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Texans Running Back David Johnson: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Q. What was the feeling like to have a victory just after you guys got off to such a slow start? What was it like to win this game and score some points doing it?

DAVID JOHNSON: "It was great, man. The feeling is amazing. Just with everything going on the last four games, it feels good to come out and get a victory the way we did. Everyone complementing each other – defense, offense, special teams – and the locker room was very joyous, everyone was excited, everyone was jumping, just pumped to get this first win."

Q. What are your thoughts on your performance and on Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly's strategy and what he was trying to do?

DAVID JOHNSON: "I ran the ball pretty well. Still had some runs I wish I could have got back, a couple of them. Just trying to do too much sometimes instead of just relaxing, being patient and letting our guys up front do their jobs and me just being patient running the ball. But overall, I feel like it was great, especially at the end of the game. We needed to get the first down or we needed to run the ball to really finish the game, and we did a great job."

Q. On the last series, how much did it mean to you knowing they wanted to run the ball, run out the clock and they called on you and you ran it so well? What does that mean for you, what you mean to the running game?

DAVID JOHNSON: "It means a lot. At the end of the day, that four-minute is very huge for an offense, especially with our defense being on the field and doing what they did at the end of the game. We really wanted to give them a break, and it really just made me feel confident that they gave me the ability, the opportunity to run the clock out, run the ball, and I just wish I would have capitalized and score the touchdown at the end."

Q. Do you feel like you all are getting a grasp for what you are trying to do offensively, schemes, terminology, all that stuff? How would you say that stuff is better now than in the beginning when you first got started?

DAVID JOHNSON: "I think the biggest thing is we're just starting to figure out how to play with each other. Obviously with no preseason games and stuff like that, it was hard doing everything virtually. It's tough to get a real feel for how we play as a unit, how we try to play together. Hopefully, we can continue this success and I can continue to do my job. Obviously, like I said, on some of the runs, not just the runs but the passing game, I missed a couple of those, as well. Just trying to improve on those, correct the mistakes and continue to have success."

Q. What was it like in the first game with Romeo (Crennel) as the head coach? What was the vibe out there with him for the first time?

DAVID JOHNSON: "I think he was just trying to make sure everyone was doing their job. They didn't have to do too much. He wasn't asking anyone to go out of their element, out of their skill set. I think the biggest thing is just do your responsibility, do what you were brought on this team to do, and I think that is really what helped us get over this hump and getting this first win."

Q. When the receiving in the passing game is just as explosive as it was today, can you get a sense for how it changes the way the defense defends you and defends the run as the game goes on?

DAVID JOHNSON: "I think the biggest thing is that they have to really try to figure out who they're going to match on either me or a tight end because they're bringing a safety on me or a tight end, that leaves open holes for the other receivers to get open. And it really just puts them in a bind, who they're going to try to pick on to either double team, or like I said, put the faster guy on, on us as a unit. It's really going to hurt them and put them at a disadvantage."