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Transcript - Jaguars Tight End Chris Manhertz: March 19, 2021

(On what drove his career from basketball to professional football and whether it was simply a phone call from the Buffalo Bills) "Yeah, that was single-handedly probably the only reason that really opened my eyes to the opportunity to even explore this. And I think it's safe to say it's probably one of the better decisions I ever made, but if it wasn't for that, I had my mind set on playing basketball."

(On why he didn't play football before) "I just was never interested. I was so engulfed in basketball and the success I had with it, I figured that was just going to be something that I was just going to ride the wave on."

(On what kind of player the Jaguars are getting with him) "I think the Jaguars are getting a hard worker first and foremost, somebody that's going to come in here, put his head down and work and try to get better every single day. And I think that mindset has been had by me since I started this journey, and I don't plan on changing that."

(On who has had the most influence on teaching him how to play the tight end position) "I would have to give the credit to all the coaches, especially tight end coaches, that I've come across since playing; Dan Campbell, Pete Hainer, Brian Angelichio, Tony Sparano, all those guys had a huge part in developing me and giving me a chance. And also, just the organizations involved with having the patience of taking a guy that never had played the sport and giving him a shot."

(On fitting into Coach Urban Meyer's plan for the tight end room and their recruiting pitch for him) "It wasn't really much of a recruiting pitch. I do know the type of coach that Urban Meyer is and the success that he's had in the past and it's very exciting to be a part of that. Knowing that with this organization, everybody is fresh, it's a fresh start for everybody and I can't wait to lay the foundation and build on something good here."

(On what sold him on coming to Jacksonville) "[It was] just the opportunity, the opportunity in it of itself. By no means was it an easy decision as I had a few options on the table. [It was] just knowing the pedigree and the mentality and speaking to [Head] Coach Urban Meyer earlier. For me, it just feels like the right fit. It's a great group of people, great group of coaches, and I'm just excited to get things started here."

(On what he brings as a tight end) "I think I have a lot to bring to the table outside of being a blocker and it's just a matter of just getting the opportunity and taking advantage of that opportunity. Again, I'm just excited to get that chance and prove myself right and go forward from there."

(On starting football later in life) "At the conclusion of my senior year in college, somebody from the Buffalo Bills kind of reached out and invited me to kick the tires in and for a pro day type workout to see what we could do from there. [It] definitely wasn't something that I foresaw happening or much less I had in the plans, but it was one of those opportunities that I figured why not. Not too many times do you really have opportunities to really do something like that and for somebody like myself at the time, I figured that I had nothing to lose."

(On if he is still learning the game of football) "I think I'm always going to be learning and I feel like if I'm not learning something new along the process every year, day in and day out, that's another story. But I feel like throughout the course of the several years that I've definitely learned something more every year and I'm hungry. I'm a sponge to everything and I just can't wait to hear the knowledge that this coaching staff and [Head] Coach [Urban] Meyer and everybody that's involved with it [has] for me to maximize my potential."