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Transcript - Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Joe Cullen: February 11, 2021

(Opening Statement) "It's a great honor to be part of Coach Meyer's first NFL staff and to be back in Jacksonville. I spent 2010-12 here. I'm excited. Coach Meyer is one of the winningest coaches in the history of the game and when he called me to come down and interview, I was excited and ready to go."

(On a 4-3 versus a 3-4 and what he plans on for the defense) "We are still evaluating our current roster and I've been [in the NFL] for 14 years – eight years we were a 4-3 scheme and six years, we were a 3-4 scheme when we were multiple. It is all tailored to the personnel that you have and in both schemes, you have the flexibility to do both."

(On what areas the defense needs to focus on first) "I think like anything, you keep improving every day. You want to be an attacking defense. You have to stop the run. A lot of people say it's a throwing league, but if it's 2nd-and-3 and 3rd-and-1 all day, you are not going to have the opportunity to get after the quarterback. I think as the Jaguars move forward, we will just continue to get better and keep doing things that will not only stop the run, but will get after the quarterback."

(On Assistant Defensive Line Coach Sterling Lucas and Outside Linebackers Coach Zachary Orr) "I think first and foremost, coach has hired a great staff. The Jaguars defensive staff is a great staff. Zach and Sterling, I was with for five years. They have great knowledge of the defense. Zach played in the system and then coached with me side-by-side for the last four years as well as Sterling. They just have a great knowledge, they have great energy. They are great working with players. Those are two key guys as the rest of our staff was as well."

(On if he has specifically evaluated Josh Allen and K'Lavon Chaisson) "I have definitely evaluated those guys, not only coming out [of college], but obviously here. They could play in either scheme. Both of those guys are versatile, they are athletic. They can put their hand down, they can stand up. They can do a lot of different things, and I'm excited."

(On what he brings to the coordinator position as a defensive line coach) "First and foremost, the Jaguars defense, we are going to have a collaborative staff. There is great knowledge in our staff room. When you look at the guys that I have trained under, Rod Marinelli, he was a long-time defensive line coach. Lovie Smith, Jack Del Rio … When I went to Baltimore, [former Ravens Defensive Coordinator] Dean Pees and [Current Ravens Defensive Coordinator] Wink Martindale have done a great job. Coach Harbaugh [has done a great job]. There have been some great coordinators, not only from the secondary, but also from the front end. I think it's like anything, when you get the opportunity and you are asked to call a defense, it is going to be a collaborative effort and also, it is the things that you experience in the past. I am excited about it."

(On what it means to him to come back to Jacksonville and what it means to him to be a coordinator for the first time) "Jacksonville is a special place. I was here before with Jack Del Rio and Wayne Weaver, Gene Smith. I was here in 2012 when Mr. Khan bought the team and I was grateful to stay here. I always thought I might come back some day because it was a great area, great organization and when Coach Meyer called, I was really excited to have the opportunity to come down. Again, being a first-time defensive coordinator at the NFL level, as I said, I have been a coordinator before [in college] and have learned from some great defensive minds, not only head coaches, but also positional coaches that became coordinators. I think one thing that as a defensive staff, we are all going to have say. I am excited about the staff we put together and also the opportunity that Coach Meyer and Shad [Khan] have given me here with the defense."

(On how important his time in Baltimore was in terms of learning defense) "It was vital. Like I said, I have coached 14 years in the NFL. I had an opportunity to be in a 4-3 scheme and also the opportunity to be in the 3-4 scheme. The versatility that can go with both schemes and the way they did things from [Former Ravens General Manager] Ozzie Newsome to [Current Ravens General Manager] Eric DeCosta and Coach [John] Harbaugh and learning under [Ravens Defensive Coordinator] Wink Martindale was valuable. It was just great knowledge I gained in my five years."