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Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Q. What was the feeling like to get a victory in Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel's first game as interim coach and get this done today?

J.J. WATT: "It was great. We had a lot of fun today. We had a lot of fun offense, defense, special teams. Everybody pitching in. Whenever something went wrong, the other group was ready to step up and make a play to make it right. Nobody hung their heads. Everybody was ready to roll, had great energy. I thought the fans were great, had a great vibe from the fans. It was just a lot of fun. For Romeo (Crennel), seeing his dance moves in the locker room after the game were a real treat, so that was enjoyable."

Q. That's the best game you've had on run defense this season. How do you account for that especially against a good young back in RB James Robinson, and what was the plan?

J.J. WATT: "Yeah, he's a good running back. I mean, all week long we harped on the fundamentals, we harped on everybody doing their job, getting back to the basics a little bit, and I thought we did that well. Obviously, that in conjunction with stopping them early in the game, offense putting up points and then putting them in situations where they had to throw the ball late in the game makes a massive difference. We're very pleased with the way we played on defense today. We have to continue to do that and improve and get ourselves even better."

Q. You mentioned having fun; how much of what looked like a very aggressive game plan defensively helps that fun, and then what does it do for you not only today but going forward to see guys get to the quarterback and create those turnovers?

J.J. WATT: "Yeah, it was great. Guys were flying all over the place, making plays, and any time we're doing that, once you finally get takeaways like we did today, it's always going to be more fun. It was a great day, and we've got to carry it forward and continue to get better."

Q. You talked about a lot of things that y'all did better today. What do you think was the biggest key to being able to get that first win today?

J.J. WATT: "Just everybody doing their jobs, everybody -- like I said, whenever anything bad happened, whether it was a big play on defense or an interception on offense, the other group was ready to pop up off the bench and ready to go out there to make a play to make it right, and I think that was a big thing for us today. I thought the energy was great. I thought from the time we got into the stadium today, the guys had great energy, the fans had great energy, and it was fun. We had fun. And that's how it's supposed to be."

Q. I'm pretty sure I had a football question, but then you mentioned Romeo Crennel's dance moves. Tell me about the dance moves of the oldest coach to coach a game in the NFL.

J.J. WATT: "I don't even think we got video of it, which makes me the most sad, but hopefully we can have him dancing all year long. It was pretty impressive. There were certainly some old school moves in there. But he had the locker room riled up. It was a pretty awesome atmosphere."

Q. It seemed like you had some pretty cool battles with the tackles, with the Jaguars tackles. Could you tell us a little bit about that, what you thought of OL Jawaan Taylor and OL Cam Robinson and some of your head-to-heads with them?

J.J. WATT: "Yeah, I felt like I couldn't buy a sack today but I could get a lot of pressure. Got one holding call actually called, which was a positive for the trend of holding calls for the year if you just look at the percentages. I think they're down like 59, 60 percent on the year. We kind of know it is what it is. You've got to find a way to get back there, find a way to make plays, and if a double team or a triple team opens up other guys to get the sack, I'm all for that. I don't care who gets it as long as we get it. That's all that matters to me."

Q. They started drives at your 36 and 27 and did not score. How much did that mean to this win?

J.J. WATT: "Yeah, that was massive. Obviously very difficult to do. But like I said, that kind of goes back to what I said earlier. Whenever anything went wrong, the other group is ready to pop up off the bench and say we got this, and I think that was a huge thing for us today is that there was no point where anybody hung their head, there was no point where anybody got down on themselves, it was just what do we have to do next to make this win happen, and all day long everybody had this kind of 'we got this' mentality, and that's what it took, and that's how we got the win."