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Transcript - Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke: April 29, 2021

(On today's picks) "We have quarterback that we think has a high, high ceiling, two very high character guys that fit into the culture here. We're real excited, real excited."

(On RB Travis Etienne) "Well, I think if you go back to his college film, I think you see he's an explosive player, can multi-align, can detach, can come out of the backfield. So, he offers a tremendous amount of versality in the pass game, as well as that explosive play-making ability that you covet."

(On if being former teammates at Clemson will be an advantage for QB Trevor Lawrence and RB Travis Etienne) "I don't know. To my knowledge, this is the first time it's ever happened, in the first round at least, in modern era drafting. It's never happened in any draft that I've been in. I guess I can't recollect it happening. Does it help? Certainly. There's a lot of familiarity with each other, both in the pass game and the run game, so I think it does help."

(On drafting a running back before other positions and Etienne's big play ability) "It's hard to have 14, 15, 16 play drives in the National Football League. You have to be able to flip the field. You have to be able to score from every level of the field and the only way you can do that is to add explosive players, and we feel Travis [Etienne] is one of those."

(On players mock drafted to the Jaguars still being available after the first round) "I'll be very honest with you, I do not look at mock drafts, so I don't know who you may be referring to. I do that because it does us no good, where guys are projected to go by people that haven't done a lot of film research, talk to people. We just follow the board. We build the board off value, put the best players high on the board and cascade it down from there and then let the board speak. We felt very good about what we got at one and what we got at 25."

(On who's still available to be drafted) "We're in a very good situation obviously. We've got three or four guys left that we had valued at that level and feel like we're going to do what Coach [Urban Meyer] and I always talk about. We're going to let it breathe, come back tomorrow. We've got a long day to sit down and talk things through, but [I] feel very good about where we're sitting right now going into tomorrow."

(On if they got the player they wanted at number 25) "Travis [Etienne] is someone we had penciled in at 25 and we're hoping he would get to us. We had several others as well, but you always have a plan A, plan B, plan C, 1,2,3, however you want to rate it. We feel very good about how we ended up today."

(On his response to those who question taking a running back in the first round) "I don't know who questions it I guess, if there's other GM's that feel the same way, take a back, don't take a back. Our job is to take the best football players available and when you have a chance to add an explosive, dynamic player to your team, I don't think that's a roll of the dice. I think that's an educated decision that we were willing to make."

(On the communication with QB Trevor Lawrence leading up to the draft) "You're very fortunate when you know which direction you're going and you're sitting at one, what you're allowed to discuss with him over the phone. This season, you're only allowed five Zoom calls with him. We used those very strategically and we've done a lot of phone conversations as well. We feel very good about where he's at within the learning process already and now we can expedite it."

(On the possibility of Tim Tebow joining the team) "He did come in for a workout several weeks ago or whatever that was. He worked out as a tight end and that's the position he'll be playing. Right now, where it stands, we're going to get through the draft and our whole focus, quite honestly, has been on the draft. We'll worry about that when the draft is over."

(On trade offers for the 25th pick) "We fielded some interest. I can't remember exactly how far back we would've had to go, but we would've possibly considered it if our player wasn't on the board, but he was, and we felt very strongly about him. We made the pick and now we get ready for tomorrow."

(On the potential for trading the 33rd pick) "I think you can always expect some calls for 33 because every organization now gets to sit back for a night and look at their board and look at the value they place on different players. There's always a player left from day one that you want to go get on day two, so I would expect some calls. How willing we will be to move back? That remains to be seen. We feel very good about the position we're in and very good about a few of the players that are still left on the board at that level. So, we're going to sleep on it, we'll let it breathe, and we'll come back tomorrow, get refocused and go to work."