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Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On what he was thinking during his two long touchdown passes in today's game) "Just give them space and let those guys go to work, especially the first one, the first drive to Brandin [Cooks]. He caught it, they made a great block on the outside and he got on the edge and once he gets on the edge with those guys, they got speed and they got some distance and they can really run so that's all we needed was some little space and Brandon took his. Then with Will [Fuller V], I missed him earlier and he brought it to the sideline to me so I wanted to come back to him and give him a chance and I threw it up, he made a great catch and after that he did the rest. With guys like that, that can really run, you just give them a chance, get the ball in their hands and let them go to work."

(On if he's been trying to target WR Brandin Cooks and WR Will Fuller V more in recent games) "Of course. They're the two receivers that we want to get the ball in their hands, but all the receivers. None of our receivers go into the game begging for the ball. Our job is to find the open guy depending on how things are going to do. Some games where like we played Green Bay, they bracketed Will [Fuller V] and let the other guys play free. This game, they kind of played a little more man and so everyone had opportunity depending on the concept and the route running and down and distance, so everything just played a part in that. The beauty of it is not one of our skill guys are selfish. All the guys want everyone to be successful. All of them want to go for 100 [yards]. We all encourage each other to keep doing it, so that's the beauty of it and we just keep passing the ball around and running and when guys get their opportunity, take advantage of it."

(On the threat of the WR duo of Brandin Cooks and Will Fuller V) "They make explosive plays, possession plays, everything. You got [Randall] Cobb, [Kenny] Stills when he comes in, and then get those tight ends rolling, it can be very, very scary. We're still pinning the pieces together and getting that chemistry building up and things are continuing to roll."

(On WR Will Fuller V not being traded amid conversation before the trade deadline) "Ain't nobody going to do that. Would've been hell if they would've did that, for sure, honestly. But no, I'm glad to continue to play with Will [Fuller V]. We've been making a lot of big, big plays since I came in this league together and are going to continue to do that as we continue to go the rest of this year and hopefully the rest of our career."

(On being able to make running plays for the Texans offense) "Teams know that, so they do things where they try to disguise. They have a linebacker, or depending on what the run concept is, sitting out there. So yeah, there's opportunities for me…(inaudible)."

(If he made more of an effort to run the ball today and on Will Fuller V's adjustment to catch the touchdown pass) "It wasn't scheme based. I just made plays and the holes opened up so I just kind of took it and ran with it. But the play that he [WR Will Fuller V] made with that, the beauty for me is just give him a chance and he does a great job of adjusting, seeing the DB and playing the ball, and he went and got it and took it to the crib. For me, I just have to give those guys a chance to make plays."

(On if he knew the play clock had expired on the Will Fuller V touchdown pass play) "Yeah I did, but we didn't get no flag, so I guess that what money do."

(On the offense in the fourth quarter) "I feel like, honestly, we could have done even a better job of really putting the game away when we had opportunities, but we didn't capitalize. They did a good job, got to give them credit scheming up the third down, a couple third down pressures to get us off the field. We could've punched at least 10 more points, a touchdown and a field goal, in the fourth quarter that could've really put the game away. But that's a good learning lesson for us to carry over to next week and really try to do that especially when we go on the road. We play Cleveland next week, so it's going to be opportunity for us to improve that and try to put games away."