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Texans Cornerback Bradley Roby: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Q. What was it like playing for Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel in his first game as coach?

BRADLEY ROBY: "I enjoyed it a lot. I think this week he did a great job of just keeping us loose and really wanting to play for him. I think it was just a good job by him at a hectic time and to keep everybody loose, crack some jokes here and there, and it wasn't really pressure out there today. He set the expectation to win and we did it."

Q. It looked like a much more aggressive game plan. You guys were sending defensive backs on blitz pressures, you're getting home and sacking the quarterback. How much does that build momentum as a defense as the game goes on and how can you carry that forward?

BRADLEY ROBY: "Yeah, we just wanted to pressure them and not let them just get comfortable back there, and we did a great job. We were back there, and I could tell from the secondary that he was kind of unsettled early. We got some sacks and some pressure, and I think he had some trouble with that, and he was kind of panicking back there. Any time you can get the offense unsettled and the quarterback rushing his throws and things like that, you're going to be successful, and that was our plan today."

Q. How could you guys build on that going forward? Everybody mentions this word "fun." It's fun when you pressure, it's fun when you take the football away.

BRADLEY ROBY: "Yeah, and it's fun to win. We're going to just keep it going and stay light, you know. We know we have a good team. We just have to play complementary football, and I think this was the first game where when the offense was going, we were stopping them, and when we were stopping them, the offense was going, and that's how you win ball games. I think as long as we carry that and we play as one unit, one family, we'll be good."

Q. Speaking of complementary football like you just mentioned, when you're a defensive player on the sideline and you watch your team go for it on fourth down and 4, and (Brandin) Cooks catches it and runs it into the end zone, what was that like for you as a defensive player to see that?

BRADLEY ROBY: "I loved that. I love that aggressive mentality, like let's end this game, let's not leave anything to chance, or they might score or get an onside, none of that. We want to end them. And I was proud of the offense, how they played today, and they put them away, and all we had to do was just stop the bleeding and don't give up any big plays toward the end."

Q. We heard Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel has some pretty cool old-school moves. Did you get a chance to see it?

BRADLEY ROBY: "Man, he did like five dances. He did the Soulja Boy, he did the Macarena, he started doing the disco. I didn't know what he was doing. It was funny though. It was funny, man. That's what it's all about. NFL games are hard to win, so just playing in the league so long, you've got to enjoy each one."

Q. What about the takeaways? What went right for you today and how can you build on it moving forward?

BRADLEY ROBY: "That's a big thing we've been focused on is just getting the ball, because you can't win if you're losing the turnover battle every game. If your offense has the ball more than the other team, then you're going to win most likely. That was a big focus this week is that we wanted to get our first takeaways and we got two today. No interceptions yet and that's killing me specifically, but they'll come. They'll come. I'm just happy we got the win, and we've got to keep forcing those turnovers in the future."