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Transcript - Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer: June 8, 2021

(On whether there's an update on QB Trevor Lawrence's hamstring) "Yeah, he just tightened up his hamstring and we don't want to take any chances. He should be fine. Tomorrow is an off day and then we're going to go Thursday, so he should be fine Thursday."

(On the trade of WR Julio Jones to the Tennessee Titans) "I know Julio back from the days coaching against him when he was at Alabama. I saw that and I'm not jacked to see him in our division. But yeah, that's always been, you look at our history and that's somewhere that if you go to games without some legit corners, you're in trouble. And depth, because those are the positions that get banged up a little bit. So, Tyson [Campbell] and then also the free agency with Shaq [Griffin], you know CJ [Henderson] has got to get healthy and so, we've got a little bit more depth there than, certainly, we had a year ago."

(On the defense and what stood out to him in the secondary) "Yeah, they had a very good day. I was talking about it on the way in. Offense looked good yesterday, today defense had the upper hand. But that happens and even when we're not really live through the balls, it tells you they did a really good job. But who stood out? Josh Jones, I know [he] had a couple good plays, but I don't know. I'll watch the film, but I saw what you saw, the guys looked pretty good today."

(On the status of CB Tyson Campbell and CB CJ Henderson) "Yeah, CJ is nothing live, he's on the field individual and same with Tyson. Tyson, you know, first day of working minicamp tugged his hamstring and we're being cautious once again. We'd like to get him some Thursday and then let him go next week, so we at least have an idea of what we've got."

(On the new NFL protocols that restrict coaches if they're not vaccinated and how that will affect his coaching staff) "Yeah, we have a couple that—many of them came out and got the vaccine, it just takes a while to get fully vaccinated. Whether it's the one shot, I believe it's a two-week [period] and the two shot takes a while.

(On whether he expects any issues with his coaching staff ahead of the new vaccination NFL protocol) "I don't know exactly where we're at, I'll find out shortly. But we'll adapt with whatever we have to."

(On his impressions of WR Laviska Shenault Jr.) "Yeah, he's one of our best playmakers on offense. He's a guy that's right, in the right position, at that age gap. I love who he is, I love the way he practices, he's been there every day. He's a great puzzle piece for us to have on offense, plus his attitude every day is fantastic."

(On how LB Joe Schobert and his skill set are fitting into the new scheme) "Yeah, Coach [Charlie] Strong has a real good relationship with him now and we've got Damien [Wilson], Myles Jack and Joe [Schobert] are the top three guys at the linebackers and hopefully we'll get a little bit of rotation going for those three, Mike and Will. So, he's been—he's one of the strongest guys on the team, powerful, he had a great offseason with our strength staff and he's all in. So, we're anxious to see him have a good year."

(On whether the messaging towards the offense changes at all when the defense has a good day like today) "Well, it's steady as it goes. We don't want to create the whole idea of—phase three, with what we're in, should not be—we've got to really tone back and make sure the guys aren't watching themselves after the ball and all that. So, no. It's all about not losing the strength gains and speed gains they made in the offseason, installing an offense and then trying to actually—. This is not about winning or losing right now. At that time, it's coming, but not now."

(On status of TE Tim Tebow's performance thus far) "Oh Tim has done a decent job. We all know this is a new position for him. You wish you could see and do [more]. In spring football, you have full pads and scrimmages, and you can really evaluate, but it's kind of tough right now. But he's a great teammate. In the locker room, I can see everybody getting along, we have a good chemistry on our team. But he's picked it up decently."

(On status of QB Gardner Minshew II's potential) "Yeah, he's done a nice job. He's one of the leaders on offense, his greatest quality is competitive sport. Like I said, we've just not been in win-or-lose situations, so it's hard to [evaluate]. The whole time you've probably heard us say, 'Stay up, stay up.' It's not win-or-lose because you lose practices if all of a sudden the NFL sees you doing—and plus, my gosh, you don't want to get someone hurt. So, we haven't really gotten a chance to evaluate all that."

(On status of LB Josh Allen's health after today's practice) "Josh is sitting right to my left, he's a soft player that---oh I'm sorry, I didn't even see him sitting there. No, his lower back is tight. He's been fantastic, he's one of our leaders and he's been to everything, so we're just being cautionary today. He's fine." 

(On the team building that they've accomplished thus far) "Yeah, I think when you're named head coach, you're responsible for two things, the culture and the talent acquisition piece. So, we have good team meetings. I haven't taken too much of their time because of the limitations that we have. Next week, we're going to have longer days, but I really like where we're at, I like our guys, zero resistance and we've just got to be a lot better in a lot of areas, but I love where we're at as far as—I don't necessarily like the term 'buying-in' but I hear it all the time. The guys have been great."

(On how QB Trevor Lawrence handles adversity) "I'm learning like you are, you made a good point, he hasn't experienced a whole lot of that, but he's a very grown man the way he handles his business. He's here, wide-eyed, ready to go all the time and I would imagine—we're going to meet right now—but I would imagine that it's just about execution and how to get better. Once again, I don't want to under-value what you saw today, but there's no winner or loser, it was just some execution misfires and we've got to get those fixed. But he's fine and I think his development as a player is going to be interesting to watch, like what you just said, when you have 34-2 as a starting quarterback. That's something that we've got to just watch and manage."