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Transcript - Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer: May 27, 2021

(On how TE Tim Tebow is looking at the tight end position and if it has been weird coaching him again) "Oh well, I wouldn't say weird—awkward maybe, the first practice. But it's 1 of 90, trying to make the team. He has improved, it's all new for him, but Tyler Bowen is doing a good job with our tight ends as a whole. [James] O'Shaughnessy and [Ben] Ellefson in particular, are—if you watch a video [from] last year and if you watch them practice now, it's night.and day; those guys have really improved. Their positions are trending upward, they're doing a nice job."

(On whether they call Tight Ends Coach Tyler Bowen by "T-Bow" and whether there are now two people nicknamed "Tebow" in the building) "I actually walked down the hallway and I heard someone call him that, 'T-Bow' or something like that. I said, 'What was that?' So, I guess that's a nickname. I'm not sure if they're changing that or whatever. That's—I let more important people make those decisions."

(On whether they are planning on hiring a new Director of Sports Performance or go without one this year) "At this point, I think we're going to stand pat. I've watched it very closely, obviously, that's an area that—I know, Mike, we've been following each other for a long time. That's something that's been A1A with Mickey Marotti and the training staff [at Ohio State University]. But these guys have been phenomenal. So, that's an evaluation every day. At this point, I'd grade our guys an A plus—not 'I grade them,' but the players do, at the end of the day. So, as of right now, we're standing pat."

(On what the plan is for TE Tim Tebow's position) "I think it's one step at a time and see what happens. Before you start having those conversations, you've got to feel where he's at on the depth chart. So, obviously, it's only been a couple days, so we have not had that conversation as an offensive staff yet."

(On how QB Trevor Lawrence is performing with a full team and how they're dividing his throwing reps) "Yeah, he had a great day yesterday [and an] okay day today. But I just talked to Coach Schott [Brian Schottenheimer] because I knew we would be asked that question and I just wanted to give you the right answer. And that is that he's not necessarily on a pitch count, they monitor every throw and if there's anything they have to adjust, they will. And it's been full speed ahead since the last two or three practices. So, I don't want to say he's off the pitch count, because they're monitoring every throw, but when you have three to four quarterbacks, he's not getting overused right now. In an hour and a half practice, you're just not getting really enough throws."

(On what he saw yesterday that he didn't see today in QB Trevor Lawrence's performance) "Well, a big reason is red zone emphasis and that's obviously a very hard area of the field. The field changes, especially against NFL talent all over the field and defense had the upper hand today. It wasn't just him. So, it's just [a] new area of the field, which is why you spend so much time down there practicing. It's a completely different game. [He was] very accurate yesterday, today he's just—we all struggled, not just him, offensively."

(On what he has seen from TE Chris Manhertz thus far) "Yeah, he was a guy that we [identified] early in the free agency process. You say, okay, 'How do you help a young quarterback?' Number one, is [to] have a solid running game. And we had him [Chris Manhertz] as one of the top blocking tight ends in the NFL. He's a guy that didn't play high school, didn't play college football, so his [best] football is ahead of him. We think he can be a functional receiver as well. But he's highly respected throughout the NFL as a blocker. We've talked to people who have gone against him, we've talked to people who that coached him and he's even been better than advertised, since he's been here. So, that was the number one reason, was to be able to extend the line of scrimmage which helps a young quarterback. That was the reason and we went and got him and we are happy to have him." 

(On how critical it is for players to participate in voluntary OTAs in this very early process) "Well, first of all, I respect the PA [NFL Players Association] and we try to do the very best we can by them. For example, we had a chance to go four OTAs this week, we did three. We're trying to do right by the players. I have a group of players that we visit with constantly. But to answer your question, if we didn't have this as a new staff, I can't imagine even—you'd have to just push forward and start in August on the field. So, I'm grateful their here. I believe we're [at] 100 percent and they're hungry, they want to learn the offenses and they trust the coaching staff and sports [performance] staff that we're doing right by them."

(On how he would assess the cohesion and comradery of the team early on) "I'm not talking about execution at all, because obviously, that wasn't very good today in the red zone. But that's not what the question is. Gene, I look at—if you said in January, 'What would be your ideal vision of what the team will look like in May?'—and I'm not talking about execution, I'm just talking about comradery, ownership, work ethic, sports performance, changing bodies, health of players, I'd grade it an A plus. I can't be more happy with it. Everybody talks about the draft and free agency, I'm not going to let people forget, there's a great core group of players in the Jaguars organization that want to win and it's our job as coaches to give them an opportunity to win. So, they're all here, they all enjoy being around each other, they enjoy being around the staff and it's been really good."