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Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Q. What was this like to right from the start come out firing the football and be able to get into a rhythm with WR Brandin Cooks and Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach Tim Kelly's approach to the game and his strategy?

DESHAUN WATSON: "Yeah, that was the biggest thing. I know Cooky (Brandin Cooks) didn't have a catch last week so we wanted to get him going early. He had a big day, made some big-time catches. But that's what we wanted to do, just kind of set the tone from the jump and get myself in a rhythm because as far as I go, the offense goes. We of course wanted to establish the run as much as possible, but if the passing was working, we want to continue to do that to get those guys to soften up a little bit, and of course they made a couple -- they got my hand on one throw, the interception, and the other interception. I actually put it out a little bit more and Sidney Jones tipped it up for the safety, so they made two good plays on that, but outside of that everything was pretty much clean. And the David Johnson throw in the back of the end zone, I had just a hair of a second, they had a little game and I got hit so I had to throw it a little early, but outside of that, everything else was pretty clean, and that's what we wanted to do as an operation, just focus on that and getting in a rhythm."

Q. WR Brandin Cooks mentioned the confidence to go for it on fourth down. For the coaches to have that trust in you as players, how much did that mean to you to put away the team that way but for the coaches to do it in that manner?

DESHAUN WATSON: "That's what we have to do. We want to set the tone. If we want to win some games in this league, especially divisional games, we've got to set the tone. We've got to go for it. And we've got to put our best players in positions to go make big-time plays, and that's what he did today, and we capitalized. Made a good throw where he could catch it, and he made a great run after that and we put it away from there. Then the defense made a stop and did their job, and we ended the game. That's how we want to end the game. Everyone came out healthy and it was good."

Q. What was the feeling for you to finally get the win, and what do you think y'all need to do to build on this?

DESHAUN WATSON: "We've just got to continue to have fun and continue to build the momentum, continue to keep guys healthy, continue to prepare and just be loose. Not too loose, but at the same time just have fun. Regardless of what happens, good or bad, because each team is very, very good, and each team is going to make plays. It's hard to score points in this league. It's hard to stop people in this league. For us, just to keep building and just take it one week at a time, that's our mentality. We're not looking four to six weeks down the road or anything. We expect to win each and every week, and we're going to go into each game and you're going to get our best, and you're going to get everything we got. We have nothing to lose. That's the mentality we have to have and just keep stacking them each and every week. We've got to continue to ride this wave and build on it, you know."

Q. Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel mentioned to me that what he wants more than anything out of you is to just be yourself, and you mentioned that word loose. He clearly has so much faith in you to go out there and make plays. How much does that help you, and how can you build on that aspect going forward?

DESHAUN WATSON: "Yeah, it's just me personally, I think sometimes I'm a little too hard on myself. I want to be so perfect, and it just kind of causes mistakes, and everyone says it. A lot of guys, not just Romeo (Crennel), but even when Coach OB (Bill O'Brien) was here, he was saying the same thing, Tim Kelly, AJ (McCarron), all the receivers, just be me, just play loose, just let it rip. Something bad happens, hey, forget it, you go to the next play. That's me and my mindset. Sometimes I get too hard on myself, just wanting to be so perfect and wanting to make every play. But I can't do that, I've got to continue to just take one play at a time, take what the defense gives me and do what's best for the team, and for me to do that I've just got to continue to be loose, continue to have fun and bring that joy and bring that confidence so it can spread throughout the team and give this city and give this organization hope that we can go win games."

Q. When you have one big game like this with WR Brandin Cooks, what can that do for the connection between you guys moving forward? What sort of confidence can it give you?

DESHAUN WATSON: "I mean, a lot of confidence, building just -- for myself to be able to rip it whenever he's playing, whenever he's got a guy on him or he's running free open, I can just rip it and he's going to catch it and make something happen. For all those guys, we're very excited. You never know who can make a big play. One week it's Will (Fuller V), one week it's Cooky (Brandin Cooks), one week it's (Randall) Cobb, then one week it could be (Kenny) Stills or the tight ends. We have so many weapons that can really be very, very explosive. We've just got to make sure we take advantage of those times and those opportunities for us to do that."

Q. You guys all mentioned being loose and having more fun, and I know that comes with some success on the field, but how much does Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel's personality fit into you guys having a looser week in preparation for the day?

DESHAUN WATSON: "Yeah, he was very loose. The memes are very, very hilarious. And he doesn't do it on purpose, at least I don't think so. But that's just his personality. And he's just very loose, got guys laughing and enjoying and wanting to come to meetings, and he lets the coaches and the staff just do how they want to coach us and have our own sessions and own units, and then we play as one complementary football, one team, and that's what it's all about, it's about being a family and just supporting and serving one another."

Q. Would you describe Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel's dancing in the locker room? We heard there's no video unfortunately.

DESHAUN WATSON: "I kind of missed it because I was doing the broadcast thing outside, so I came in towards the end. So I didn't really get to see it. Yeah, next time. Next week we get the victory, I'll make sure that I can get in there a little faster so I can see it."

Q. TE Darren Fells' speed, pretty good in your opinion?

DESHAUN WATSON: "I think he was running slow. He almost got caught, so we've got to work on that, too. He made it to the end zone but he almost got caught. If he had another five, ten yards, I don't know if he would have made it."