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Transcript - Jaguars Safety Rudy Ford: March 22, 2021

(On playing special teams in Jacksonville) "Definitely. I definitely plan on that and anywhere else to help this team out as much as possible."

(On his preferred position on defense) "I have versatility, so just kind of getting with [Head] Coach [Urban Meyer] and just trying to see what's the best to help, help on defense as well. But just being able to have versatility is always a plus."

(On his relationship with S Daniel Thomas) "Daniel [Thomas] was like my little brother at Auburn. He was a freshman, I was a senior, so just being able to reconnect is always great. He just got into the league this past year so it's awesome. I've been in the league for a few more years than him. I was able to be around older guys, so I know how it is sometimes when you're around just some familiar faces and things." 

(On his mindset to be productive on special teams) "I would just say your mindset is you have to have the relentless effort mindset. But I will say, just like anything, the mindset that you have on any team regardless of anything, basically my mindset is when I'm out there, how can I be the best? How can I be the best in what I'm going to do, and, always first, be where my feet are? I just take the role I'm given and [ask myself] how can I make the most of this opportunity."

(On Head Coach Urban Meyer's high regard for special teams play) "That's very accurate, very accurate."

(On why he chose Jacksonville) "Really to be honest, just opportunity, just be a part of something, a big change. I feel like just the culture, you want to change the culture around here and [I'm] just happy to be a part of something different."

(On his conversations with the team before signing) "I got a great feel [for the team], just the energy and the vibes here. I feel like everything is going on the up so that's why it was really like a no-brainer for me. [It] just kind of reminded me back of when I was coming out of high school picking the college I wanted to go to. I was fortunate enough to have a lot of different SEC schools, but [it was] kind of the same reason. Auburn, we had that real down year right before I was coming out. Then [it was] [former Auburn Head Coach] Coach [Gus] Malzahn's first year, another change, just excitement, and wound up going to the National Championship that year, so it's always just great things. But, that's kind of the main reason, [I] just want to be a part of something good."

(On being part of rebuilding the program) "I think for anybody, [it's important] just to try to help and do as much as you can to help where you're at and to give your all while you're there. So, I think anywhere is always great to be a part of something [like this]."

(On how he ended up in Jacksonville) "So, [I] was just kind of going through teams and just every team that was interested in me and every team that I had the opportunity, just to kind of see which one was going to be the right fit for me. So, I had time, me and my agent, we had time to evaluate that and that's pretty much what we did. Then, just meeting him, just talking to Jacksonville with him [about] what they want to do here, what they really wanted to do here, just make coaching changes and just different [things], so it was pretty much a no-brainer for me." 

(On what the coaching staff sees as his role on the team) "It wasn't a sales pitch, but the main thing is come and work, work very hard, and then everybody will get to see."