johnson to have so many catches) "It's really about what they did. They were probably down some corners and they played more zone that they did man. It provided an opportunity for volume catches for some and he happened to be on the receiving end for it today."

(On how important is was to come out healthy since they are on short week) "We don't have control over health. We don't spend a lot of time focused on worried about that. We understand that this is part of the game as much as blocking and tackling. We respect it. That is why you have to fortify yourself with a good team and that is always our focus. Not those who are lost, the preparedness of those who step up. We spend our time focused on the preparedness of our young guys in an effort to combat what you have mentioned."

(On playing the game with one tight end and an update on Vance McDonald) "None. I am sure I will have something for you at some point next week."

(On how important the team's patience was after a slow first half) "It's the National Football League. We don't anticipate rolling out of tunnels and people laying down for us. These are going to be competitive games. I don't know if we even have a mentality when we anticipate what you mentioned. We step out of tunnels ready for a 60-minute fight each and every week."

(On if he holds stuff back to see what a quarterback is doing before they unleash the defense) "No. We just have an unleash mentality regardless of who we play."

(On what he likes about the defense these last two weeks and the key to shutting down the Jaguars today) "The guys are playing hard and playing fast and collectively well. We are getting turnovers. The catalyst for it all is the guys are playing extremely hard and fast, that is as a collective. I think that creates the frenzy that provides the wave that we ride."

(On if there is pressure as they keep winning and how they approach it) "There is pressure in our business. I don't know if you call it more pressure or not. I know regardless of the record we would be committed to winning this game that we are walking into play on Thursday. Again, I think that is more some outside fodder. That is storylines, if you will, and gives you guys something to talk about during the week. We respect our process. We are going to prepare and step into the stadiums we play. There is urgency to that. There is pressure associated with that. All of the above. That is the same regardless of the record. I am sure people who are not perfect feel pressure to perform week in and week out."

(On if the traditional up-and-down run game was by design or due to tight end depth) "We did what we had to do once Zach [Gentry] went out. But I don't know if it had anything to do with what it is that you mentioned."

(On if JuJu Smith-Schuster got nicked up on his leg in the fourth quarter) "Yeah, I don't think it's anything major because that is why I just associated (it) with the bumps and bruises associated with play. Again, it could be a factor for him. It could be factors for others knowing we are dealing on a short week. I will update you guys as soon as I can when we get back to the top of the week."