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Transcript - Jaguars Safety Andre Cisco: April 30, 2021

(On a health update and coming back from an injury last season) "Yeah, I'm a little over six months out of surgery. Right now, I'm working on doing field work, my normal positional workouts. So, I'm on the field and moving around and I feel pretty good. I'm working at 85 percent right now, so working through that. Little tweaks here and there, so I would say that I'm still working through this journey. I'm not there yet, but I'm looking forward to starting training camp out and being 100 percent cleared."

(On whether he's always had a nose for the ball) "Yeah, I say for myself [with] the right guys around me and be able to make plays. So, the ball skills are something that are definitely natural, but the rest of it is the preparation."

(On what the IMG Academy Sports Camp kid would tell him if he told him he was going to the NFL) "He would have said, 'When? Where? and How?' because it definitely was a long road for me. It wasn't clear, it's hard to say exactly how it was going to happen. But I'll say going to IMG has kind of opened up my eyes, to me believing in myself and making that next step to say that I'm dedicated for myself."

(On how he calculates the risk versus reward as a ball hawk safety) "Right, well I'll say it starts with understanding who you're playing. So, I'll say I'll understand that and then as the game goes along, I get a better feel and I try to—all you've got to do is catch the quarterback slipping on one play to make that big play. So, that's usually how I try to calculate it."

(On what it means to get drafted and hopefully start the chain for other Syracuse teammates in the draft) "If, I mean, it means everything. I mean, this is exactly what I've been working for. You know, I'm somebody that had an unfortunate incident this past season and still fortunately ended up getting drafted this early. So, I'm blessed in 100 different ways. And on top of that, like I said, the guys that are going to follow within this draft is just—it's a blessing for all of us. We're all super close. Hopefully maybe we end up in the same city or even close to each other, that'd be awesome for us. All three of us have a lot planned for the future." 

(On whether he suspects that he'll be 100 percent ready by training camp) "Yeah, I would assume that I'll be ready for training camp. Unless I have a setback between now and then, but we haven't had any setbacks this far and I'm doing really well on my timeline. So, I'm really happy where I'm at and I think training camp is a good time to say that I'll be ready for."

(On what he may have learned from the sidelines while having to sit out last season) "Yeah, honestly, dealing with the injuries that I dealt with, I think the biggest thing is just understanding that the game could be taken away from you and that it's not something that you take into consideration as you approach the game each day. But when it happens, it's a little different. So, from then until now, I think the base that changed in me is just every time I step onto the field, just be grateful that I have that opportunity."

(On whether he had any idea that this was going to happen and whether the phone call from the Jaguars was a surprise) "I could say that me and Coach [Chris] Ash go far back and now he's the DB [defensive backs] coach obviously. He was the coach for Rutgers and I'm from New York, so we had seen each other at some camps before and there was a little bit of recruitment throughout my town as recruiting high school. So, that relationship was there, so I thought it could happen. And I'm very grateful that it did."

(On the thought of going from defending QB Trevor Lawrence and RB Travis Etienne in the ACC to now being teammates with them) "No, that's pretty funny. I mean, it's definitely going to be some cool interactions between us. I understand that we've played against each other several times and I had to study them and now we're on the same team attacking other guys. So, it's a blessing. Obviously, they have very bright futures, both are extremely talented players two of the best players I played in college. So, I'm glad I have them on my side." 

(On the moment when he found out he was getting selected by the Jaguars) "Yes, I have a bunch of friends and family here; I'm in Atlanta. And you know, once I saw the call, I was like, 'Okay, so now it's time.' Because for me at least, the draft, it's emotional. But at the same time, I'm really ready to get to my city, get to work and start this new journey, because it has been a long time waiting. Like I said, this is the moment I've been waiting for and I'm really ready to improve myself in the NFL."