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Transcript - Jaguars Safety Rayshawn Jenkins: May 27, 2021

(On the atmosphere during this year's OTA's and Marvin Jones Jr. saying the energy was great) "I would definitely agree with Marvin [Jones]. It's a lot of energy just around the entire building right now. We have a lot of guys and that's something that's kind of different than what I've been used to in the past. We have a lot of guys so we can really get some good-on-good reps. You can just feel the energy. You can just feel the amount of guys that are out there. And everybody [is] fairly new to one another, so of course there's going to be some energy there and guys trying to get to know one another and things like that."

(On his jersey number choice) "As soon as I heard [the rule about] single digits, I was hyped. The original number I wanted was No. 8 and I know [former Jaguars QB Mark] Brunell wore it in the past, so I was just like, 'What's the next number?' They were like, 'No. 2's open' and No. 2 was the first number I wore in football ever when I was a young fella. That's my first number ever so just even seeing me with the No. 2 on again brings back memories and stuff, so it's kind of cool that the NFL even passed that rule."

(On building the chemistry on defense during OTA's) "Just like I said earlier, we have, I don't even know the number of guys, I want to say maybe 90 guys here, so it's easy to get good competition on competition. I feel like one good thing that I saw today was that everyone was competing and that's the number one thing that I saw today, which will make up for a lot of mistakes down there, especially in that area of the field, which is probably one of the more critical areas of the field than any other place."

(On playing against TE Tim Tebow in practice) "He's just another guy. I met him briefly just in the locker room, so really [he's] a really good guy from what I can tell. But I don't look at it as 'Tebow' or anybody who's just right there. I just look at it [as] what do I need to do this play? What are my keys? What am I looking at? It doesn't matter what number the jersey is or whoever's right there in front of me. So, I'm just always trying to just work on my toolbox and work on my craft."

(On not getting distracted by the storyline of TE Tim Tebow) "No, we don't get caught up in any of that. You can't get starstruck around here. It's the business. I played with numerous superstars. I can name a list full, but we're all friends at the end of the day, we're all co-workers at the end of the day."

(On what he's learned about CB Shaquill Griffin after reuniting with him on the field) "You can just tell both of our mindsets and approach to the game is just different and much more just professional. Even today, we came and before practice we talked to each other [and said,] 'Hey, what do you need to work on today? What do I need to work on today? Let's make sure we're doing that and if we don't see each other doing that, let's hold each other accountable.' So, it's just the professionalism as we age. But he's always been a great football player and I expect nothing less and I would definitely think he thinks the same about me."