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Transcript - Jaguars Safety Rayshawn Jenkins: March 18, 2021

(On his relationship with teammate CB Shaquill Griffin) "[I've known him] since we were seven. He said it. We played little league together. I want to say in six years of playing little league, we won like three championships together, so it was a pretty cool team to be on. High school, we went to different high schools and different colleges and now we're back in Florida together, so it's pretty cool."

(On his little league team with CB Shaquill Griffin) "Lakewood Junior Sparks. They couldn't deal with us, man, not the three of us. We had a few more athletes as well, but we were like the featured guys, so that was pretty cool to do and be around when we were [younger]."

(On playing on the same team with CB Shaquill Griffin again) "It's just unreal. It's unbelievable actually. Even our city, it was a big deal for our city just seeing us get to be on the same team again and just having someone that you've known all your life on the same team with you. That makes a difference as well, so that's pretty cool. I know what type of mindset he has, he knows what type of mindset I have, so that'll be easy. The chemistry's already there. There's no building of chemistry."

(On what sold him on coming to Jacksonville) "I see the vision that [Head Coach] Coach [Urban] Meyer's trying to build here. I'm a Florida guy, so that was an easy decision in my books, and Coach Meyer wins. You look at his track record, I think he's lost like 17 games in I don't know how long, like 20 years or something like that. I mean everything's there; the track record is there. Why not Jacksonville? It's the perfect landing spot for me and my family and we're looking forward to making it happen."

(On his high jumping ability) "I was a high jumper in high school. I never really took that part serious. I was more of a track guy. I never really took it serious, but I jump higher than 68 [inches] just to clear the record there. 68 is on video so we'll go with that for right now."

(On Defensive Coordinator Joe Cullen) "[Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Joe] Cullen, I know him from Baltimore. Baltimore is always known for their defense, so definitely big hats off to Coach Cullen. He always finishes in the top five defenses throughout the league, so it's going to be just really interesting and fun to really see how creative he can get and use guys to the best of their ability throughout his defense."

(On his trash talking) "I have rehearsal practice at home. No, I'm kidding, but it's just who I am. I like to talk. I like to make sure that you know I'm there and I like to put my play along with it. I'm just a high energy guy. That's just who I am, especially on the field, so you can expect a lot more of that talking in my future."

(On if the opposing team responds to his trash talking) "Everybody chirps back, but you know, you have to bite. You know what I'm saying? So, it is what it is. We're going to talk."

(On where he feels most comfortable playing) "I like just playing all over the place. I like to be around the ball a lot, [there are] better opportunities, but I play all over the place. I play dime, I play strong safety, I play free safety. I started in this league as a nickel, so I play all over the field. That's a part of my game where I really take pride in. Once I got to the NFL, I was actually surprised how people didn't play multiple positions. Coming from where I came from, we had to play everything, so I kind of use that to my advantage and it's been working."

(On if he envisions playing a lot of roles as well in Jacksonville) "Absolutely. However the team needs me to help, I'm here for it. I can play man to man, I can play in the post, come down and block, help with the run support. So, however the team needs me, that's how I work."

(On his development over the last two years in the league) "When I first got in the league, 2017-18, I was a special teams guy mentally. Physically, I had all the tools to come in and start right away, but I had to come and learn how to be a professional. I had to come in and learn some different things that I hadn't quite seen yet up to my career at that point. I would just say [I've been] really just taking in the game and really understanding it, that's what kind of helped elevate my game, and just learning how to be a professional. That's probably the number one thing, coming in and knowing what needs to be done. That's really carried me."

(On what appealed to him about the Jaguars) "I used to watch the Jaguars when I was [in] sixth, seventh, eighth grade. [Former Jaguars quarterback David] Garrard, [former Jaguars running back] Fred Taylor, [former Jaguars running back] Maurice Jones-Drew, I know about it. I'm from here, so I know about Tampa Bay and Jacksonville and Miami Dolphins. I'm just trying to bring Florida football back to Florida, how it's supposed to be played in Florida. That's what kind of drew me back. It was just a nice opportunity for me and my family."

(On the free agency process) "Honestly, I didn't know what to expect at first, but it was pretty smooth. As soon as free agency opened, we were in communication non-stop, so that was really easy in terms of me and my agent. The team, same thing. [It was] just a lot of communication, just having to keep your phone on you and loud all day. It was anxiousness. It was a lot of feelings, emotions. It was cool, it was a cool experience."