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Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger: Sunday, November 22, 2020

(On the slow start in today's game) "We just didn't execute. Give them credit, they threw some looks at us and they're a good defense. We didn't do enough."

(On throwing a lot of passes in today's game) "Yeah, they just gave us some looks where we felt we need to throw the ball. We got behind the chains too much. We had too many second, third-and-longs. That kind of put us in some tough situations but we overcame some. We didn't overcome enough."

(On his confidence level in WR Chase Claypool) "We feel confident. We feel like we have a lot of looks. We have a lot of different ways that we can move guys around and put them in different spots. Like I said, I have to give those guys a lot of credit because we put them in different spots and they just respond and they do what they're supposed to do and they make plays. The kudos goes to the skill guys in that."

(On having a good fourth quarter going into a short week playing the Ravens next) "Anytime you can get out for a few plays, it's a good thing. At the end of games, if we can come out and let guys come in and finish if off, that's a good feeling, so we know what this week is."

(On the pressure of a perfect season) "[We] just focus on one week at a time and that's what this team's done and I said this week, we're not chasing perfection in terms of 16-0. We're chasing Lombardi's, so that's the most important thing for us is we just have to focus on this week and playing our best one week at a time."

(On the offensive line providing good protection) "It feels good. I believe in those guys up front and they've gone against some really good defenses, some good d-lines, some crazy blizes, different things. I love those to death and I wouldn't want anyone else out in front of me."

(On targeting WR Diontae Johnson) "He's a heck of a football player and I believe in him. I'll say it again, he's a heck of a football player."

(On if WR Chase Claypool drawing pass interferences calls is a factor in targeting him) "Well we'd rather have a touchdown obviously and I reiterate that to him. The penalty's nice but we'll take the touchdown. He's working though fighting through guys holding on to him because he's such a big body and strong and runs. He's understanding that you don't want to just get the penalty, you want to get the touchdown too. He's going to keep growing in that area because he's special down the field."

(On the run game) "We'll be just fine, not worried about it."

(On finding inspiration in the wide receivers unit) "Absolutely. They're a fun young group. I enjoy working with them. I enjoy communicating with them at night through videos and texts and things like that. I joke that they keep me young but they really are something, this group that believes in each other and then they're genuinely happy for each other. They just want to win football games, so I'm blessed to have such a fun skill group."

(On WR Diontae Johnson stepping up) "He stepped up and made plays today for us, a lot of guys did really. We never single out one guy because a lot of guys are making it for us. We have to put more points on the board. I know the scoreboard says what it does but there's too many times we punted today and we didn't do enough. Offensively, we're happy we got the win but we know that we have to be better."

(On if having a good defense helps alleviate the pressure offensively) "Absolutely. They're fun to watch. They're turning the ball [over], getting turnovers for us. I hate that we turned the ball over once today. That's on me. [It] obviously didn't hurt us but still it's not fun. But the turnover differential, the way they get after the quarterbacks, it's just so much fun to watch them play."

(On if their defense is one of the best the team has had) "As long as we win football games, we don't need to compare ourselves to anybody else, offensively, defensively, any other team or anything like that. We feel like we're our own unique team and that we're special in who we are, so we just want to win and do everything we can to win a Super Bowl."